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International Women's Day 2007

 Women’s Day and some numbers

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For last fifteen years our country had been led by women Prime Ministers. Yet according to the last year’s report by Mahila Parishad the number of women falling victims of social injustice did not improve. As we celebrate women’s day, and our netris make “speeches” on empowering women in Bangladesh, let’s look at some facts. Below are some very sad and alarming statistics (based on a report by Mahila Parishad, the actual number is likely to be much larger) —

6,054—-Total reported number of women tortured and killed
967—— Number of women raped and also tortured
141 —— Number of victims of molestation
176—— Number of victims of acid burn
71 ——–Number of victims of arson
342—— Number of women and children trafficked (18 sold to brothel)
274—— Number of victims in dowry related crimes (tortured by husband and in-laws)
478—— Number of women that committed suicide (family and relationship issues)
150—— Number of victims of police assault
66 ——- Number of victims of Fatwa