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In trade-secrets trial, subdued Kalanick says Uber trailed in self-driving cars

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Former Uber Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick testified at a trial over technology trade secrets on Tuesday that delays in Uber's self-driving car development led him to hire a star engineer from rival Waymo as part of attempts to catch up with competitors.

FILE PHOTO: Uber CEO Travis Kalanick attends the summer World Economic Forum in Tianjin, China, June 26, 2016. REUTERS/Shu Zhang

Kalanick, known to be hard-charging and combative in his work, spoke softly on the witness stand in San Francisco federal court and avoided becoming argumentative in front of the jury in what were his first public comments on allegations by Waymo that Uber stole its self-driving car technology.

The ride-hailing firm's co-founder, Kalanick testified for less than an hour and will be questioned further on Wednesday by lawyers for Waymo, which sued Uber a year ago saying a Waymo engineer downloaded confidential documents in December 2015 before Kalanick hired him at Uber in 2016.

The 10 jurors will have to decide whether the documents were indeed trade secrets and not common knowledge, and whether Uber Technologies Inc [UBER.UL] improperly acquired them, used them and benefited from them. Their decision will influence one of the biggest technology races in Silicon Valley.

Kalanick testified that in 2015 he became unhappy with the pace of development at Uber's Advanced Technologies Center, the hub of its self-driving car operations. He said he began negotiations with Anthony Levandowski, regarded as a visionary in autonomous technology, while Levandowski still worked for Waymo, Alphabet Inc's self-driving car unit.

On the witness stand, Kalanick acknowledged that he was a "big fan" of Levandowski's.

"Look, I wanted to hire Anthony and he wanted to start a company. So I wanted to come up with a situation where he could feel like he started a company and I could feel like I hired him," said Kalanick, who appeared in court in a business suit and tie, a departure from the usual Silicon Valley casual.

How he presents himself and the company to the jury is crucial, legal experts said.

Despite Kalanick's plan, Uber still lags in the competitive field of autonomous vehicles.

When Waymo attorney Charles Verhoeven asked Kalanick if he agreed Google is the industry leader for self-driving cars, the former top Uber executive said: "I think that's the general perception right now."

Levandowski is not a defendant in the case but is on Waymo's witness list. He declined to answer questions at a pretrial deposition last year, citing his constitutional rights against self incrimination, and lawyers for both Waymo and Uber have said they expect him to do the same if called at trial.

Verhoeven has positioned Kalanick as a main figure in the case, emphasizing his competitive nature and desire to win at all costs. During the trial's opening statements on Monday, Verhoeven said competitive pressures were so great to develop self-driving cars that Kalanick decided "winning was more important than obeying the law."

The dispute between the companies has captivated Silicon Valley and could help determine who emerges in the forefront of the fast-growing field of autonomous cars.

Between his domineering personality, micromanaging tendencies and broad control over the company through stock ownership and governance rules, Kalanick largely made Uber in his image. He drove Uber's 2016 acquisition of Otto, the self-driving truck startup founded by Levandowski, which merged the companies' businesses and put Levandowski in charge of Uber's autonomous-driving unit.

At one point, Kalanick was shown notes from another Uber executive that captured Kalanick's sentiments about the Otto deal. According to the notes, Kalanick said some objectives of the Otto deal were gaining a "pound of flesh" as well as "IP," meaning intellectual property.

Asked if he ever said "pound of flesh" regarding the Otto deal, Kalanick said he did not know.

"It's a term I use from time to time," he said.

Kalanick also said he could not recall listing "IP" as an objective. Verhoeven then asked if Kalanick knew that "intellectual property" referred to property that belongs to someone else.

"Yes, sir," Kalanick said.

Uber try these out bought Otto about three months after it publicly launched.

Kalanick said he promised Levandowski and his team nearly $600 million in incentive payments if they met certain technical milestones with the development of self-driving car systems.

Kalanick has stayed mostly out of public eye since he was forced by investors to resign in June. His exit followed months of scandal, including a public allegation of sexual harassment that triggered an internal investigation and resulted in more than 20 employees being fired, litigation and federal criminal probes that led shareholders to question his leadership abilities. He remains on the board of directors.

Reporting by Dan Levine; Writing by Heather Somerville; editing by Peter Henderson and Grant McCool

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The Benefits of Using Real, Natural Soap - coffee soap recipe -

(NewsTarget) The Actual the next occasion you walk on the soap aisle at your favorite shop experiencing and also savoring the fresh, clean scents as well as the bright colorful packaging, spend attention. Appear at the labels. Your bulk involving the merchandise about the shelf don't say 'soap' in his or her labels. That They might be called beauty bars, moisturizing bars, as well as physique bars, although not soap. That's because these bars aren't truly soap as well as can't legally claim that they can be; they're detergents. the suppliers have removed nearly almost all of your 'good' stuff that occurs within the soap making process, and replaced it along with synthetic lathering agents along with harsh chemicals. These kind of cheap, plentiful detergent bars usually tend to be not simply poor to your skin, nevertheless they're in addition bad for that planet, too.

What's therefore poor concerning it?

Commercial soap manufacturers turn it straight into a practice for you to remove the glycerine that's produced through the saponification (soap-making) process. The Particular glycerine can become a very lucrative substance, usually sold along along with other companies that put it in order to use to make lotions and moisturizers, which usually your skin, now dried out from your harsh detergent 'soap,' desperately needs.

Most commercially produced bars include synthetic lathering agents, synthetic colors, plus a slew associated with chemicals we may not even pronounce. Antibacterial as well as antimicrobial soaps often contain triclosan. Triclosan can become a toxic chemical that's recognized to trigger cancer. According towards the National Coalition Against your Misuse regarding Pesticides (NCAMP), companies of a variety of triclosan-containing items declare that the active ingredient will carry on to work for as long as 12 hrs right after use. Customers are, therefore, subjected to triclosan pertaining to a lot longer compared to twenty a few moments it will take to wash their particular hands or even face.

Always keep in mind that the skin is actually porous and absorbent. The idea absorbs whatever it arrives down within make contact with with, significantly the identical as sticking some thing within your mouth. Chronic use associated with chemical laden products will trigger your body for you to shop the actual chemicals within the body body fat or perhaps in the brain. Using adequate accumulations associated with toxins in the body, illness can easily occur.

These nasty chemicals as well as toxins are now locating their particular approach directly into our eco-system. Each and Every moment in which lather will go down the drain, individuals pollutants are heading together with it. A New latest report through the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) says synthetic chemicals through soap, body washes, shampoos and other healthcare goods had been sneaking via the actual filters at - - h2o purification plants. The Actual set of offenders included phthalates, which are connected to reproductive disorders inside both humans and also animals, as well as parabens, a preservative, which in turn hyperlinks for you to cancer.

What's the alternative?

All natural, organic, handmade soap. You may find a range of smaller businesses selling extremely substantial quality, just about all natural, organic soap - yes real soap. Sure, these soap bars usually cost more than the particular detergent bars you'll find at Wal-Mart. However the difference is actually these soap bars are inside reality good for your skin, and for that reason are excellent for your planet.

Choosing the best soap

Just because it's handmade does not really imply it's good for you, however. A Person must realize a couple of things concerning the soapmaking procedure in order to understand what to appear for.

There tend to be basically 3 ways to make soap. one widespread way is known as "melt along with pour" soap. There are even melt and pour kits you may purchase to produce cute soap forms with your kids. These are usually glycerine based transparent soaps. They're not really as harmful (usually) as the commercial bars, but they aren't what we're looking for here.

The additional 2 methods tend to be "hot process" as well as "cold process." The Actual hot process method utilizes heat after the saponification procedure has taken place, while the cold method method can not. The Particular cold process method requires one in the most time, yet will be undoubtedly the greatest technique regarding producing your best quality soaps.

Now, we need to discuss your ingredients. Cold procedure soap bars are usually made utilizing a mix of oils or even fats and lye. Lye sounds a bit scary, but all the caustic qualities of the lye are usually removed during the saponification process. Once the lye interacts with almost all the oils or even fats, it makes glycerine. The Actual sort associated with oils as well as fats utilized create a difference in how tough or soft the actual soap bar ends up being, and your way well it lathers.

With handmade soaps, just such as using commercially manufactured bars, a person have to read the actual labels. An Individual want to locate soaps that use merely pure, organic oils or fats. In case plants are utilized within the bars (many bars incorporate seeds as well as petals coming from different plants) that they should be certified organic. Steer Clear Of any kind of bars designed to use synthetic colors or perhaps fragrances. These are synthetic chemicals and you never desire them in your skin or heading down the drain. If you want a colored or perhaps scented soap bar, look for 1 that will uses organic crucial oils along with natural, organic colorants.

Another good ingredient to find in your soaps is actually Bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is actually usually used to boost lather within soap bars. This gets the added benefit associated with getting an all-natural detoxifier. Bentonite clay binds along with and removes harmful toxins from your body, as well as it's very eco-friendly.

To sum it up, the greatest soap for your skin and our planet can always be a handmade, organic, all natural cold process soap bar. As soon As you've tried among these lathery treasures, you'll never once more become satisfied using 'store-bought' bars. Therefore do oneself along together with your globe a large favor and begin using REAL soap.


Kim Deleary, "Your Skin Absorbs Whatever You Add In It," (accessed April 21, 2009)

"Toxic Chemicals from Shampoo, Soap may Always Be Seeping into Drinking Water,", (accessed April 21, 2009)

Smart Soapmaking, Anne L. Watson, 2007, Shepard Publications

Mike Adams,, "Toxic chemical triclosan typically seen in anti-bacterial soaps, toothpaste products," (accessed April 21, 2009)

Cheryl McCoy manages the website, an information and educational source for that a variety of utilizes associated with healing clay. Your Woman discovered your amazing great issues about Living Clay a lengthy period ago, and also has been an ardent advocate regarding this clay at any kind of time since. she might end up being contacted in

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Popular Occasions – 15 Cool Facts About Your Favorite Holidays

Every year, people from all more than the entire world come to collectively in order to celebrate the particular holidays. whether you're decorating a new tree with regard to Christmas or perhaps investing throughout a bouquet regarding flowers to your particular Valentine, there's no denying in which holidays play an integral role within our lives.

Here are a few fun facts with regards to well-known holidays throughout the actual year. Subsequent period you're sitting across the table along with pals as well as family, why not discuss many associated with these cool tidbits:


1. During the Christmas season, Visa cards are utilized an typical of 5,340 times each minute inside the United States.

2. In order regarding Santa to supply every 1 of the - - presents about time, however possess to visit 111 million miles in a - birthday gift ideas - 31-hour interval. This particular equals 3.6 million miles an hour or perhaps 1000 miles a new second.

3. The 26th regarding December employed to be called St. Stephen's Day but ended up being changed because, in this day, money ended up being traditionally collected in alms-boxes which were placed in churches. The Actual money coming from these boxes has been distributed to the poor following Christmas.

4. Alabama had been the extremely first US state in order to proclaim Christmas Day like a legal holiday within 1836, while Oklahoma had been the final within 1907.

Valentine's Day

5. According for you to Hallmark analysis 73 % regarding Valentine's Day flowers are generally bought through men.

6. Also in accordance with Hallmark research, 188 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged annually.

7. The first box involving Valentine's Day chocolates was launched by simply Richard Cadbury throughout 1868.

4th of July

8. There are generally 30 areas nationwide using the phrase "liberty" in their name. The Actual many populous 1 can be Liberty Missouri and has a population associated with 26,232. Iowa leads almost all in the US states with four places featuring the term liberty (Libertyville, North Liberty, New Liberty and West Liberty).

9. The 1st 4th of July party held in the White house took place in 1801 when Thomas Jefferson has been President.

St. Patrick's Day

10. Chicago is renowned for dying the Chicago River green in St. Patrick's Day. This particular began throughout 1962. Today, 40 lbs involving green dye tend to be accustomed to turn the river green with regard to several hours.


11. Orange and also Black, the actual standard colors representing Halloween, were chosen simply because orange is associated using harvests and black is connected using darkness and death.

12. In Scotland, as opposed to stating "trick or even treat," kids say "the sky can be blue, the particular grass is actually green, might we now have our Halloween?"

13. In Ireland, youngsters possess salt sprinkled inside their locks about Halloween for you to ward off spirits.


14. The egg has been chosen as a traditional symbol involving Easter since Egyptians, Gauls, Persians, Romans as well as Greeks viewed your egg as a symbol of life.


15. The US Department involving Agriculture revealed that more than 45 million turkeys are cooked as well as eaten within the US during Thanksgiving. This figure represents 1 sixth of turkeys marketed in the Usa every year.

Happy holidays everyone! We hope you enjoyed our listing of enjoyable holiday facts!

By: Sunny Sherbourne

Article Directory:

Sunny Sherbourne loves christmas as well as enjoys sharing the woman's enjoyable facts using everyone. Through Christmas to Halloween, Sunny provides all the enjoyable tidbits for you to definitely talk about together along with your friends as well as family. Locate out a little much more about these and other holidays with