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Historic 7th March: Tight security for AL mass procession

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7 March PM No room for razakars in country: PM (মার্চে বাংলার মাটিতে রাজাকারের ঠাঁই নাই: প্রধানমন্ত্রী) DHAKA: Strong security measures have been taken in Suhrawardy Udyan area from Wednesday morning to avert any untoward incident during Awami League mass procession on the occasion of the historic 7th March.

The procession will start from Suhrawardy Udyan (gate in front of Engineers’ Institution) at 3:30 pm of the day and wind up at the historic Bangabandhu Bhaban on Road 32 of Dhanmondi of the city.

Prime minister Sheikh Hasina, also the AL president, is set to address here and later will inaugurate the rally, party sources said.

Law enforcers have been deployed here with dog squad. Wishing anonymity, several officers of Special branch (SB) and DB told banglanews, “Several numbers of DGFI, DB, SB and SSF team are working in the area to ensure security.”

They informed that Prime minister Sheikh Hasina is likely to go Shikha Chirontini of Suhrawardy Udyan to join rally and mass procession. So, enormous security measures have been taken in Suhrawardy Udyan and Ramna Park area, they added.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wednesday said the opposition leader Khaleda Zia would not be able to protect the war criminals by staging movements against the government.

She said: “The trial of war criminals will be held in the soil of the country as there is no room for razakars here in the March.”

The premier, also ruling Awami League president, came up with the forewarning while addressing a rally held at Suhrawardy Udyan in the city organized by the party on the occasion of the historic March 7.

Criticizing the opposition leader, she said, “March is the month of liberation war and independence, but the she (Khaleda) has chosen the month to make the enemies of independence happy.”

The chief of the party said, “We have shed blood for the independence of the country and we will not allow someone to play ducks and drakes with it.”

Calling upon all to make the country free from hunger and poverty, she said, “We will observe the golden jubilee of the independence in 2021.”

Indicating Khaleda Zia, the premier also said, “You have to reply the people why you had taken five crore rupees from the Pakistan for bearing election expenses whom we defeated in 1971.”

Mentioning that the Pakistan court had revealed the information, she put question, “Who wanted to sell the country?”

The prime minister again claimed that some 15 journalists were killed, 1500 journalists were tortured and 700 officers were made OSD during the then four-party alliance regime.

Regarding the caretaker government, she said, “We had wanted caretaker government at the BNP manipulated vote.”

But, there is no vote rigging during the last three years of the incumbent government, he added. “So, there is no more need of caretaker government in the country,” she observed.

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    Data contained on this page is supplied by an independent third-party content material provider. WorldNow and this Train station make no guarantees or representations in connection therewith. If you have any questions or comments about this page please contact Under ArmourUnder Suits Athlete and Two-Time Very Bowl Champion Lewis Lewis Served as Executive Producer
    BALTIMORE, July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- From the brand that started on the sports field, Under Battle suits (NYSE: UA) unveils a fresh 60-second spot that gives any nod to its traditions and captures the eagerness, intensity and grittiness from the next generation of crew sports athletes through grassroots basketball.  Exclusively previewed this morning at a click event in London, [url=]wholesale jerseys[/url] England, the new commercial, "Ready for August," is the centerpiece of the subsequent chapter in the brand s I WILL™ world-wide marketing campaign. 
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    Lewis mentioned during the editing program: "You show the pure football scenes, the style on their faces, and that will connect immediately with anyone who has ever played the game."
    After the 2003 and 2006 brand defining promotions Protect this House® and Click Clack®, this marks Under Armour s official return to preseason football promoting.
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    Concerning Under Armour, Inc.
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    Celles qui i am suivent depuis longtemps s souviennent peutêtre, J eu un coup de foudre pour une alliance originale: La bague Bois de pink, de Dior. On était allé l avec le Panda dans toutes les machines existantes (Or rose bush, or to jaune, as well blanc, Avec diamants, without diamants, Euh vous auriez pas une kind abordable?), Je t d et c décidé, Ce serait la adaptation en or rose qu passerait à mon doigt le jour J. (l. a,chicago voilà)

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    f assez diffichemicalile à expliquer, mumis je vais essayer de vous retranscrire fidèlement ce qui s passé dans mum tête :

    Mais alors mon connections toute biscornue, C pas bon du tout sexy de me porter malheur, not cercle totalement imparfait, not for, in addition,bonus, Une connections est censée être simple, Estce cual ce n pas un excès d (cockiness en grec, Jeune Padabride) Que de vouloir quelque opt de compliqué? wednesday mariage va être MAUDIT, les rappelle qu à J3 mois, Je n pas en pleine person de mes facultés mentales)

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    The sky is the limit for the Bucs and hopefully 2009 will find the team healthy and with a will to go the distance.
    – Big pass from Wilson to TE Zach Miller, who's taken down inside Carolina's 25-yard line. That's a 23-yard pass and the Seahawks now have first-and-10 from the 23.
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