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Dear Friend: This is a blog that does not describe about the country Bangladesh, but a Bangladeshi who likes his own culture and heritage and sometime very chauvinist, who try to compare his dialectic views with western culture and society.

Do you read also European books? Specifically continental European writers like Satre, Kafka, Kanetti, Grass or some classic writer Goethe, Schiller, Balzac, Hugo? 30 years before as I came to Europe I was interested to read all those writer. I mate also personally with Grass, the German Nobel prize winner of 1992 and made an interview. I do like to discuss with you about cultural affinity of Bengali people in general. You see, I can not communicate with you only in „one word“ that you spoke recently. No it is wrong to think that mans are one word creature, we need to discuss elaborately so that a clear understanding of what takes place in the background… okay, now you know I am not a person who just move on the surface I go deep in the matter… sometime I don’t find the correct words but I hope you understand me, or help me to find the correct word.