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Is Article Submission a Waste of their time in Online Marketing?

Will you be really wasting your time using article submission as a part of online marketing? Several issues have been raised about whether article submission should indeed be an effective online marketing strategy. Notwithstanding such fears, it seems that a majority of online marketers still believe in the efficiency in the article submission technique.

Article submission can be a rewarding internet marketing strategy if conducted in the proper manner. It might turn out to be a waste of time if taken less seriously. A successful article submission strategy involves several clear, but critical steps to be followed. Following these steps correctly and consistently should ensure a noticeable boost in online traffic.

To ensure that your article submission efforts will possibly not be wasted, try observing the following guidelines:

1. Create a piece of text that is both educational and useful. Do not just create an article for the sake of what is article submission. Put some effort into producing an article that can be both saleable and persuasive. This approach attracts people and therefore not only generates back links aimed at your site, but will also help boost traffic and influence probable conversions.

2. Maintain a sufficient, but not overblown body of keywords. This might now be less effective in Google than it used to be, but it continues to work well with the favors of Yahoo and Bing. Aim for an approximate 3% to 4% value for keyword density spread through the entire article.

3. Refrain from generating articles that have at the same time similar content. It is essential that you have distinguishable write-ups. Your content should be unique and standout. Aim for making it at least 70-80% unique from other work. During seeking unique content, do not be fooled into using the so called 'article spinner' software. This automated output was established to appear unique to search engines and does not bring account of human sensibilities for narrative that flows properly and remains contextually correct. You may save some commitment, but any article directory worth its salt will refrain from most, if not all of your submissions.

4. As the uniqueness of your article is established, your next task is to choose the best article directory websites relative to your content and the reason for your article distribution. Bear in mind that quality is usually more important than quantity when choosing which directories to utilise. You may publish thousands of articles on low level of quality directory websites; however, they will help very little to illustrate, in improving the ranking of your own website. So do not waste your time and energy posting to substandard websites, choose the few, good standard ones that match the product quality of your best articles.

There are plenty of credible and top ranking websites that welcome what the heck is article submission. Compare the coverage of their services and also their different of terms of service. Submit articles only to those websites that have typically the potential to bring you a top ranking position for your own website. Normally these sites will be the well identified and stable ones.

Every time you what is article submission, make every effort to check it for spelling goof ups, grammar and general presentation. Select your chosen directory attentively. You do not want to see your efforts wasted because your articles go unnoticed on line. If you follow these tips, you should have successful article submissions and secure yourself a rewarding future in easy article marketing.

This article is written by Akshay Kumar Gupta, Founder of

This article is written by Akshay Kumar Gupta, Founder of