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Dhaka, Berlin agree to boost economic ties

by: bangladesh   Keywords: Hasina, Merkel

Hasina-Merkel in Berlin Bangladesh and Germany yesterday agreed to further explore bilateral trade and cooperation in the areas of sustainable development, climate change, health and social safety net programme.

“Our development cooperation is very good. We have discussed how to strengthen our economic ties,'' German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina after a luncheon meeting at German Chancellery in the afternoon.

The two leaders also discussed cooperation in renewable energy, and primary and secondary education for the young people of Bangladesh.

The Chancellor praised Hasina for her government's role in tackling the Bangladesh economy despite the global economic downturn.

''Bangladesh economy is on good track,'' Hasina said, adding Bangladesh could not achieve desired level of development since the country had been under military dictators.

On international issues, Merkel said they also discussed developments in India, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Hasina said they had frank, fruitful and in-depth discussions that lasted for one hour.

Describing Germany as a time-tested friend of Bangladesh, Hasina said Germany actively supported Bangladesh's War of Liberation in 1971 and since then “we have been receiving uninterrupted support.''

“I am returning home happily with many promises from a great leader and renewed commitment for supporting my people and working together for bilateral, regional and international cooperation,” the premier said, reports BSS.

Hasina said the two-way bilateral trade between Bangladesh and Germany is excellent, but there is still scope to enhance it further. She praised the Chancellor for successfully handling German economy during the global economic turmoil.

About climate change, Hasina said Bangladesh is the worst affected country due to the adverse impact of the changing climate.

Bangladesh is receiving generous support from the European Union to tackle the climate change, she said.

The premier also recalled her stay in Germany when Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had said ''Germany has a special place in my heart”.

Hasina extended her thanks to Merkel for facilitating the signing of two joint declarations -- one for cooperation in the field of health and the other for climate change.

Asked if they discussed the Padma Bridge funding, Merkel said they discussed overall infrastructure development, not any particular project, reports UNB.

Hasina said infrastructure includes everything and the German Chancellor promised to support infrastructure development in Bangladesh.

The premier invited Merkel to visit Bangladesh at a convenient time, which she gladly accepted.

On her arrival at the Chancellery, the office of German Chancellor, the prime minister was given a red carpet reception and guard of honour.

Hasina arrived in Berlin on October 22 to attend the World Health Summit and bilateral meeting with the German leaders. She is due to return home today after ending her four-day official tour.

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    ventionelle slagmarken er ved at blive for?ldet, israel investerer betydelige ressourcer i at opgradere sin pansrede forces.last m?ned, h?ren afsluttede udstyre 401:e brigade, en af ??to, der betjener merkava iv, med windbreaker, en radar-baseret kinetisk rustning forsvarssystem designet til at spore og aflytte panserv?rnsmissiler, panserbrydende granater og raketdrevne grenades.the systemet, der m
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    wang min lunedi chiesto alle nazioni unite di prestare maggiore attenzione allo sviluppo sociale a conto l'attuale mondo 's 锟斤拷 venuto come ha affrontato la terza commissione della 67a sessione della l'assemblea generale. "allo stato attuale, l'impatto profondo della crisi finanziaria internazionale e la crisi del debito euro sono ben lungi dall'essere debellata, e la crescita economica mondiale si trova ad affrontare una maggiore instabilit锟斤拷 e pi锟斤拷 incertezze, che propone sfide senza precedenti pe
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    i cosiddetti "green-on-blue" attacchi quando i membri ansf voltato le armi contro i soldati stranieri , un portavoce del governo provinciale ha detto xinhua sulla wednesday.spokesman ruhullah sammon ha detto che gli aggressori erano stati catturati e un'indagine congiunta era in corso per sondare la incident.up a 19 tali attacchi hanno avuto luogo dal 1 gennaio di quest'anno, lasciando pi锟斤拷 di due dozzine di degli stati uniti e gli altri soldati della nato morti e diversi feriti.gusau , nigeria , 31 ottobre - un
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    re i vantaggi di questo tipo di cooperazione per contribuire di pi锟斤拷 alla realizzazione del nepad, wang ha osservato che la priorit锟斤拷 dovrebbe essere data allo sviluppo dell'africa speciale deve garantire le priorit锟斤拷 di lavoro delle agenzie delle nazioni unite sono in linea con le aree prioritarie del nepad. "l'attuazione del post-2015 programma di sviluppo e le azioni di follow-up per l'attuazione della conferenza delle nazioni unite sullo sviluppo sostenibile dovrebbe inoltre prestare particolare att
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    zioni nel principio di sincera amicizia , uguaglianza, mutuo vantaggio e development.yang comune detta cooperazione cina-africa, non solo promuove lo sviluppo di africa, ma anche i progressi della cooperazione tra gli altri paesi e in africa. "speriamo che la cina e altri paesi possono imparare gli uni dagli altri per lo svolgimento di cooperazione , in modo da rendere gli sforzi comuni per la pace, la stabilit锟斤拷 e lo sviluppo in africa, "yang said.the ministeriale conferenza si 锟斤拷 tenuta nella capitale cinese
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    ei villaggi, nelle zone agricole, nelle citt锟斤拷, e per le imprese in tutto il mondo. "" la nuova energia creata da questa diga 锟斤拷 energia pulita. mio governo con fea (fiji electricity authority) 锟斤拷 impegnata nello sviluppo di fonti pulite e rinnovabili e conveniente ", il primo ministro stressed.the nadarivatu progetto idroelettrico 锟斤拷 stato costruito sotto la sinohydro corporation limitato ad un costo di circa 150 milioni di dollari 锟斤拷 stato finanziato dalla banca di sviluppo della cina e alcuni others.on la su
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    dans la ville de moonachie , pr锟斤拷s de little ferry , s'est effondr锟斤拷 comme eau montait quatre 锟斤拷 six pieds (1,2 m 锟斤拷 1,8 m ) dans certaines r锟斤拷gions , little ferry chef de la police ralph verdi a d锟斤拷clar锟斤拷 锟斤拷 cnn . " nous faisons du mieux que nous pouvons", at-il dit . ?notre ville est vraiment en difficult锟斤拷 en c;u=133477
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    cutif de la conf锟斤拷d锟斤拷ration africaine de football (caf) . " nous voulons laisser aucune pierre non retourn锟斤拷e avec une pr锟斤拷paration ad锟斤拷quate pour l'锟斤拷v锟斤拷nement de l'afrique phare de football pour assurer la r锟斤拷ussite pour les black stars . " les black stars ont 锟斤拷t锟斤拷 锟斤拷labor锟斤拷s dans le groupe b qui comprend 锟斤拷gal
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    r de notre droit ", a d锟斤拷clar锟斤拷 锟斤拷 xinhua un s锟斤拷paratiste anonyme. " le blocage des routes par les troupes gouvernementales et emp锟斤拷cher les jeunes du sud de l'organisation de leurs manifestations souvent inciter 锟斤拷 des affrontements violents ", a said.tension est 锟斤拷lev锟斤拷 锟斤拷 aden depuis les forces de s锟斤拷curit锟斤拷 o om/member.php?6719-czsffzjtiffp
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    at the number of doctors participating in the strike were less than 10 percent to 15 percent in all the public medical facilities.While some political groups like April 6 movement and al-Wafd Party supported the strike, many citizens were against the doctor' s stance."Doctors' responsibility should forbid them making any stoppage or strikes as they are in charge of the people's life," Marwa Kamal, 26, told Xinhua, adding that only the poor people will be affected by the strike as the strike covers state-
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    n. After all the new ministers were sworn in, the second government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte was officially a fact.The inauguration was followed by the traditional scene on the terrace of the palace, where the media were able to take pictures of the entire cabinet accompanied by Queen Beatrix. When the ministers left the stage, it was time for the state secretaries to be sworn in.The duration of the formation of the new government, which was initiated by the parliament instead of the Queen for the f
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    ca cooperation has brought substantial benefits to both sides, said Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi on Friday, adding that China will continue to promote the cooperation with sincerity, mutual respect and equality.Yang made the remarks during a joint press conference of the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), together with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr and South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Maite Nkoana-Mashabane
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    . 10, 2012. The firm aims at supplying fuel to international ships sailing through the country's sea. (Xinhua/Sovannara)?PHNOM PENH, Oct. 10 -- Danish bunker supplier Go4 Bunker Denmark on Wednesday officially expanded its business into Cambodia, aiming at supplying fuel oil to international ships sailing through the country's sea.Go4 Bunker Denmark will partner with Cambodian companies to develop not only the Cambodian offshore marine fuel oil business, but also related business in connection with the
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    ie, de new york ruwe maatstaf wti zo laag als 95,34 dollar per vat , het laagste intraday niveau gedaald sinds 20 december . volume voor zowel amerikaanse en londen contracten bleef dun , achterblijvende 30 dagen averages.light , zoete ruwe olie voor de maand juni de levering daalde 55
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    ijn land sinds 2007.he heeft bijgedragen volei futuro bereik de finale van de braziliaanse dit jaar super league , die zij verloren met 3-1 van cruzeiro op saturday.ricardinho 's selectie was niet de enige verrassing. brazili? 2010 wereldkampioen joao paulo tavares was gedaald , net als m/forum/index.php?action=profile;u=947665
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    - eastern economic china's hub van shanghai is de meest open stad van het land om zijn diepe betrokkenheid bij het ??ontwikkelen van een op export gerichte economie, volgens een rapport vrijgegeven door de nationale ontwikkeling en hervorming commissie ( ndrc ) , top economische china's
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    voor te zorgen dat we genoeg materiaal voor de atleten te hebben en om ervoor te zorgen dat dit sportsfest zal gaan verlopen , " hij said.aquino zei dat de regering ook ondersteunen van gevangenen en personen met een handicap in het ontwikkelen van hun talent in sports.about 10.000 spo
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    ng Shuai has never partnered with me. To be honest, I don't know how to play the doubles standing on the court now."Sun Jinfang, the director of the Chinese Tennis Administration Center, has been in London to watch Wimbledon for a few days but the former volleyballer-turned official has never contacted Li."We have never talked to each other after the French Open," Li said.Li has never maintained a good relation with the Chinese tennis officials. Recalling her disappointing first time Olympic experience
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    and double standards in exercise of different mandates is a reality," he said.Pakistan had made proposals expressing concern at inclusion in the Secretary-General's report on children and armed conflict of situations that are not in the mandate. "We reiterated the need for fully respecting the mandate in the future reports," Tarar said.BEIJING, Oct. 23 -- The "Meridian Project," a massive scientific research project that will monitor weather in space, became fully operational on Tuesday.The Meridian Spa
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    stion that Iraq remains a violent place."He also defended President Barack Obama's decision to pull out U.S. troops out of Iraq.WASHINGTON, Oct. 11 -- The United States on Thursday denounced the killing of a Yemeni national working at its Sanaa embassy as a security coordinator, calling it an incident of " great concern.""We're deeply saddened by the killing of Qassim Aklan, a long- time employee of the U.S. embassy in Sanaa," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters at a regular pres
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    h.DPRK reportedly planned to launch in mid-April Kwangmyongsong-3, a polar-orbiting earth observation satellite manufactured by itself with indigenous technology, to market the 100th birth anniversary of the late leader Kim Il Sung."Local shares took a strong start on Wall Street bullish close last week, but they took correction on foreign selling of index futures amid concerns over the DPRK's planned rocket launch," Kwak Joong-bo, an analyst at Samsung Securities in Seoul, told Xinhua.Kwak noted that sh
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    avstemning data utgitt av spp, vant vilhelmsen 66 prosent av stemmene, mens hennes rival kandidat astrid krag, 29, som ogs? er helseminister i danmark sentrum-venstre koalisjonsregjering, tok 34 prosent. "vi trenger fremgang. vi st?r overfor en stor utfordring, som foryngende v?rt parti. den gode tingen er at det er rom for forbedring," vilhelmsen sa i en tale etter vote.the spp
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    merikanske aksjer falt bredt p? mandag som investorer ble skuffet p? non-farm payrolls, som vekst klarte ikke ? treffe 200.000 for f?rste gang siden november.the dow jones industrial average mistet 130,55 poeng, eller 1,00 prosent, til 12,929.59, som var f?rste gang p? en m?ned for den bl?-chip gjennomsnittlig ? bosette under den psykologiske niv?et p? 13, 000.the standard u0026 po
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    Study information will be available, as will experts who can answer questions and gather input. The AIP and other relicensing information are available at .
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    Contact: Erin Culbert
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  612. quoteOdorhoorm wrote at May 23, 2013 at 17:36 o\clock:Wilson has started 32 games during his two seasons with the Redskins, totaling 136 tackles, one sack and four interceptions with 28 passes defensed. According to official playing-time documents, Wilson played 92.01 percent of the team's defensive snaps [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys China[/url] in 2011 and had a 95.72 percent playing-time [url=]Cheap Jerseys Wholesale[/url] percentage in 2012. Wilson [url=]Cheap NFL Jerseys From China[/url] added five tackles and a sack (pictured above) in the Redskins' 24-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Wilson's original team, in the wild-card round of the 2012 NFL playoffs.
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  629. quotePeweneste wrote at May 24, 2013 at 01:09 o\clock:Quarterback The writer Cutler will be slated to be able to make $8. ninety seven thousand inside funds using a $10. thirty seven thousand cover amount inside the ultimate time of year regarding his / her deal and might acquire a great file format sooner or later in 2010. The particular Contains might also desire to renegotiate and also prolong the particular deal regarding [url=]Eric Bledsoe Jersey[/url] Brandon [url=]DeAndre Jordan Jersey[/url] Marshall, who's couple of years and also $18. 6 thousand outstanding around the deal that has been purchased previous Goal from your Arkansas Dolphins. This has been a couple of work schedule decades considering that the Contains previous updated the particular deal regarding Julius Peppers, that is credited $12. 9 thousand inside foundation wage and contains any cover variety of $16. 383 [url=]Jamal Crawford Jersey[/url] thousand in 2010.
  630. quotehorocoeni wrote at May 24, 2013 at 01:52 o\clock:50. Chi town Has: Jon Bostic, POUND, Sarasota -- Greatest drawn up linebacker for that Has because John Urlacher within 2000. Does not have Urlacher's agility as well as protection intuition, however ought to stand out like a alpine tackler. fifty-one. Wa Redskins: Donald Amerson, CB, NORTH CAROLINA Condition -- Fascinating crossbreed pass-defender. May perform a few aspects of particular security jobs together with his aggressiveness, and it has uncooked components required to perform each [url=]Authenitc Andre Iguodala Jersey[/url] guy as well as area insurance coverages in [url=]Authenitc Ty Lawson Jersey[/url] a higher level later on. THE task for the time being. fifty two. Brand new Britain Patriots: Jamie Collins, OLB, The southern area of Skip -- Specified like a LEO finish. May hurry from the advantage and really should supply a few rotational explosiveness much like which Take advantage of Ninkovich provides [url=]Andre Iguodala Jersey[/url] right now. (Getty Images)
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  634. quoteHoimeSido wrote at May 24, 2013 at 05:05 o\clock:2 performs later on, following a two-yard operate through Bernard Pierce, Flacco put [url=]Tyson Chandler Jersey[/url] a brief move in order to Anquan Boldin and also the authorities offered Boldin exactly what appeared [url=]Jason Kidd Jersey[/url] like the nice place. Harbaugh made a decision to problem the location, also it had been overturned upon evaluation. " WE nevertheless have not become a reason once they required the actual security -- the actual Ravens cannot deal with all of us as well as maintain all of us. It is great plan on the component to keep as numerous individuals because they may, however they train individuals to essentially deal with when you are going for a security. Although not 1 keeping fee had been known as. It had been really interested, as well as WE in no way obtained a reason upon which things. " " WE understand that I am quietly from the Bay area 49ers -- I am the actual trainer from the 49ers, as well as I [url=]Amar'e Stoudemire Jersey[/url] am most likely just a little biased. During my thoughts, I'd believe it had been apparent, however they did not view it this way. "
  635. quoteUriliaImaxils wrote at May 24, 2013 at 05:42 o\clock:Outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware [url=]Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] has a high cap number ($12.22 million), but previous renegotiations have Ware's cap [url=]Cheap Jerseys Paypal[/url] hit more than twice as large as his cash compensation ($6 million), so altering his deal will be a last resort. The Cowboys would probably like to lower Doug Free's $7 million salary, though going further than that would not reduce his $10.02 million cap number. If released, and not designated as a "post-June 1" transaction, the $10.02 million in signing bonus proration that remains on his contract would accelerate onto the Cowboys' [url=]Cheap Jerseys Online[/url] 2013 cap.
  636. quotekirlsatstaiff wrote at May 24, 2013 at 05:48 o\clock:" When this individual takes on regarding 10 or perhaps 15 decades on this little league, each and [url=]Kenneth Faried Jersey[/url] every time someone covers Quinton Patton they are going to recollect the particular account, " Harbaugh deducted. " 'He has been thus gung-ho to have his / her AMERICAN FOOTBAL job started out which he travelled out there to be able to San francisco bay area by himself penny. With all the Dallas Cowboys and also Baltimore Ravens having the last a couple of selections, Abundant Eisen with the AMERICAN FOOTBAL Community observed in which Jones [url=]Andre Iguodala Jersey[/url] acquired exited the particular environmentally friendly area with Radio stations Metropolis Audio Hallway, realizing total properly in which a couple of clubs in which agreed upon their particular quarterbacks (Joe Flacco, A2z tony Romo) to be able to $100 thousand deal exts this kind of offseason are not planning to decide on a quarterback in 2010. Jones has been well liked, damage the most notable 10 [url=]Danilo Gallinari Jersey[/url] inside the " Shutdown 50", the best between what' azines typically deemed to be a sub-par plants regarding quarterbacks. Just like Rodgers, Jones is probably not willing to commence straight away and might must take a seat watching regarding 50 percent or even a total time of year just before this individual receives his / her possibility to enjoy.
  637. quoteseveQuelo wrote at May 24, 2013 at 06:10 o\clock:The actual Chi town Has, brought through their own vice leader associated with soccer management High cliff Stein, tend to be yearly the very first group from [url=]Stephen Jackson Jersey[/url] the entrance with regards to putting your signature on their own write course. Just about all 6 people from the Bears' 2012 write course had been authorized through Might 15 and also the membership is actually upon speed to complement which work. When it comes to quantity, the actual Baltimore Ravens happen to be busier because vice leader associated with soccer management Jim Moriarty offers arrived at contract along with 6 associated with their team's 10 write recommendations, Aaron Wilson [url=]Authentic Kawhi Leonard Jersey[/url] from the Baltimore Sunlight reviews. Because may be the situation using the Has, the actual mid-to-late circular recommendations about the Ravens reach offers. The actual Ravens possess 4 gamers unsigned, such as first-round security Shiny Elam, who's nevertheless working with no broker. Elam's agreement is going to be really worth close to $6. 7 zillion along with close to $5. four zillion within assured cash, such as the putting your signature on reward associated with precisely $3, 301, [url=]Manu Ginobili Jersey[/url] 456.
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