Sep 30, 2006 at 23:03 o\clock

September on Jessore Road - Allen Ginsberg

Poet Allen Ginsberg wrote September on Jessore Road in the year 1971 and one of my friend, Moushumi Bhoumik sang that song in her special rhythm with full of melancholy. Ginsberg saw the sufferings of people in Bangladesh and India during the war of liberation. His strong interpretation of such a poem remember me the year 1971 (I was a college atudent and fought for the freedom). He was an American poet, socialist, activist and member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts. In the 1960s, while vigorously participating in the anti-Vietnam War movement, he published several poetic works, including Reality Sandwiches (1963) and Planet News (1969). Allen Ginsberg, master poet of Beat Generation received the National Book Award for 1974. He died at the age of 70 in 1997. I wish you all the best in this last days of September 2006 (35 years after the war of liberation). -Monaz Haque

Sep 29, 2006 at 20:34 o\clock

Indestructible Hunger: A poem just for you

I wrote a poem just for you Jacquie, let me know your opinion  -Monaz Haque
Indestructible Hunger

I need to kiss, to live
I need to love, to know
I need to feel, to test
I need her, I want her
I will never guess her
I must give her up !

To live, to know, to test,
The freedom, the grace, the life
How hard it is to deny !
Necessity anger of thirst
One that will kill me, if not quench.
God give me the strength to resist,
To remember at to my inside, 
I love her, therefore I can not help her


Dedicated to Jacquie