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Municipality Election 2011

Bangladesh Municipality Election :

The Election Commission (EC) has decided to deploy armed forces in 56, Border guards in 56, armed and Border guards in 8 districts, Several law enforcement agencies including the police, RAB, battalion Ansar in 123, out of over 243 municipalities in 29 districts, during the upcoming city polls on Jan 12, 13, 17, 18 and 27. Total Municipalities 310

Here are the results of Rajshahi, Rangpur, Barisal, Sylhet, Comilla, Chittagong and Dhaka divisions 

Rajshahi and Rangpur divisions Municipality Election Results 2011

Rajshahi and Rangpur division: Bangladesh Pourashava Poll Result 2011

Continue updating Election Results:

Mayor Winner are given below:
Akkalpur, Joypurhat Pourashava Winner : Alamgir chauduri Badsha (BNP)
Arani, Rajshahi, Pourashava Winner : Mizanur rahman minu (AL)
Baraigram, Natore,  Pourashava Winner : Ishak ali (BNP)
Badargonj, Rangpur Pourashava Winner : Uttom Kumar Shaha (AL)
Birgonj, Dinajpur, Pourashava Winner : Maulana Muhammad Hanif (Jamait)
Chatmohor, Pabna, Pourashava Winner :Ajijul Islam Hira (BNP)
Chapainababgonj Pourashava Winner :Maulana Motin (BNP)
Durgapur, Rajshahi, Pourashava Winner : Tofazzol Hossen (AL)
Dhunot, Bogra, Pourashava Winner :  AGM Badsha (AL)
Faridpur Pabna  Pourashava Winner :A Kh Mo Kamrujjaman Mazed (AL)
Fulbari, Dinajpur Pourashava Winner :Mortuza Sarker Manik (AL m.)
Gopalpur Notore, Pourashava Winner : Monjurul Islam Bimol (BNP m.)
Godagari, Rajshahi, Pourashava Winner : Aminul Islam (Jamat)
Gobindoganj Gaibanda, Pourashava Winner : Ataur Rahman (AL)
Gabtoli Bogra, Pourashava Winner : Morshed Milton (BNP)
Gurudashpur, Nator, Pourashava Winner : Shahnawaz Molla (AL)
Haragasa Rangpur, Pourashava Winner : Sadakat Hossen Jhontu (JP)
Hakimpur, Dinajpur, Pourashava Winner : Shakawat Hossen Shilpi (BNP)
Joldhaka, Nilphamari , Pourashava Winner : Anwarul Kabir Chauduri (BNP)
Jaipurhat sadar,Pourashava Winner : Abdul Aziz Molla, (Sotonto)
Kajipur Sirajgonj Pourashava Winner : Abdus salam (BNP)
Kalai, Jaipurhat, Pourashava Winner :  Taufikul Islam Belal (AL)
Kakonhat Rajshahi, Pourashava Winner :Abdul Mozid Master (AL)
Kashorhat,  Rajsahhi, Pourashava Winner : Alauddin Alo (BNP)
Lalmonirhat Pourashava Winner : Riazul islam rintu (AL)
Mundomala, Rajshahi, Pourashava Winner :  Golam Robbani (AL)
Najipur, Nauga  Pourashava Winner :Anower Hossen (BNP)
Naldanga, Nator, Pourashava Winner : Abbas ali nannu (BNP)
Nachol, Chapainawabgonj, Pourashava Winner : Abdul Malek Mithu Chuduri,(Sotonto)
Nandigram, Bogra, Sushanto Kumar Shanto (BNP)
Nilphamari, Pourashava Winner : Dawan Kamal Ahmed (AL)
Nondigram, Bogra, Pourashava Winner : Susunto Kumar Santo (BNP)
Pachbibi, Jaipurhat Pourashava Winner :Habibur Rahman habib (AL m.)
Patgram, Lamonirhat Pourashava Winner : Shomser ali ( sotornto)
Panchagor Pourashava Winner : Touhidul Islam (BNP)
Pirgonj, Thakurgoan, Pourashava Winner : Rajiur Rahman Raju (BNP)
Raigong, Sirajgonj Pourashava Winner :Mosharof Hossen Akond ( Jamait )
Ranishonkol, Thakurgoan, Pourashava Winner :  Moklasur Rahman (BNP)
Rohonpur, chapainawabgonj, Pourashava Winner : Golam Mostofa Biswas (AL m.)
Shanthia, pabna Pourashava Winner : Marajul Islam Pramanik (AL)
Satabgonj, Dinajpur, Pourashava Winner : Abdus Sabur Master (AL) 
Shingra, Natore Pourashava Winner :  Shamim al raji (BNP)
Sujanagar, Pabna Pourashava Winner :Toffazzol Hossen tofa (AL m.)
Shariakandi, Bogra, Pourashava Winner : Tipu Sultan (BNP m.)
Santahar, Bogra Pourashava Winner : Tofazzol Hossen (BNP)
Shibgonj, Bogra, Pourashava Winner : Motiur Rahman Motin (BNP)
Shibgonj, Chapainowabgonj, Pourashava Winner : Shamim Kabir Helim (BNP)
Sharpur, Bogra, Pourashava Winner :  Shadhin Kumar kundu
Sudorgonj, Gaibanda, Pourashava Winner : Nurunnabi pramanik Saju (Jamait)
Tahirpur, Rajshahi Pourashava Winner : Abul Kalam Azad (AL m.)
Tanor, Rajsahhi, Pourashava Winner : Abul Hasanat Moklasur Rahman Firoz sarker (BNP)
Thakurgoan Sador, Pourashava Winner :  S M Moin Uddin (AL)
Ullapara, Sirajgonj Pourashava Winner : Bellal Hossen (BNP)
Vangura, Pabna Pourashava Winner : Abdur rahman ( AL.)
Vabanigonj, Rajshahi,Pourashava Winner : Abdur Rajjak (BNP)

Total Paurashava: 72
Awami League AL :22
Awami League (micelius) AL (m): 05
Bangladesh National Party BNP: 29
Bangladesh National Party BNP (m): 05
Jamait Islaim Bangladesh: 05
Jatio Party jp: 02
Sotonto: 04



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  23. quotemorivanndos wrote at Jun 4, 2011 at 09:33 o\clock:1. Что такое недержание мочи или энурез? Источник: Медстрим.ру. Лечение ночного и дневного недержания мочи у детей. Могут вызвать общую слабость, импотенцию, обострение заболеваний, связанных с нарушением периферического кровообращения и обструктивных болезней лёгких,
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    [b]Виртуальные туры для университетов, школ, детских садов[/b]. УНИВЕРСИТЕТЫ,ШКОЛЫ, ДЕТСКИЕ САДЫ ( ознакомление абитуриентов и их родителей с будущим местом учебы). Не всегда есть возможность оказаться внутри учебного заведения в тот момент , когда это удобно абитуриенту. Виртуальная экскурсия дает возможность ознакомиться с расположением кабинетов, аудиторий и их оснащением заранее и в любое время суток.
    [b]Виртуальные туры для музеев, галлерей, выставок[/b]. МУЗЕИ, ГАЛЛЕРЕИ, ВЫСТАВКИ. Панорамные фото, и 3D объекты, позволят ознакомиться с экспонатами через любое расстояние и просмотреть благодаря возможности приближения под любыми ракурсами и в малейших деталях.
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    http://gallus415.insane -to-call-for-you-to-research-many-techniques-might-have-all-yet-been-used-in-recent-times-the-tr
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  165. quotelareFrummaBam wrote at Jan 30, 2012 at 07:41 o\clock:[url=]Войти в Одноклассники[/url]

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