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Nov 4, 2014 at 08:57 o\clock

Production hold on porn industry lifted

A trade association for the adult film industry on Monday lifted a production hold that had been prompted by concerns that a performer had been exposed to HIV on an out-of-state film set.

The Free Speech Coalition said tests revealed that the "performer pool has not been compromised." The group had called for a three-day hold Wednesday, but later extended it to Monday.

The performer who was thought to have been exposed, as well as anyone that person had performed with, were tested, Dian Duke, executive director of the coalition, said in a statement.

Duke acknowledged that production holds and moratoriums are difficult for the industry, but they are integral to the safety of the performers.

"We also realize that the lack of information in these situations can also be frustrating" Duke said. "However, it's crucial that we maintain medical privacy for the performers involved."

The Free Speech Coalition did not name the state where the film set was located or the production company.

Performers are generally required to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases every two weeks when actively performing, according to the coalition. The industry group has vigorously opposed a Los Angeles County law passed in 2012 that mandates condom use by porn actors.

The coalition put on a two-day moratorium on porn filming in August after receiving a report of a performer testing positive for HIV. The moratorium was lifted after it was determined that the HIV test was a false positive.

Critics say the only reliable way to prevent transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases on set is by mandating condom use.

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Oct 28, 2014 at 17:13 o\clock

Sexuality :: Safe and Discrete Ways to Buy Sex Toys on the Internet

These days, more and more people are embracing the use of sex toys. However, most of these people are still feel embarrassed to let other individuals know that they purchased or they are going to purchase these toys. Now the Internet has always been a great way to buy sex toys. With proper research, you can find an online sex toys shop that will fully protect your privacy.

But apart from privacy, buying these toys online also poses some threats to buyers. Let's face it, there are hundreds or even thousands of scammers out there; people who will do anything for a quick buck.

For Safe Buying

1. Before trying to make a purchase, try to look for contact numbers or physical address in the site you're checking.

2. Look for testimonials from real customers.

3. Try to look for forums where real customers are talking about authentic places to buy sex toys.

4. See if the site uses SSL Security that encrypts your debit or credit card info.

For Discrete Buying

1. See if the site allows the use of discrete names. One way of protecting your real identity is by using nicknames, this is what you need to look for an online shop if you intend to discretely buy sex toys.

2. The site must offer discrete payment methods. There are many websites who will use discrete names when billing your credit card. For example: the name of the shop is SexToysShop, instead of this name, the name STShop will appear on your credit card bill.

3. See if the site offers discrete packaging and delivery services. These services promise to wrap and deliver your sex toys discretely; even your mailman won't know your package.

This may seem too much work, but if you want to make sure that you and your privacy are both protected, you need to do these. There are many websites out there that will not only provide you with the best and safest ways to buy sex toys; you just have to invest a little time and effort to find them.

Oct 24, 2014 at 08:54 o\clock

Choosing Porn


Despite the fact that you can find a wide range of wonderful porn movies online, the most impressive content will come at a cost. This means that if you're intending to pay for porn, you'll definitely benefit from making sure to consider a handful of porn subscription site comparisons. As pornography memberships will never be exactly the same, analyzing websites using adult subscription reviews can help you create the most informed conclusion to pick the ideal porn membership. 

This is a wonderful technique to discover what each website is offering. You may just be trying to find particular types of content, or possibly you want to be able to stream as well as download the video clips which are offered. There is absolutely no factor people ought to be charged to begin with and then hope for the very best, seeing that solid porn site tips will help you know which of the subscription pay sites deliver just what it is you are looking for, all in a single website. Just to provide you with an understanding of exactly what an excellent porn subscription site should have, one often will insist on:

- The Kind of Videos You Want
- Lots of Material
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- Reasonable Subscriber Premiums

Sexually graphic videos have been getting increasingly popular. More and more husbands and wives are watching porn together. You might wish to make sure that you invest your money on pay site which the two of you will love, and that's once more just why HD porn recommendations are a terrific concept. You're constantly looking at critical reviews about a variety of items and services in any case, so why don't you search for the very best porn membership site for you?

Oct 10, 2014 at 13:32 o\clock

Romance Porn Is Luring More Women, Who Now Feel No Shame

Nica Noelle, an articulate stripper-turned-film maker, is the queen of romance porn, a new genre that include characters of all ages who inevitably have real sex, but with softer, wider shots of lovemaking and not so much of pornography's pumping.

Some bloggers have compared her latest film, "His Mother's Lover," to PBS's "Masterpiece Theatre." Not all of Noelle's films are period pieces, but they all have realistic story lines and emotion.

For decades, the female market has eluded pornographers, whose all-male lenses zoomed in on body parts and had little context or dialogue. But today, with cultural and technological shifts that make pornography more acceptable and accessible, Noelle has a fan base that includes women -- lots of them.

"I am a huge fan of Nica Noelle," said Kat Wolfendon, 45 and a stay-at-home mother of a special needs child in Coventry, R.I. "My husband doesn't like porn, but he has come to enjoy Nica's work as well."

"Gonzo porn or mainstream porn is all over-directed, choreographed, looped to make it stretch, and very silly story lines or none at all," she said. "I was hooked from the first instant. What makes her different is she definitely thinks about what she is filming in advance, she takes the time to write a script that is believable, sexy, kinky and even romantic at times."

Wolfendon said these films allow sex to "flow in a natural way" and Noelle captures the "essence of real sex."

And Brittaney, a 24-year-old live-in care giver for an agency in Pennsylvania, said Noelle turns "typical porn into pure art."

"Nica's work is like watching two people share an intimate, passionate and soul touching moment," said Brittaney, who did not want to reveal her last name. "Watching mainstream [porn] for me is like watching two drunken people hook up at a party and have sex."

Nielsen/Net ratings from 2010 revealed that one-third of the visitors to adult entertainment websites were female, which amounted to approximately 13 million American women a month, according to

A study released last September by France's IFOP polling institute found that four-fifths of French women have watched porn, about half of them without partners. Compare that to 1992 when a few as 23 percent of French women said they had viewed X-rated films.

The reasons, say researchers, include the Internet, video-on-demand services and the disappearance of the "shame factor," according to the French news service AFP.

Women surveyed also said what they liked most was the natural-looking characters and realism. Many say they use porn to spice up their marriages.

"What I am doing is passion, romance and emotion," Noelle said. "People look like real people of all ages and not just Barbie dolls. They want to see something soft and romantic."

Online communities and fan forums give those seeking porn "a sense of community and normalcy and a society that can accept them," she said.

'Fifty Shades of Grey' Called 'Mommy Porn'

Today's porn is "more accessible emotionally and more appealing to women," according to Robert Weiss, founding director of The Sexual Recovery Institute, an outpatient sexual addiction treatment center in Los Angeles. But, as a result, more women struggle with addiction.

"When something is intentionally pleasurable and stimulating and you have more access, more people have problems with it," Weiss said. "If there is more cocaine in the medicine cabinet, a lot more people will have overdoses."

"There's a lot more material for women to disappear into," he said.

E-reader novels like "Fifty Shades of Grey" make it more comfortable for women to view and read porn, he said.

"No more walking into a store and asking for a title and putting it in a paper bag," he said. "It makes a huge difference in the personal sense of privacy."

Weiss said that in most cases, women who become addicted to porn have other psychological issues. Many have been sexually abused as children.

Christians Ingore Pornography Addicts, Until Now

"Addiction is always a reflection of someone's emotional stability," Weiss said. "People who are mentally healthy and engaged in life find porn to be two-dimensional -- a passing experience when you are single or going through a difficult time and need a distraction."

Those who are "troubled" have more difficulty, according to Weiss.

"A vulnerable person can lose herself in other potentially stimulating experiences like food and gambling," he said. "It's a whole confluence of things."

For years male porn makers have had a "lock on men's sexuality," he said. But female pornographers like Noelle have been able to capture what appeals to women.

"Men and women view sex differently," he said. "Men tend to be more visual and more attracted to body parts. Women tend to look at the whole. When a woman sees a sexy man, she wonders what it's like to be with him. She looks at him relationally.

"Most men are not really interested in introduction and ending," Weiss said.

But Noelle said her romantic films appeal to both men and women, no matter what their sexual orientation. Many of her story lines deal with the "taboos" about which both men and women may fantasize, but not act upon.

"A Mother's Love" is about an adult son who brings his best friend home who falls in bed with the mother. "A Father's Love" follows the same theme, but with a daughter's friend.

Noelle said she understands there are social and religious objections to pornography. And many women still see it as a "red flag" that a partner is not happy with their sex life.

"All these buttons get pushed," she said. "It's a deep-seated fear and that's interesting to me. The sex drive is second only to the drive to stay alive."

She scoffs at those who view all pornography as addictive: "People can be addicted to anything that triggers reward centers in the brain," Noelle said. "Eating chocolate cake can be addictive."

Noelle, who grew up in the seedy New York City of the 1980s, was always intrigued with the marquees and posters for adult films in then-seedy Times Square.

"It seemed like a secret world and I was drawn to it in some way," she said. "At the same time, people were not supposed to talk about. That intrigued me from the beginning, and the stigmatizing of the people intrigued me."

As a journalist writing about science and nature for a local newspaper, Noelle said she "fell into the porn industry by accident" when she was asked to write an article for Spread, a magazine for people in the sex industry. She helped make a fetish video, wrote about it, then began to get offers.

Noelle, who is bisexual, started out in the lesbian film industry and eventually landed the job as creative director of Girlfriend Films.

Oct 3, 2014 at 13:32 o\clock

Pornography Laws Around The World.

Pornography Laws Across the World

Recent headlines in the news highlight the fact that certain countries continue to enforce extremely strict laws against pornography. For example, Blackberry users in Indonesia are prohibited from accessing pornography, though Blackberry users in the United States experience no similar prohibitions. What, then, are the different laws pertaining to pornography? By exploring some of the laws in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, we can see the vast diversity of pornography laws across the world.

The United States: While philosopher Michel Foucault suggested that sexuality is shameful in the West, the United States' federal government has some comparatively lax laws regarding the production and distribution of pornography. While the U.S. may have shameful associations with sexuality, its laws protecting free speech ensure that pornography will remain available. Almost all pornography is legal, unless it involves children or animals, or is extremely violent. Pornography sales in the United States generates billions of dollars, contributing significantly to the national economy.

Europe: Pornography laws in Europe vary from country to country, with many countries enforcing laws similar to those in the United States. However, pornography is illegal in Belarus, Iceland, Lithuania, and Turkey. Sweden has some of the most lenient laws regulating pornography, with no minimum age requirement for the purchase of pornography. The Ukraine has one of the most bizarre laws regulating pornography, which is illegal unless it is used for medicinal purposes.

The Middle East and Asia: Pornography is illegal in almost every middle eastern country except for Israel. However, there are many companies that produce porn catered toward an Arab audience because despite the preclusion, porn is still available--and eagerly consumed--across the Middle East. In Asia, the most lax pornography laws are in Japan and Hong Kong. However, porn is extremely prevalent in Thailand and India, despite laws prohibiting their production and distribution.

Despite pornography laws, people all over the world are constantly finding ways to skirt local laws, and law enforcement officials differ in their responses to offenses. Even if they have lenient laws regarding pornography, most countries prohibit child pornography of all types. Unfortunately there are still governments out there that do not explicitly ban child pornography, though they are constantly being pressured to implement laws to protect children. Fortunately most consumers of pornography are interested in consensual, adult entertainment, and are merely looking for a safe outlet for their sexuality.