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Army coup foiled in Bangladesh, top officers involved in conspiracy

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Herros DHAKA: A bid to topple the Bangladeshi government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been foiled, the Bangladesh Army said on Thursday.

The Bangladesh Army said efforts by some officers to topple the government have been foiled and that the process to bring the culprits to justice has begun. "Specific information has been unearthed that some officers in active military service have been involved in the conspiracy to topple the system of democratic governance," quoted army spokesman Brigadier General Muhammad Masud Razzaq as saying at a press briefing.
Razzaq branded the accused officers as having extreme religious views. "Some unruly military officers have been actively engaged in the execution of the heinous conspiracy through maintaining contacts with fugitive Major Zia (Syed Mohammad Ziaul Huq) by mobile phones and internet," Razzaq said. "On Dec 22 last year, Major Zia met a senior officer and tried to provoke that senior officer into using the army against the state and democracy," Razzaq said. "The senior officer immediately informed the appropriate authorities and his (Maj Zia's) leave and transfer order was cancelled." "But he did not return to work and has still kept himself engaged in trying to organise subversive activities against the army," he said. On Dec 28, a court of inquiry was established. "Stern legal measures will be taken against those involved," Razzaq said.

"Recently, at the instigation of some of non-resident Bangladeshis, some serving as well as retired officers with extreme religious views have tried to create disorder in the army, riding on the religious sentiments of other officers," he said.

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