Apr 12, 2007 at 10:40 o\clock

Jacquie Made Good

One of my friend Jacquie from Sydney wrote yesterday: 

"I sometimes feel that writing is avenue for me to make amends for my sins, rendering me eligible to return to 'polite' society.

I heard it once said by a dear friend of mine, " that often writing isn't a reflection of experience so much as a substitute for it, an 'instead of' rather than a 'reliving' ".

Of course as a "writer" or should I say somebody who enjoys writing, in my 'former' life I could have witnessed, heard, being involved in some of the situations I recount or learnt along the way to understand the predicament of the 'condemned' person or it all could have been in my present life, oooh what an all too consuming thought.

Writing for me at times can be challenging, I wonder if I am burdening the reader with self-indulgent prose, unrealistic characters and bad editing. Hiding behind a "fictional story" maybe? mmmmm. I think many times that 'my life' is more extraordinary than the 'supposed fiction' I have depicted. I wonder at times if the time will come when I finally purge myself of all kinds of emotions then maybe I will be useless as a "writer". Always with a desire to want to examine the relationship between disaffected individuals and society, exploring their sense of alienation and entrapment. If I was not able to write what would my addiction be? I have to draw upon this energy despite the distance I attempt to feel when I draw from the past.. Will I put on another guise to add to my many incarnations?"

This is me and my 'ramblings', yet again. I have had a stress filled week thus far and thank the Lord that Friday is soon upon us(Down Under) and so just wanted to share with you where/how I write my blogs. They come from a place deep within, buried within the recess of what makes Jacquie, Jacquie and many times are based on a combination of fiction and non-fiction but filled with whatever you may seek to cure your ills or add light to your journey.

Sending you Love, Light and all that is Good for the coming weekend.