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15.08.2009 um 04:56 Uhr

World of Warcraft - Katastrophe

Azeroth is completely changed. Some areas are completely destroyed, some are broken, partially submerged (Thousand Needles), some are torn in two. Coasts throughout the world can not be changed. Durotar destroyed, with Orgrimmar, torn in two. A new orc city is back in growth. Gnomeregan Gnome back in an instance.

Malfurion and helps in the activation of the new guardian of Tirisfal - Thrall. Thrall hands the management of the Horde Thrall Hellscream Garrosh as a coordinator for the Horde and the Alliance forces and actors in the fight against the Naga and the Black Dragon Flight. Garrosh declare war, NATO, and expect more Wintergrasp areas such as on the old plan. As a result of political manipulation, Cairn Bloodhoof painted as a traitor and is killed by Garrosh. Cairns son takes Tauren Chef.

Worgen for disaster brings Greymane wall by her secret - that the worgen curse has ravaged the kingdom. They could be treated constantly keeps the human spirit, but also the protection in the form worgen. Did they not only survive the inhabitants of the worgen Gilnéas in the alliance.

As with the tapestries, Deathwing calls the Goblins as slaves, as in the past. Boss decides to go with Deathwing and enslaved his people, because there is no conversion Deathwing and survive. Fortunately, a large group manages to escape and the Horde to achieve, because they can not single-handedly. See table here?

The limit of 85 degrees. Also, the new regions of the islands, the questions about the disaster areas, and the new back in the old world. Flying mounts will be in the world of Azeroth. Many of the old world dungeons are completely changed.

Half of the natural disaster is again the old research, elimination of redundancy and a general description of all players, regardless of whether the Level 1 or 80th For each area, you'll enjoy the vanilla to the reconstruction and relief efforts of the braking system or the war between the Horde and the Alliance of the NPC. Wailing Caverns will be completely renovated into a lush tropical zone, in response to the magic of the Druids their work, to ensure that they are not in the lava.

Leveling 80-85 is much more. Originally in 2008, they have not estimated the upper limit for all, that the fulfillment of these tasks takes a lot of workers from raiding content. But they want the story and the scan so great that ding'ing something and not just something for you.

Wait one or two cities with under on the back of the giant turtles and whales.

Do not be fooled, the old man is not God. Since Netharion Azshara and the two connections of the old gods, it is now clear that the large number of WoW are antagonists of the old gods.

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