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May 19, 2017 at 09:05 o\clock

Who to take Along When Headed to the Bridal Salon?

There are a number of inescapable chores that needs to be done before heading to the church on your big day. Getting dressed and ensuring that you look your best is among the many things on a bride’s mind. You may have called up Limo Transfer Services Boston to book a ride to the bridal salon, but have you decided who are you going to take along?

Here are our picks!



Rarely is anything more beautiful than a mother helping her daughter dress up and get ready before giving her away to the man of her dreams. It is a custom, that despite being old, leaves everyone with watery eyes. Having her accompany you to the bridal salon in your Boston Limousine will allow for some last minute life lessons and bonding time. Besides, who, other than a mother can know your needs better?



Unless she secretly wishes to ruin your wedding like in the movie Bride Wars or has three kids to run after, she will be the most honest judge at the bridal salon. Take her along so that she can look after all your needs and be an enjoyable company. This trip together can also turn out to be a great bonding time for you two.


Best Friend

If she already doesn’t have a lot on her hands to look after, she is, by far, the best companion to have beside you. She can tell you about all the latest makeup and hair trends and voice out her concerns without being shy if she thinks your hair bun is too low. Having such a person with you will further alleviate all the stress you felt, related to your makeup when you were stepping out of the home earlier in your Limo Service in Boston.


Who Never To Take: Future Mother-in-law

It may seem a bit harsh, but we have two genuinely compelling reasons as to why we suggest that. For starters, she might be a bit dominating and you may feel a bit hesitant when making personalized requests you promised your fiancée. Secondly, she might act judgmental. If you were to choose between the two, you would obviously choose her opinion over the makeup artist’s because it is her you have to live with as you return home in your Boston Limousine Service

May 10, 2017 at 15:00 o\clock

4 Ways a Boston Bus Rental Can Make This Year’s V-Day Memorable

What can a Boston Bus Rental do for you this Valentine’s Day? It seems like a bit odd, doesn’t it? After all, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for couples, so why would you even need some type of bus?


Bus Rental Service Boston are great for sightseeing adventures, airport transportation, and so much more. Here are four ways that a Boston bus rental can actually benefit you this Valentine’s Day.


1. You Can Get Family Together:

Maybe your spouse hasn’t seen her family in a long time. Maybe the holidays came and went and you were stuck in the area. They couldn’t afford to go visit them in Florida, California, or somewhere else. If they have the means, they can come into the area and surprise your spouse this Valentine’s Day.By relying on Charter Buses in Boston, you can take them all on a sightseeing adventure as well.


2. Charter Buses Can take you Wherever You Want to go:

Maybe you want to go to the Super Bowl in Houston. Maybe you want to check out a concert or other sporting event. Perhaps you want to visit the area in a way you’ve never done before. A small Boston Charter Bus Rental can help you do that.


3. It’s Great for Couples and their Friends:

On Valentine’s Day, get together with other couples, friends of yours, and you could spread the cost of this Boston Bus Rental around. Suddenly it becomes more cost-effective to rely on a bus than to drive yourself and pay for parking individually.


4. You can Focus Solely on your Spouse.

When you rely on Charter Buses in Boston, you don’t have to worry about driving. You don’t have to worry about traffic, parking, finding directions, or anything else. You can simply focus on your spouse.If you don’t want to deal with a large group or friends or family traveling together, a limousine could be perfect for just the two of you.

Apr 20, 2017 at 14:32 o\clock

3 Reasons Many People Choose Boston Party Limos and Buses for Special Occasions

There’s a very good reason why people consistently choose Party Bus in Boston for special occasions. In fact, there are more than just one reason. Whether it’s for an anniversary dinner, birthday celebration, prom, wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, Valentine’s Day, or some other date throughout the year, let’s explore some of these common reasons.


Reason #1: Party Bus Rentals in Boston are a Great Deal of Fun:

When you step inside a true, genuine and luxurious party bus, you will feel like a celebrity. You’ll feel as though you stepped into your own personal VIP section at your favorite nightclub. Yet, it’s on wheels.You will be surrounded by nightclub style lighting, state-of-the-art sound, a flatscreen TV and DVD player, open leather seating, and an open bar that can be stocked.


Reason #2: You Can Go just About Anywhere:

When you choose Boston Party Limos and Buses, you can go on a sightseeing adventure, to a nightclub, to a concert, to a sporting event, or anywhere else. Wherever you want to go, you can probably get there with one of these limos or buses.

Even if it’s for an out of state trip, down to New York City, or even all the way down to Atlantic City, this is a great way to travel.


Reason #3: It Can Be an Affordable Option:

When you’re traveling with groups, Boston Party Bus Rentals can be more affordable than everyone drive themselves, paying for tolls, and paying for parking. On top of all that, it helps keep everyone together. That’s how most people enjoy celebrating life’s special moments the most.


This year, for those special occasions, those special moments, consider Cheap Party Bus Boston to make those special moments even better.

Apr 12, 2017 at 14:53 o\clock

A Boston Car Service Can Get You Out of the Dog House on Valentine’s Day

Okay, many guys can relate to this: at some point in time in Valentine’s Day past, you might have made a mistake. Perhaps you overlooked the holiday, completely forgot about it, or did something that wasn’t exactly received too well. Your wife or girlfriend was upset. It put you in the doghouse. This Valentine’s Day, you want to get out of the doghouse, so a Logan Airport Car Service just might be your ticket to do that.


Many people think of a car service as being mostly for airport transportation. Yes, a Car Serivce Boston service is great for getting you to and from the airport, especially for business or vacation travel, but it can also be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


A Nice, Romantic Evening Together:

You want to plan a nice, romantic evening together. You want to go to a great restaurant, maybe to a movie, or visit the place you met. You just don’t want to drive yourself. You know the traffic around Boston. You know how difficult it can be to navigate through it. You know how frustrating it can be to find parking.You don’t want to get frustrated, angry, or have a negative attitude on this day. You want everything to go smoothly.


By relying on a Boston Airport Limo , whether it’s a stretch limo, Hummer limo, Lincoln Town Car, or other sedan, you can do just that. You and your wife or girlfriend can simply relax, spend quality time together while you head to the restaurant or other destination, and even share a drink or two.


Many limos, at least the better ones, will have an open bar that can be stocked. As long as you’re of age, you can bring along your own spirits, toast each other, and celebrate the love you have for one another. This year, drag yourself out of the doghouse and choose a Boston Car Service for your transportation needs.

Apr 4, 2017 at 09:42 o\clock

Wedding Limo in Boston Are a Must, Especially during the Holiday Season

Weddings are a wonderful time to celebrate two people coming together who love each other tremendously. During the holiday season, it might be difficult to find quality and available Wedding Limousine Boston or elsewhere.


Why Limo Service to Logan may Be Limited:

Only the biggest companies, the ones that have been around for a long time, are going to have availability throughout the holiday season. Most small, new transportation companies have a tendency to book up quickly. They might only have one or two vehicles in their fleet, and most of their days during the holiday season are already spoken for.


Getting a Boston Wedding Limousine Could Leave you with few Choices:

As a result, you might feel like there are few options left. Don’t think that way. In fact, you can still get a luxurious, late-model stretch limo if you want to.


During the Holiday Season, the Meaning of ‘family’ can Change:

Weddings at any time of the year bring families together. It brings people who have very little in common together for one cause: celebrating the love of two people.


During the holidays, a wedding can amplify that love, support, and affection. This is a great opportunity to offer the newlyweds a wonderful Boston Wedding Limousine to take them from the ceremony to the reception hall, back to their home or hotel, or even to the airport to head away on their honeymoon.


Even if this is a relatively last-minute wedding ceremony or plans fell through with a different company, it’s not too late to find quality, comfortable, safe, and reliable Wedding Limos in Boston.