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L.a. Auto Show: Q&a With Collector-car Auctioneer Craig Jackson

Failed super cop car goes to auction

GAN CAR STARTUP BUST 111413 2 Hollywood has a huge impact on value of collector cars. This sale is a first for RK Motors' nascent auction division. Though it will physically take place in Charlotte, N.C., a portion of the Nov. 2 event will also be simulcast to Abu Dhabi. There, another auctioneer will be collecting live bids from the audience, who will watch the auction on screens measuring 30 feet by 18 feet, Mathews said. "Anybody can put their sale on the Internet. That's not a big deal," Mathews said. "We actually take the live auction effort and market it to those foreign countries." The company hopes to expand to the point where it's hosting five to six auctions a year in the U.S., while also boosting the number of international locations for the simulcasts. "Our objective is to create a network of bidders internationally and to always make the sale available to those bidders," Mathews said. This first auction will feature 250 cars sold over two days. Other highlights include a 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, a 2002 Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR V-12 roadster -- one of only six ever built, and a 1977 Chevrolet Nova NASCAR raced by Dale Earnhardt Sr. Yet many collectors and race fans will be watching the McLaren sale intently.

Highlights from the L.A. Auto Show Auto Show: Q&A with collector-car auctioneer Craig Jackson By W.J. Hennigan November 21, 2013, 11:18 a.m. For more than 40 years, Barrett-Jackson Auction Co. has been one of largest collector-car auction houses in the world. Hundreds of the most sought-after, high-dollar automobiles cross their block in Scottsdale, Ariz.; Palm Beach, Fla.; Reno-Tahoe, Nev. and Las Vegas each year. But Craig Jackson, company chief executive, says the upcoming show in Scottsdale could be their biggest show ever. About 1,400 cars are set to be sold, including a red 1954 Plymouth Belmont one-off concept car, a maroon 1929 Duesenberg SJ Lebaron Sweep Panel Dual Cowl Phaeton, and a cherry 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88. Also LIVE: The latest photos, facts from LA Auto Show The auction, set for Jan. 12-19, will air live on national TV for nearly 40 hours on Fox Sports 1 and 2, Fox Business and the National Geographic Channel .

Hunt With the weeks events drawing a huge international audience, its a perfect opportunity for the auction houses to capitalize, Hagerty said. PHOTOS: Highlights from Pebble Beach car week Five auction companies held sales this year: RM Auctions, Gooding & Co., Bonhams, Mecum, and Russo & Steele. Demonstrating their increasing ability to match cars with the target audience, 71 vehicles sold for $1 million or more. Thats up from 57 in 2012 and 31 in 2011, according to Hagerty. RM Auctions was the big winner among the sellers. It sold a rare 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S N.A.R.T. Spider for $27.5 million on Saturday night. That figure, which includes commission, makes it the most expensive road car ever sold at auction. In all, RMs sales during its two nights of auctions were up 31% over 2012. Rival auction house Gooding & Co. concluded the Monterey events with its final auction on Sunday night.

Buying Cars at Auction

MITCHELL Detroit Free Press Fullscreen The Carbon E7 is a purpose-built, law enforcement prototype vehicle with an aluminum space frame and turbo diesel engine. The prototype was made by Carbon Motors and already has 12,000 orders even though production will not start for 3 years. KIMBERLY P. MITCHELL/Detroit Free Press (Via OlyDrop) KIMBERLY P. MITCHELL Detroit Free Press Some key controls were on the steering wheel of the Carbon E7 KIMBERLY P. MITCHELL Detroit Free Press The Carbon E7 had a big central display terminal KIMBERLY P. MITCHELL Detroit Free Press The lights and siren panel of the Carbon E7 featured a lot of choices KIMBERLY P. MITCHELL Detroit Free Press The prototype Carbon E7 had a unique color scheme KIMBERLY P. MITCHELL Detroit Free Press The interior of the Carbon E7 had seats especially designed for big officers carrying a lot of gear KIMBERLY P.

RIVERSIDE: Manheim Riverside is the biggest wheel in the used-car market

You must keep in mind that not every estate auction is going to have a Jay Leno-type car collection to unload, however it is possible to come across some real automotive gems when you least expect it. With that said, you're limited to one or two chances to prevail in the bidding war that will inevitably ensue. Since estate auctions are one-off opportunities to sell merchandise, this factor could work in a buyer's favor. Not only are these auctions usually undiscovered by other potential bidders, it is also likely that the condition of the vehicles featured in the auction will be much better than those sold at various other auctions. Online Auction More efficient and far-reaching than conventional auctions, online auctions are strongly embraced by mainstream consumers these days -- hey, who doesn't want to buy a car from the comfort of their own home? While there's many online auctions selling automobiles, eBay Motors quickly rose as a front-running alternative for used car classifieds. With just a scroll and click of a mouse, bidders can view ranges of vehicles, from early '90s Chevy Cavaliers to a classic Chevrolet Corvette. There is no limit to the make or year of cars available online; you just have to be willing to lend the time and effort to perusing through the entire lot to find what you want. Another major advantage of buying a vehicle in an online auction like eBay Motors is that bidding is free and there are no additional costs or commissions to the buyer. The only fees are paid by the seller, totaling $90, which are the lowest fees of any auction we came across.

Schumacher’s first F1 championship car hitting auction block

The vehicles sold at auction come from a mix of sources: rental companies, fleets, dealer consignments, bank- or manufacturer-owned (including the pink Mary Kay Cadillacs, which are reconditioned and repainted white), and vehicles coming off lease, repossessions and trade-ins from buyers who bought new replacements. Hurst, 46, a Rancho Cucamonga native, is a proud 909er, as he calls himself. A graduate from Cal State Bernardino with a degree in business administration and accounting, he, his wife and two kids live in that city. He said that since joining Manheim Riverside in 1994, the most expensive car to sell was an $800,000 Bugatti. Manheim Riverside opened with four lanes in 1988. Besides more than doubling that number, the company has added a paint and body shop, full mechanical shop and reconditioning and detail facility, capable of processing more than 500 vehicles weekly. As the used-car market blew up, Manheim has expanded its operations to include consulting, financing for dealers transport, listing assistance, market reports and mobile listing, searching and bidding services. Located at 6446 Fremont St., Manheim Riverside, which employs 300, just got a bit bigger. In September the company opened its California Service Center in the former Dow Jones building once owned by the Wall Street Journal at 6900 Jurupa Ave. At the dedication ceremony recently, Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey praised the auto auctions economic impact on the region, here. estimated at $40 million a year. The 89,000-square-foot facility, he said, will provide another major boost to the area.

Monterey car auctions set a record -- $301.9 million in sales

1, when the car that took Michael Schumacher to his first of seven World Driving Championships goes up for auction. British auction house Bonhams is set to sell the 1994 Cosworth/Ford-powered Benetton B194, and it is expected that the car will fetch a price upwards of 600,000 GBP or almost $1 million USD. This wont be the first valuable F1 machine that Bonhams has sold this year. Back in July, Juan Manuel Fangios 1954 Mercedes W196 was sold for 19.6 million GBP, which made it the most valuable motor vehicle ever sold at auction. The B194-05 chassis that will be auctioned off Dec. 1 was used in the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix known infamously as the race in which Formula One great Ayrton Senna lost his life. Schumacher won that race and went on to more wins in Monaco, Canada and France that year in the B194-05. According to Bonhams , extensive recent engineering work on the car includes a great site restoration of its Cosworth/Ford Zetec engine, a new gearbox, and a paddle-shifting gear change system. Additionally, the lucky buyer will also receive a test drive of the B194 at its current base in Spain.

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Typhoon Leaves Massive Medical And Health Challenges

Sinopharm, Mitsubishi Tie Up to Create Chinese Medical Supplier

For example, on the island of Leyte, even if you can get supplies in, which in itself is challenging, the roads are so bad that you can't move products around. And similar problems are occurring throughout the country. Certainly the health infrastructure is not as strong as it is in some places, so a lot of people who were vulnerable to begin with are much worse off. Q: What about problems associated with contaminated water? A: I can't tell you that the water is contaminated in this area or that area, but it is certainly a concern. It's a concern after any big disaster that there will be contamination in the water supply and that will lead to water-borne illnesses. Another issue is that people who are displaced from their homes will end up living in situations where they can't follow the same hygiene procedures they usually do. They're in very close proximity to other people and that can lead to the spread of communicable diseases. Q: The spread of disease and infections must be a pressing concern?
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Fox News’s medical ‘experts’ take a pounding from “The Daily Show”

(Daily Show screenshot) Want a climate-change skeptic? There are plenty of those at the ready with well-honed talking points. A climate-change alarmist? Same thing. To journalists, experts are commonly not experts at all, just medical billing channelers of the prejudices of the reporters theyre talking to. Think back to 2002, when the Associated Press busted Washington reporter Christopher Newton for having made up all manner of experts in at least 40 stories and quoting them . Then-Slate media critic Jack Shafer wrote: Every day, thousands of reporters pad their stories to fit the stock news formula. Like casting agents, they phone around looking for the precise quotation their story needs to appear balanced. They lead their witnesses with language such as, So would you say ? or asking the question five different ways until they get the right quotation to fit their predetermined thesis and complete the formula. If its a journalistic crime for Christopher Newton to invent characters who mouth empty but passable cliches, whats the name of the offense when respectable reporters deliberately harvest the same worthless cliches from bona fide sources? Now back to the frivolous. Apparently Stewart & Co.
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Solta Medical explores sale after loss exceeds estimate

Sinopharm MC Hospital Services Co., based in Shanghai , will add to the two Beijing-based pharmaceutical wholesalers the partners took over this year with Tokyo-based Medipal Holdings Corp. (7459) , Mitsubishi said today in a statement . Healthcare is a growing market for Japans trading houses, with Mitsubishi already the biggest medical supplies provider at home. Mitsui & Co. (8031) , Mitsubishis biggest domestic rival, made its largest investment outside commodities in 2011 by paying $1.1 billion for a minority stake in Kuala Lumpur-based IHH Healthcare Bhd (IHH) , Asias top hospitals operator. Led by Japan, South Korea and China, Asia is the fastest aging region in the world and is set to account for 60 percent of the worlds elderly by 2030, according to Mitsui. China will have 300 million people 65 and over by that period, while its rural market for healthcare is growing at 18 percent a year, Boston-based Lux Research said in a report last year. The medical supplies market in China grew to 157 billion yuan ($25.8 billion) last year, more than double the 69 billion yuan in 2008, according to Mitsubishi. A complex distribution network of drug sellers that may be 100 times larger than Japans and inefficient management are behind Chinas push to cut medical services costs, Mitsubishi said.
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Medical Marijuana Inc.'s HempMedsPX Provides Update on Cannabis Industry

Rival Zeltiq Aesthetics Inc (ZLTQ.O), has been steadily grabbing market share from Solta's non-invasive fat-reduction device Liposonix with a competing system called CoolSculpting, which is designed to selectively reduce stubborn fat bulges. CoolSculpting sales helped Zeltiq's total revenue rise 65 percent to about $30 million in the quarter ended September - a period when Solta's sales slipped about 4 percent, after the company was forced to lower prices of Liposonix. "I certainly wish they had done it sooner," Voce Capital Managing Partner Daniel Plants said of Solta's plans to explore options. Plants declined to comment on potential partners for Solta, though he has earlier said he was aware of "substantial strategic interest" in the company. Roth Capital Markets analyst Chris Lewis said Solta's financial performance for the past few quarters would negatively affect its potential takeout valuation, but a company looking to enter the aesthetic devices space could be lured toward Solta's diverse product portfolio. Lewis named Canada's Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc (VRX.TO) as a prospective buyer, saying that "it has been rumored that Valeant wants to get involved on the device side." Valeant has aggressively pursued acquisitions in the last few years, and most recently sealed a deal to buy cosmetics products maker Obagi Medical Products Inc in April for about $344 million. The company continues to look for small, cash-based acquisitions, its chief executive officer told Reuters last month. Voce Capital was also behind pushing Obagi toward a buyout. The San Francisco-based investment firm, which said in May that it owned about 500,000 Solta shares, has repeatedly criticized Solta's quarterly results and also pointed toward growing consolidation in the aesthetic medical market, warning that Solta's "exit options" might be narrowing.
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Occupy Wall Street group buys up and wipes out $15M of American’s medical debt

REUTERS Comment Mary Altaffer/AP Health Care for the 99% activists marching over the Brooklyn Bridge with fellow members of Occupy Wall Street on April 1, 2012 to mark six months since hundreds of them were arrested on the same spot. Related Stories FBI was watching 'Occupy' movement even before it started An Occupy Wall Street spin-off group has bought up $14.7 million worth of Americans' personal medical debt and forgiven it over the last year as part of its Rolling Jubilee project, the group announced Monday. The Rolling Jubilee project, organized by Occupy Wall Street's Strike Debt group, has so far spent $400,000 to buy the debt, in the process relieving 2,693 people of the money they owed for medical services Occupy thinks should be free. "Think of it as a bailout of the 99 percent by the 99 percent," a post on the Rolling Jubilee project's website said. Jacquelyn Martin/AP Gan Golan, of Los Angeles, dressed as the "Master of Degree," holds a ball and chain representing his college loan debt, as several groups"occupy" Freedom Plaza in Washington. An Occupy offshoot bought up $15 million in medical debt and next plans to target student loan debt. The project, which launched on November 15, 2012, raises money through small, individual contributions, and then uses that money to purchase distressed and defaulted debt from the lenders, who in this case are hospitals or medical groups. RELATED: MUSEUMS COLLECT OWS ARTIFACTS The lenders are willing to sell it very cheaply, often for less than five cents on the dollar, because they think there is little chance they will be able to collect. Andrew Ross , a member of Occupy's Strike Debt group and a professor at New York University, said the group was able to buy debt at a 50-to-1 ratio. The group receives almost no information about the people whose debt they buy - only an address, Ross said. The group mails a letter to each address explaining the project and that the person's debt has been "canceled," Ross said. The group does not work directly with debtors.
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Milestone Medical sells $1.5 mln of additional shares

The $3.0 million to be raised on completion of this financing will help accelerate the launch of our first two medical instruments, epidural and intra-articular, which are based on our patented Dynamic Pressure SensingA system (DPSA). This financing further validates our strategy of bringing our precision injection technology to the medical marketplace, while minimizing dilution to shareholders. Prior to the financing, Milestone Scientific Inc. owned 50% of Milestone Medical Inc. (10 million shares out of a total 20 million shares issued and outstanding). As a result of this financing, Milestone Medical Inc. will issue an additional 2 million shares to European institutional and other investors (11 entities) at $1.50 per share, representing a post-money valuation of approximately $33.0 million. are expected to begin trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the largest national stock exchange in Central and Eastern Europe and one of the fastest-growing exchanges in Europe, in late November 2013. About WDM WDM is Central and Eastern Europes leading small cap investment bank. It has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2007. Over the past 6 years, WDM has taken over 50 companies public on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
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pityphoon111213_018 At these events, HempMedsPX (TM) is representing CBD -rich hemp oil products that include: HempVAP (TM), a CBD -rich hemp oil that can be used in electronic vaporizer pens view publisher site Cibdex (TM) CBD -rich hemp oil drops in original and peppermint flavors available in 100mg and 500mg concentrations Cibaderm (TM) CBD -rich hemp oil infused body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hand lotion and salve 866.273.8502 HempMedsPX (TM) represented the winner of the world-renowned 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup and 2013 Michigan Medical Marijuana Conference "Green Cup" contests for Highest (hemp) CBD Concentrate. With CBD -rich hemp oil provided by HempMedsPX (TM), Cheryl Shuman , HempMedsPX (TM) brand ambassador, demonstrated a vaporizer pen on Fox News' Geraldo at Large program recently. About HempMedsPX HempMedsPX (TM) offers mainstream marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics for the cannabis industry. HempMedsPX (TM) is a corporate portfolio company of Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTC Pink:MJNA) and the exclusive master distributor and contracted marketing company for CannaVest Corp ( CANV ) and Medical Marijuana, Inc. In addition to handling sales and distribution, HempMedsPX (TM) is the communication hub for the Medical Marijuana Inc. portfolio of companies. About Medical Marijuana, Inc. Our mission is to be the premier cannabis and hemp industry innovators, leveraging our team of professionals to source, evaluate and purchase value-added companies and products, while allowing them to keep their integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. We strive to create awareness within our industry, develop environmentally-friendly, economically sustainable businesses, while increasing shareholder value.
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West L.a Pet Hospital Caters To High-end Clients

Spring Central Hospital chief ready to impress clients

It is one of only a handful of U.S. animal hospitals that offer such sophisticated procedures as bone-marrow transplants for dogs at a startling $16,000 as well as radiation therapy , acupuncture treatment and hydrotherapy pools. "I'll be honest with you, this is nicer than a lot of human hospitals I've been in," said Richard Finn, who drove from his Dallas home to have his dog, Jason, undergo a bone-marrow transplant. "For the money I'm spending, I'm happy to see it's a nice facility." VCA Antech Inc. , which owns more than 600 pet hospitals in North America, opened the facility near its headquarters in February. The hospital already has attracted an elite clientele that includes the Los Angeles Zoo, which has rushed hyenas and orangutans in for emergency treatment. VCA opened the huge facility even as the industry continued to feel the effects of the Great Recession and the weak recovery. Many pet owners have delayed treatment for their pets or skipped it altogether. Moreover, the number of pets in the United States declined from 2006 to 2011 ownership of dogs fell 2% and that of cats 6% according to a study by the American Veterinary Medical Assn.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center to cut jobs, citing financial pressures

On my return trip I wasn't as happy and well and was looking to reclaim a bit of that magic I'd found before. So I sat on the edge of the stream, took a few pictures and wrote this poem. I love the title because it has a great double meaning not immediately obvious - it's something I like to do with my own titles and find in the work of others. There is a trail at the park that leads up to a huge granite outcropping that must have resembled a hospital to somebody because it's called Hospital Rock. I thought it was an appropriate name for my poem... since I went there to get well again. Photography and poetry occupy the same region of my soul. I took this picture at approximately the same time as I wrote the words... so it seems fitting that I'd put the poem on the picture for the finished product.

Hospital Rock

-- Four days after undergoing open-heart surgery, Denver Broncos coach John Fox was discharged from a Charlotte, N.C., area hospital Friday, a this-just-in bulletin interim coach Jack Del Rio shared with the players following practice. "Great news today: Coach Fox was released out of the hospital,'' Del Rio said after the workout. "And I know he's excited to get out, that he's one step closer to getting back with us.'' Denver coach John Fox was released from a hospital Friday, four days after having open-heart surgery. Fox also released a statement, providing an update on his condition: "My recovery is progressing well -- I am feeling better and getting stronger each day. I will begin the next phase of my recovery in Charlotte and continue outpatient appointments with doctors, who will clear me to return to Denver when the time is right. Although I'm eager to return to coaching, my No. 1 focus is my health. I believe in our players and have full confidence in Jack Del Rio and our staff." Del Rio, knowing Fox's affinity for his cellphone and for not usually sitting still, added with a smile; "I'm not sure [wife] Robin is as excited, but it's obviously great news.'' Asked if Fox, who still has a home in the Charlotte area after being Panthers coach for nine seasons, had any restrictions at this point about how much interaction he could have with the team, Del Rio said: "I really don't know about a lot of that other than he obviously went through quite a bit and he's on the road to recovery. "The first step is getting out of that hospital. That's a big one for him and I'm sure he's glad to be at home resting and recovering, and he'll join us as soon as he can.'" Del Rio added he now expected to talk to Fox "almost on a daily basis," even though Fox is not yet able to travel to Denver.

Miss. hospital appeals discrimination verdict

The Coeur d'Alene Press reported that Jeffrey Groat was reunited with his teacup Great Dane named Burke while recovering in the hospital. Groat and two others were hurt Thursday when police say 27-year-old Thomas Scott Heinbaugh drove his truck through the side of Groat's home in Coeur d'Alene. Sherri Bloom, a friend of Groat's, was hospitalized in fair condition, and Bloom's 10-year-old daughter was also hospitalized but doesn't appear to have been seriously injured. Burke went missing after the crash left a gaping hole in Groat's home, just to the left of his front door. The dog was found by a Coeur d'Alene resident who read about the accident in the Press and recognized the dog from a picture in the paper. The small pooch had been found Thursday near the hospital's emergency room, leading Groat's friends to speculate it had followed emergency vehicles that carried him and the other victims to the hospital. Groat's friend, Brandi Bieber, says the dog was so excited at their reunion Saturday that he had to be restrained from jumping on Groat's hospital bed. Prior to the reunion, Groat asked repeatedly about Burke's whereabouts during his treatment. "It was a big, big stress for him," Bieber said. "The family is relieved.

Dog follows owner to hospital after crash

ambulance hospital appeals discrimination verdict JACK ELLIOTT JR, Associated Press By JACK ELLIOTT JR., Associated Press Updated 10:38am, Monday, November 11, 2013 Font Page 1 of 1 JACKSON, Miss. (AP) The majority-black Greenwood Leflore Hospital Board is appealing an $82,000 award to a white attorney who argued he was a victim of discrimination. George Dulin claims he was pushed out of his job as the hospital board's attorney in 2006 because of his race. He was awarded $82,000 by a federal jury in Aberdeen, Miss., in 2012. The hospital board is asking the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for a new trial. A three-judge panel will hear arguments Dec. 4 in New Orleans. The hospital board argues the decision was related to Dulin's job performance and alleges that he nodded off during meetings and provided bad legal advice. Three members of the hospital board were black, but all five members voted to replace Dulin. Dulin said the board did not complain about his work until after he was fired.

John Fox released from hospital

Rankings_Power_NFL 131112 - Index [203x114] (Posted By linda.odwyer, Community Contributor / November 13, 2013) Posted by linda.odwyer, Community Contributor 1:06 p.m. CST, November 13, 2013 Dawn LeRoy, director of Critical Care at Presence Saint Francis Hospital was named a 2013 Lifesaving Partner by the Gift of Hope & Tissue Donor Network for outstanding achievement in addressing the need for organ and tissue donation. Gift of Hopes Lifesaving Partner Awards honor the Best of the Best in organ and tissue donation, those people and organizations who have gone beyond the call of duty to make donation happen. LeRoy worked tirelessly to educate staff, patients and families on the importance of organ donation, implementing policies to streamline the complex process of assisting potential donors and their family members in making the best decision for themselves and helping them fulfill their wishes. Since LeRoy assumed responsibility for managing the hospitals Intensive Care Unit three years ago, Presence Saint Francis Hospitals rate of converting potential donors to actual donors has increased to 88 percent, up from 67 percent from the year before. We are very proud of Dawn, for her outstanding achievement and for her dedication to saving lives, for giving hope and life to others, said Roberta Luskin-Hawk, M.D., regional president of Presence Saint Joseph Hospital Chicago and Presence Saint Francis Hospital. LeRoy continues to implement donor management strategies at the hospital and is currently working on catastrophic brain injury guidelines for the entire Presence Health system to help deepen the pool of eligible donors. Through her dedicated support of our mission, Dawn continues to make donation part of the fabric throughout the entire Presence Health system, said Gift of Hope President and CEO Kevin Cmunt. She has truly positioned herself as a true lifesaving partner of Gift of Hope. ### About Presence Saint Francis Hospital Presence Saint Francis Hospital is a nationally recognized, full-service 271-bed hospital with a Level I Trauma Center and is listed as one of Chicagos top hospitals by U.S. News & World Report.

Presence Saint Francis Hospital Employee Named a 2013 Lifesaving Partner by Gift of Hope

Presence Saint Francis Hospital Employee Named a 2013 Lifesaving Partner by Gift of Hope None of the positions to be cut involve bedside nurses, she said. More health and science news MedStar Washington Hospital cuts 300 positions Lena H. Sun The hospital said it was off budget by $8.5 million in September; none of the positions cut involve bedside care. unlikely to work fully by target date Amy Goldstein, Juliet Eilperin and Lena H. Sun Consumers are being forced to use other means to buy coverage so that the online system isnt overburdened. Brady Dennis and Lenny Bernstein The number of Americans taking statins could sharply rise as the result of new treatment recommendations. She declined to provide specifics, but an internal memo last week from John Sullivan, the hospitals president, to the medical and dental staff said the hospital remains about 120 positions over budget this year. Sullivan also sent a letter to the facilitys 6,000 employees over the weekend laying out its financial pressures. The hospital was $8.5million below its budget at the end of September, the third month of fiscal year 2014, according to the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Washington Post. In September, the 926-bed hospital had a 4 percent decrease in admissions and an 8 percent decrease in inpatient surgeries. This happened so suddenly that we have not been able to decrease our expenses to match this drop in volumes, Sullivan wrote.

Taylor is part of a dedicated group that has been working for a little over a year to make Spring Central Hospital a reality. The facility is at 20635 Kuykendahl Road. We identified this area as one that really had great growth opportunities and was underserved, medically, Taylor said. A letter from Taylor to patients on Spring Centrals website lists orthopedics, sports medicine, spinal and general surgery, pain management and total joint replacement as the hospital's specialties. By homing in on these specialties, Taylor hopes patients will grow to trust Spring Central Hospital as the place to go for sports-related injuries and other muscle or skeletal surgery needs. Spring Central joins aminority of hospitals nationwide as a physician-owned organization. That means a larger group of people is providing information and support in making decisions. Taylor said physician-owned hospitals generally have greater patient satisfaction and better outcomes than other hospitals. The physicians become very interested and very involved in the hospital, Taylor said. They really want it to succeed and do well.