Aug 22, 2016 at 03:53 o\clock

How VCCGhana Torn My Asshole Into A New One

We got the particular email which they'd technical problems and we would have to hold out just the little bit. he's via ghana, one of the scam country within the world.

no Item

1. We also asked to cancel the particular deal, nevertheless this website sent simply automated emails. End Up Being careful.

Contact for you to confirm this experience: **************

he help to make many website promoting fake items and all steal tough earned cash coming from people. scam 2.

Rude if you are generally fortunate enough to obtain these people about their particular chat

mizkat fake, i personally don't like allowing my cash back again man.

they could or perhaps might not deliver the first obtain as bait

those sites over have the same owner. scam 3. Unfortunately, the same e-mail came on the next day so we got it almost every morning. his vba along with vcc will be fake, do not have confidence in stay away... scam 4. We have got chosen the minute delivery, nevertheless it was too strange. I have got ordered card for me personally and also my wife via


Absolutely No confirmation of BTC transfer

Simply adequate customer care in order to suck a person throughout for the very first buy

I contacted all of them 6 times, each through my account about their particular site, by approach of email as well as making use of his or her web page chat facility. is a total scam.+ scammer its a bgt total lie and also large scam website, he stole my money, i exchange my 200$ lr and also receiving nothing, please assist me to obtain the moneyback from the scam website.

Their products: VCC, Account verification, request code, virtual credit rating card, vba, verified account, virtual bank account, usa mobile number, google adwords, address verification, reload card, paypal, amazon etc

I paid out pertaining to products at using Bitcoins. .

i will force for you to report all involving this scam record to a lot of people