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A girl to a husband

A girl to a husband, surreal, every word said to the heart. Article twenty below, you can't accept that a few, take a closer look, you can find out the true meaning of love, wish world lovers. 
A, since my choice is you, I decided to go with you forever. 
Second, in return I want to be with you in the same city. Now, please give me a sense of security, let me feel your love. 
Third, I don't care you had nothing, as long as you love me enough. I can resist the temptation of beautiful clothes in the mall, because I have to save a few days of living expenses for you; I can regardless of a long journey of fear, because I want to see you. 
Four, where you are, where home is. If you decide to travel the world, I wind in the rain with you. 
Five, if you have a fear of marriage is still, I'm waiting for you. Until one day you said to me: dear, we get married. 
Sixth, we try not to fight. Although I haven't seen which couple can don't quarrel, but I try, not unreasonable. Even if we quarrel, promise me, don't easily say break up. Because some words out is close not back, some cracks even if healing, still there will be a scar. 
Seven, I don't care how many people you have loved in the past, what did, I as long as you choose me later days, a good love me. 
Eight, never lie to me. If one day, you fall in love with another woman, please tell me. Even if I'll painful to die, I want to, I can help you. 
9, if you lie to me, please lie to me for a lifetime. Until the last day of my life, I think I am your only lover. 
Ten, I'm not a great woman, I am very worldly. I hope you can have ambition in the future, we no longer have such a hard day, I also want to good. But if not, I still love you. You just have to promise me, you will never give up efforts in the direction of the best. 
Eleven, I hope you can earn money for the family, but, no matter you in the future is still poor, or a millionaire, please allow me to have an own business, a little bit small. Of course, I would put family first. 
12, I am willing to give up the forest for you, because I love you so much. Please as far as possible in the time, I eat breakfast at home, go home for dinner. Because I'm afraid of a person alone. 
13, no matter how busy you how late, did not go home, please, send me a message, at least tell me, you are safe. Because otherwise, I'll worry about you have accident. 
14, tell our children how much you love him. Both boys and girls you have to love him. Don't rob toy with him, don't be jealous with him. Because he didn't come into this world is for you. 
15, will never say die before me. I am so selfish, I want you with me for a lifetime, I want you to live longer than me, when I leave this world at that moment, I still nestled in your warm arms. 
16, I am a girl in the eighty s, I heard a lot of criticism, but I'm not temperamental, not to fall. Please believe that you can see, don't believe what you hear. 
17, please respect and filial piety my parents, just like my filial to your parents. Please respect my friend, just like I respect you friend. 
Eighteen, please don't mean "I love you" to me, "I will always to hello", "you are my heart the deepest care". Because I'm a woman, listen to how many times is not enough. But you said is sincere, if I read from your eyes flashing, then don't say it again. 
The 19th, I dare not say it can together, because I'm not sure. As long as I in this life the limited time, every day, we all love each other. 
Twenty, I hope, after 50 years, the old man to accompany in my side, still you. You are willing to put me in your arms, as now, don't abandon. 
Editorial: this kind of woman heart is broad, this kind of love is happiness. More than the girls gave us a lot of truth, gave us a lot of love. What do you think the above article 20 how much can you accept? 

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from the fireworks

Can do a personal cloud woman, must be the most beautiful woman. Otherwise, Jin Yuelin how can with a lifetime of loneliness to look at a flower in the other flowers in the hospital? Presumably, Lin Whei-yin has not only beautiful appearance, also let a man about life meaning, this is like a pool of lotus will decline, and the lotus in the heart will never fade. Lin is happy, she not only let the three men in the cloud, also let the world women envy a century may be permanent.
The most beautiful woman, must have a unusual heart, she knows the world changes, the more understand choices. She knew how much more important than love, want to keep a person lived into his heart.
Walking in the network, often meet some writing women, they or expressing personal feelings, or the interpretation of outlook on life, light text is always full of good hope, dedicated to the love, the romantic expectations...... These women, who was born in the world with the help of a space of fireworks, airing his soul, not to win sympathy from strangers, only to give an account of the life. Down the line, still be indispensable role, life, work, cooking and washing it, then they will have a secure and peaceful.
I always believe that the most beautiful woman, nothing. Smelling the smoke flavor, staged scenes of life in miniature in the text, and then use the wisdom of heart to give people inspiration. But those words crazy woman, I am don't like, from the fireworks, the good literary works is just empty talk, read to have kind of weird, like traversing drama to write again good, I don't see.
Xu Donglin said, like the beautiful woman, is no worldliness woman. In the vanity of bumpy Saha world of mortals, heart, has since built a world of glass.
Like Audrey Hepburn this is the most elegant woman, her from acting after retirement, return to the family and marriage. Long wooden chair in the country garden, lush shade, a person sit. Plain dress, peaceful time, pure heart. Light, applause, million people in pursuit of glory one one away. She volunteered to give. Worldliness away, she lived a dew like crystal and quiet day.  this time she, is considered more attractive, no Rouge gouache decoration, is unusually elegant clean, in nature to enjoy peace, like a drop of water returns to the sea.
A woman, to know the days of a subtraction, by cutting out the superfluous. Simple mind, the world is wonderful; I simply, you are the best.