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Condolence for Selim Al Deen

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Condolence for Selim Al Deen

[Selim Al Deen on Tagore's plays Rabindranath Tagore wrote and directed plays that are unique for their blend of the indigenous and European theatre forms -- a blend so subtle that it almost appears natural. And because of these unique plays, the master playwright has acquired a supreme position in the era of 'Public Theatre' in the subcontinent, which was highly influenced by the European theatre. And it is Tagore who gave a modern presentation of indigenous culture and emotion of Bengalis in his plays

Tagore did not go for British poetic style of dialogue diction.
Al Deen said, "When TS Eliot suggested plays in verse form, Tagore wanted it in prose form. His logic was that the Bengali language has a unique rhythm, which is evident even in the prose."]

We express our deep condolence for eminent dramatist and teacher of Jahangir Nagar University Selim Al Deen on his sad demise. Selim Al Deen, the legendary drama icon of the country, passed away yesterday at Labaid Cardiac Hospital. His death has created a large vacuum in our progressive cultural movement. May the departed soul rest in peace!!

Selim Al Deen was a founder member of Dhaka Theatre. He along with Nasir Uddin Yusuf formed Bangladesh Gram Theatre in 1981-82 and Selim was its chief adviser.

"Bangla drama literature can be categorised into three eras -- the Girish era, the Shishir era and the Selim era. The Selim era has come to an end today," said recently Rahmat Ali, associate professor of Theatre and Music Department at Dhaka University.

Selim Al-Deen's fundamental contribution to the field of drama, and the literary form of Bangla drama, are many. But his crowning achievement has to be his success in giving Bangla drama a unique voice. 'Techniques cannot be art. It is the realisation that it brings out. But to bring out that realisation depends a lot on the technique used.' said Selim in a recent interview with „The New Age".

Selim Al Deen earned PhD from Jahangirnagar University in 1995 on 'Medieval Bengali Drama'. Keramat Mongol, Hat Hadai, Chaka, Kittonkhola, Joiboti Koinnar Mon, Bonopangshul, Nimojjon and many other plays created by Selim have left an indelible impression on the audience.

He was honoured with many prestigious awards nationally and internationally, including the Bangla Academy Literature Award, National Film Award, Ekushey Padak and Olokto Shahitya Puroshkar.

May God give his family and relatives the strength and the courage to bear this irreparable loss. We pray for the salvation of the departed soul !!

 -Monaz Haque