Oct 30, 2006 at 22:27 o\clock

Australia: 6 reasons not to take your child to the zoo

Yesterday a friend of mine sent some kangaroos foto from Australia with a title: 6 reasons not to take your child to the zoo. Some of them shows very natural phenomena among animals. This is animality synonyms, animality antonyms. The animals doesn‘t follow the definition of reproduction theory of human. We the humans are suppose to be civilized and sex is for us an intimate affaire. My friend Elvira Ivaneza is a legal secretary and interpreter, working with a giant lawyers firm in Sydney, posses a great many humour. She is having now holiday and going to an adventurous tour to some unknown area of north Australia. Its a continent that developed massively in the last century towards a modern nation, symbolizing modern and tradition. She wants to vast also the territory of Aboriginal people in the north. 

I like to send her 6 lines of a poem that I have publish recently in an another blog and it fits to her present holiday mood. I don’t like to send it to her comment section of myspace page, its specially for her.

There are some people, she may not know,
There are some places, she can not go.
There are some words she never heard
There are some sprit she ought to feel
But she is sure of her own enlightenment
Her love is real that, she can feel deep within

-Monaz Haque

Oct 14, 2006 at 16:35 o\clock

Nobel Peace Prize 2006 for Grameen and Prof. Yunus

This is indeed a wonderful news for us Bangladeshi, that Grameen Bank founder Prof. Yunus has been awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize for Peace for 2006. I have created a BLOG for Grameen and for Prof. Yunus yesterday. Please visit the Blog and publish your opinion Greetings -Monaz Haque

Oct 3, 2006 at 19:19 o\clock

A 7 line sonnet

by: bangladesh   Keywords: Blog, blogg, poetry, poem, world, word

I am neither a poet who writes nor a painter who paints,
But I accept an increasing and manifesting zeal and ardour
That both poet and painter are able to achieve and share
The task of making the world listen to what is needed
To be able to hear of it is to be cured of despair and isolation
And of meaninglessness, by grasping the real relationship
Between world and word, concept and experience.