Nov 27, 2011 at 14:10 o\clock

Bangladesh war crimes trial begins in Dhaka

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Bangladesh war crimes trial begins in Dhaka
BBC Report from Dhaka

Sayedee A leader of a Bangladesh Islamist party has gone on trial (21 November 2011) accused of crimes against humanity during the country's independence struggle against Pakistan.
Delawar Hossain Sayedee is the first of seven suspects set to face a tribunal on charges relating to the 1971 war. Charges listed against him include genocide, rape and religious persecution - all of which he denies.
The chief prosecutor said the trial, which resumes on Monday, was essential for the establishment of democracy. BBC correspondent Anbarasan Ethirajan said it marked a watershed moment for Bangladesh, which has yet to come fully to terms with its violent past.

The special court will try Bangladeshis accused of collaborating with Pakistani forces, who were trying to stop Bangladesh becoming an independent nation.
More than three million people were killed and many more were left homeless, according to official figures.
Hundreds of thousands of women are also believed to have been raped during the war. Bangladeshi Attorney General Mahbubey Alam said the country had waited 40 years for the trial to come to court.
"We lost many professors, teachers, musicians - the bright sons of our country at the time of the liberation movement," he said.
"So it was our moral duty, our constitutional responsibility to try these offenders." The chief prosecutor, Ghulam Arif Tipoo, said the trial was essential for the establishment of rule of law and democracy, and also key to the future of Bangladesh.
A total of seven people - mostly from Bangladesh's two main opposition parties, are facing trial.
They all deny the allegations and accuse the government of carrying out a vendetta.
The Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, is the daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who declared the country independent in 1971 and became its founding president after the war, but was later assassinated.
The tribunal investigating events in 1971 was set up in Dhaka last year without any involvement from the United Nations.
Human rights groups have urged the government to ensure the trials are carried out in accordance with international standards.
The government insisted Bangladeshi law and its legal structure were competent enough to handle the trials.
Mr Sayedee, a leader in Bangladesh's Jamaat-e-Islami party, was arrested last year. The trial is likely to go on for months.

Nov 26, 2011 at 12:48 o\clock

BNP’s Khulna Roadmarch today

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BNP’s Khulna Roadmarch today
Roadmarch to Pabna, Khustia, Jhenidah, Jessore and Khulna

BNP Road March Dhaka, Nov. 26 - Chairperson Khaleda Zia will direct a road march towards Khulna today to pulsate up support for her party’s demand that the government reinstate the caretaker government system to oversee in the next parliament elections.

Senior leaders of the four-party alliance and similar minded parties will accompany the road march that will pass through Pabna, Kushtia, Jhenidah and Jessore before reaching Khulna.The BNP leader will stay at Jessore Circuit House tonight and restart the march towards Khulna tomorrow.

The two-day programme will end with a public meeting on Khulna Circuit House premises at 3:00pm tomorrow. Hope BNP’s this long march will carry something for the citizens of Bangladesh.

Nov 19, 2011 at 19:55 o\clock

Govt invites tender for 2nd Padma Bridge project

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Padma BridgeThe government Friday invited tender for investors’ prequalification for building a $2 billion 2nd Padma Multipurpose Bridge under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative though construction of the first one hit snags over suspension of the World Bank funding over graft allegations.

Bangladesh Bridge Authority (BBA) under the communications ministry floated the international tender on 3 November for building the 6.1-km bridge over the mighty river Padma connecting Paturia and Daulatdia points.

The proposed bridge will be constructed on public-private partnership (PPP) initiative with an estimated cost of Tk US$ 2 billion, according to the Communications Ministry officials.

Both the planned bridges are to connect the country’s cutoff southwest with the eastern part, including the capital Dhaka.

Earlier on 27 October, the cabinet committee on economic affairs approved the proposal for construction of the second bridge on ‘Build-Own-Operate-and-Transfer’ (BOOT) basis under Public-Private Partnership (PPP) initiative.

The grand-alliance government has started the move to build the second Padma Bridge while the long-awaited first one remained mired in contentions stemming from an unsubstantiated World Bank complaint of corruption in initial project processing.

The notice published in different dailies on Friday says buses and light vehicles have to waste nearly three hours for crossing Paturia-Daulatdia channel while trucks have to waste about four hours and thirty five minutes in crossing the river by ferry.

“The bridge will boost commercial and trading activities between the east and the southwest parts of the country and will create additional employment opportunities in agriculture, traditional crafts, small-scale industries and commerce, which will help attain higher growth rate in the country and faster poverty alleviation,” says the project concept paper.

The first Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project at Mawa-Janjira point is under preparatory work for construction. However, some districts of the southwestern region through Mawa-Janjira route will take more time than Paturia-Daulatdia location to shorten the distance between Meherpur, Chuadanga, Kushtia, Jhenadaha, Magura, Rajbari, Faridpur, and parts of Narail, Gopalganj, Jessore and Madaripur districts with Dhaka and eastern part of the country.

BBA seeks the pre-qualifying of interested investors and will prepare a short list of pre-qualified firms with the intension to invite eligible international firms to indicate their interests for participation in the bid.

The applicant (s) should have essential experience and requisite qualifications in the financing and/or construction of bridge of elevated expressway or elevated railway or flyovers on a BOOT/BOT/PPP/ECP basis with combined value of no less than US$400 million during last 10 years.

According to the notice, the project investors will be selected through an International Competitive Bidding process from a pool of applications who meet the criteria.

The interested investors will have to submit their application for prequalification by 10 January, 2012.

Interested applicants may form consortium with other International Firms engaged in the financing, design and construction of roads and bridges to fulfil their qualification by forming a Joint Venture (JV).

Interested eligible applicants may get more information and documents for pre-qualification application from BBA Website: