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oh god, please don't listen to girlie. I know you already picked - Opiate Addiction - it as best choice but, please consider what I have to say.

I am in recovery from opiate addiction and have been clean and sober for 2 years. Although I was addicted to all opiates - heroin, painkillers, methadone - you name it, it wasn't until I got on Suboxone that I finally sought help in the form of rehab for help getting off of it.

Now, I am not totally against the use of Suboxone in the treatment of opiate dependence. But, it must be used in a very specific manner: for short-term rapid detox, as in for about a week. Any longer - Opioid - and you will find that you have become physically dependent on it instead.

The way Suboxone works is that it contains 2 drugs: an opiate blocker but also AN OPIATE. Don't get it twisted, Suboxone is a is a narcotic analgesic. In fact, it's other use (besides opiate detox) is as a painkiller for chronic pain.

Please, please, please...educate yourself about Suboxone, drug treatment alternatives, and so on before you start this medication. As someone who has had experience with Suboxone, I can tell you that you can, in fact, become dependent and addicted to it, and it is MUCH harder to kick than heroin or painkillers because it has a much longer half-life, meaning that it stays in your system for a long time.

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