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There is a new face on HGTV

Why not build houses?

In 2007, Marnie took her passion for creating and building to the next level by starting her own company. Besides being able to start from scratch, she loved being able to help her clients achieve their dreams. Soon afterwards, she became recognized nation-wide for her expertise. In Delaware, she was the first to build an LEED certified home. The Professional Builder Magazines ranked her amongst the 40 under 40, which are entrepreneurs to watch for in the building industry.

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In the world of television, you can learn how to do almost anything. Aside from Inas Mac and Cheese, there are also ways to flip houses and even pitch a business idea to a group of wealthy executives. But once we learn all of that, what is the next thing to do?

At the moment, it was reported that only the first episode was recorded. Marnie says that she should learn whether the station will pick up the series within the next couple of weeks. Either way, she says that the filming experience was very enjoyable and she would the love the opportunity of sharing our experiences with people around the world.

Marnie is a fifth-generation builder and the owner of Marnie Custom Homes. In 2003, she moved to Bethany and began her career in renovation. Bethany is where she and her family would vacation as a child. One - - year after moving to Bethany, Marnie built her first home. And, the first home was built for herself. Not only was this a great test run for her future company launch, but she also didnt have the funds to pay someone to do it. Her second project would not be until two years later. The entire time, she was working for a real estate company.

Thats right, there is a new homebuilder on the scene and it is where you probably guessed; HGTV. Marnie Oursler is getting her own show with a new series titled Big Beach Builds. The pilot episode for the new home advice show was on February 5, 2016. Although there are other shows that involve building and repairing homes, Marnie is preparing to deliver her own style to the new series.

The show will cover all of the areas to take into consideration, when it comes to having a home built. One area that people tend to overlook is something simple as a garage door. As Marnie has said, one of your most expensive mistakes is your choice. If you were to have a garage door repair service build a garage for you, the prices are not extreme. It isnt until you call on the garage door repair service again and have them make changes to your garage. Sometimes, we tend to overlook something that we view as being important. This is when we have to plan things out. Before - - you call your garage door repair service, take everything into consideration. Will two cars be the max amount of vehicles? Are you comfortable with having one of your cars sit outside the garage? This can save you thousands of dollars in the future.

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garage door spring broke, apartment manager won't answer phone?

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How to program your garage door remote control

The reason i say this, is not because i am saying car dealerships or repairmen are crooks, but, there are exceptions to every rule. When you go to get your vehicle repaired you give the people your name, address, and your remote control. I know of one problem where a customer dropped off her Mercedes to be worked on and the mechanic had her address, and took her remote control, and went to her house that night and stole her car. Just stick it into your pocket until you get your car back.

Ok, once cleared, you take each remote control, and go to the back of the opener where the learn button is. Hold the remote control button down, and push and release the learn button. You should hear a click, and the lights on the machine may come on for a split second. When this happens, the remote control is programmed. Continue this process until all remotes are programmed. Note: The opener will only hold five remote controls, or, four remote controls and one keyless entry.

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Now, for the programing part you have been waiting for. Hold down the square or round learn button that is on your opener for about 20 seconds. This clears any other remote controls that may have been in the machine. NOTE: If you loose your remote control, or, if you are going thru a divorce, you need the clear the opener so that unwanted people can no longer have access to your house. Another tip..... when you go to have your car serviced make sure you keep your remote control with you!

Remember: Its good luck to shake hands with a sweep!

Look at the photo above and you can see the square (red) button located on the left side of the "Logic board". The logic board is the computer that tells the opener whatto do and when to do it. It is also usually the first thing that lightening will hit in a thunderstorm. I basically is a radio frequency receiver that picks up electrically transmitted signals. Lightening is an electrical signal, and a very powerful one. The little wire on the bottom right side of the logic board is the receivers antenna. DO NOT CUT IT OFF! I have have been to houses that the homeowners complained about the remote control only working when they get really close to the door. When you cut the wire you alter the frequency of the remote control, and have to replace the logic board. The logic board can cost anywhere from 85.00 up to 100.00 depending on - - your area. Oh, the prices i just quoted didn't include labor.

I hope this helped. Keep checking my hubs, my next one will deal with programing your car remote control to the opener.

I will be talking about Liftmaster and Craftsman garage door openers. The Chamberlain Corporation makes Craftsman, Chamberlain, and Sears Craftsman garage door openers. Whether you have a chain drive, a screw drive, or, a belt drive opener, they all program the same. There is a "learn" button on the machine that holds the information from the remote control. The learn button may be located on the side of the opener but, most models have them on the rear of the machine. How you can locate the button easily is to find where all of the wires are running into the machine. The learn button is usually square, but, it can be round. The colors of - - the buttons can be white, yellow, green, red, or the new frequency is purple.

You should be able to program your garage door remote after reading this!

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Garage Door Color Ideas |

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Rusty iron color

Cary Wayne Peterson

Garage doors are a design element that is often take for granted and seldom used to its best advantage. There was a time when the garage was more or less hidden in the back yard. Today it's up front and center with the garage sometimes taking up most of the front of the house. So the garage door is a far more important design element than ever before. It adds curb appeal and, and if done right, it can even add style, color and personality to your home. However, you do not want so much color that it robs attention away from your home. The garage should complement your home not be the main feature.

If you buy garage doors that you cannot paint be sure it's the right color for your home and that it's a color that will be right for your home for a long time. The garage doors are not large and not at all hard to paint making wood a wiser investment for many people. You far more color choices. Wood can be painted to match, coordinate, highlight or blend with the color of your home.

But what color is right for your garage doors?

o If you want to keep the attention on your homes architecture rather than the garage, paint the garage door the same color as your house so they blend in. As an added benefit this will make your home look larger.

o The trim around your garage door should usually be the same color as your door and/or the same color as the trim on your house. There are times when a contrasting color can be used to call attention to the garage door and away from your home.

o Do not paint your garage door the same color as the door to your house or shutters, this draws way too much attention to the garage doors and downgrades the fašade of your house.

o Resist any temptation to highlight details of your garage door by painting your door two colors. There are very few times when this will work. If you have a Victorian home, aka "painted lady", you might get by with this, but otherwise no.

o If your garage is very prominent in the front of the house you need to draw attention away from it and - - to your house. To do - - this play up your entry way with a beautiful door, lighting, flowers or plants, a bench or chair or any other tasteful elements you can think of (just don't get too many of them).

o If you have a brick home or a rock fašade find the color cast of your brick or rock and go with that as a garage door color. Don't try to paint the door to match your primary brick color. Most brick has a second highlight color, usually beige, gray, or gold. Find a close paint color to this highlight. If the brick has beige highlight color paint your garage doors that beige color. This will insure that your garage will harmonize with the house and give it plenty of curb appeal.

o Sandstone is becoming very popular for home exteriors. The predominant color is gray. You can go two ways. Blend or contrast. To keep the garage from dominating the house blend. If you don't want the exact same color for your garage door go a few shades lighter or darker. Or you can contrast with a primary color like red, blue or yellow will draw the eye to the garage and away from the house. Before you paint always try the paint color on a piece of plywood and prop it up against the garage stand back to the street and you will get a good idea of the effect of the color.

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