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Nation celebrates Pahela Baishakh Saturday

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Bengali New Year DHAKA: 14 April 2012 People from all walks of life burst into jubilation, leaving behind all the sorrows and glooms of the previous year, will celebrate the Bengali New Year 1419 Saturday amid festivities featuring culture and tradition of the Bengalis.

Pahela Baishakh, the first day of the year in the Bengali calendar, has its origin in the Mughal times when Emperor Akbar employed the Bangla calendar to facilitate tax collection.

True to this line, traders and shopkeepers open Halkhata (fresh accounts book) on this day and offer sweets to their customers.

President M Zillur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and opposition leader Khaleda Zia conveyed the nation greetings of Bangla New Year and congratulated them on the occasion.

On the occasion, the president, in his message, said the New Year comes to the lives to the Bangalees after lapse of a year with immense possibilities.

He added: “It is a significant day in the diversified heritage of the age-old Bangla, which reflects the Bangalee’s senses of happiness, sorrows, merriment, pains, hopes and expectations as well as feelings.”

Besides, in the message, the premier said the Bangla New Year is one of the major festivals of the Bangalee nation and on this auspicious day, the whole country imbued with the traditional heritage turns into a grazing ground of culture.

She added: “With its diversification in shapes, colours and flavours the Pahela Baishakh has turned today in to a festival of hearts of the Bangalees.”

Sheikh Hasina said the Bangla New Year is the source of secular spirit of the Bangalee nation.

The celebrations in the city will begin at sunrise with the gathering of thousands of people under the banyan tree at Ramna Udyan where artistes of cultural organization Chhayanaut will perform welcome songs.

The artistes of the organization will render traditional Pahela Baishakh song—“Eso hey Baishakh eso eso”--to welcome the year.

Students of Dhaka University’s Institute of Fine Arts will bring out ‘Mongol Shovajatra’ from the premises of the institution in the morning in a colorful revelry.

Besides, different socio-cultural organizations will chalk out elaborate programmes on Pahela Baishakh.

Apart form this, University of Development Alternative (UODA), College of Development Alternative and School of Development Alternative will also organize a ‘Mongol Shovajatra’ from Abahani playground at 9:00am to welcome the Bengali New Year.

Tight security measures have been taken for facilitating Bengali New Year 1419 celebration across the country.

A significant number of law-enforcing agencies will be on the watch across the country, mainly in and around Ramna Park, the main venue of the traditional celebrations.

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