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Mature road of integration surveillance cameras

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Technically simple, integrated camera with integrated zoom function is equivalent to box camera,which in addition to an automatic fast focus more advantages than the external electric box camera with zoom lens solutions, but also have a smaller volume, better thermal performance and cheaper price advantage. However, in the past due to technical limitations of some characteristics of the movement and the lens of the industrial chain, integrated camera lens (such as a larger aperture, MTF values, small focal lengths, etc.) is better box camera's optional C / CS lens, a direct result of its a disadvantage in the resolution, low-light, wide dynamic, ultra-telephoto, wide-angle and other characteristics. So what kind of demand there will be people from the application of integrated video surveillance cameras? And now they will have integrated industry chain development of the camera what kind of change?
IR waterproof camera as a highly integrated device itself contains lenses,shields,brackets and fill light equipment,it has been popular with domestic security integrators preference. In the domestic mainstream applications, each has integrated various grades of manual zoom lens models. Even waterproof performance no matter how well the camera manufacturers, faced manual focusing infrared waterproof camera, will face a challenge, because the project site to debug the lens focal length, tend to turn on the camera body, in this process is difficult to avoid moisture entering , and once water vapor into the infrared lights and cameras veneer work will generate heat when rapid warming led to fog, if we go through the rain to cool, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the device will be more apparent cohesion mist. So we tend to see the following signs in a variety of manual zoom infrared waterproof camera: "The front cover has a humid environment opens fog risk." Even with such a reminder, the camera fogging problems some projects there will always be more or less.Of course,there are vendors through the use of special techniques to solve this problem defogging, but paid a price increase of the product cost, which is the last resort. How, after the IR waterproof camera waterproof tightness own foolproof, completely rule out the risk of fog, for camera makers focus is to solve the problem of open spaces, then the solutions in addition to the built-in fixed focus lens is made outside electric auto-focus function becomes doubly integrated infrared camera tube. Obviously, the latter's ability to adapt to the scene and to bring the convenience of debugging are all great. If the upgrade manual zoom infrared cylinder machine to autofocus integrated infrared cylinder machine for manufacturers to reduce the risk of fog. So for integrators, with integrated cameras and other peripherals are removed from the lens pairing selection, risk program simplifies the configuration introduced. As for the project providers,eliminating the step of using the integrated camera manual focus when construction,commissioning works to save time and manpower,and for customers, electric integrated camera can zoom and autofocus will increase the use of adaptive scene. So, from the perspective of demand, integrated camera should be developed.
Of course,even the best solution if there is no technical support as well as the industry chain is empty.On the one hand,as a result of the movement have adopted the program, we find that a vendor's products are often integrated camera has a corresponding ball machine, but the ball machine as the main categories of the camera, both in the degree of attention on the chain or in customer needs are followed on a box camera, especially in the last two years, the manufacturers to overcome technical barriers to independent research and development of the movement, mainstream manufacturers of ball machine and integrated camera uses a self-developed technology, therefore, for these firms, often the latest sensor and coding techniques can be applied at the same time the first time the program itself bolt and movement of products, integrated camera, and then the remaining differences in the box camera video surveillance imaging lens is basically a competition. First, the integrated camera with autofocus and its wider focal length imaging can often make up the difference on;secondly,with the continuous development of new sensor technology,various lens manufacturers are constantly adjusting and updating of,C / CS lenses and lens movement in the face of new competition, often in the same starting line. Therefore, most of the real needs of the project now, as long as business applications or less, integrated camera movement can replace most of the box camera.
On the other hand,although the ratio,but as integrated camera SLR camera shooting professional degree,but the same technique on a smartphone but shine.However,although the ratio of the integrated camera box camera of C / CS lens on the extreme image quality, but the technology can be applied to the IR waterproof cameras and dome cameras. Manual zoom barrel machine to integrated infrared tube machine upgrade, for example, the main technical route is the traditional 14 shots ISP program into multiple small movement program, network cameras, the sensor 14 shots sucked ISP coding the main chip into multiple networks fairly movement program, its technology and the key point is that the movement lens focus control circuit; and support for key chain is when this technology shift, the movement of the lens, and no more than the original business applications 14 manual zoom lens head has increased significantly, and can provide a wealth of focal lengths and products for camera manufacturers to choose from. Fortunately,with the last couple of years the importance of domestic and foreign manufacturers lens lens movement,launched a small multiple of the price movement of the lens is acceptable,mainstream manufacturers have a wealth of options in the camera movement, the use of the first two autofocus years since the inquiry movement gained control technology accumulation, have taken advantage launched its own free open spaces integrated infrared drum machine. Which can determine, all kinds of movement program integrated camera infrared drum machines and products in the hemisphere matures, it will definitely become a new force integrated camera.

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The new application of intelligent vision technology

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Intelligent vision technology can effectively solve the problem of the traditional video surveillance industry, for the security industry to provide a broader application direction. Its main feature is the use of computer vision methods, in the case of almost no human intervention, through a sequence of images shot on HD surveillance cameras recorded for automatic analysis of dynamic scenes target location, identification and tracking, and analyze and judge the behavior of the target, which can be done both at the time of the completion of the daily management of abnormal happens to respond in a timely manner on this basis. More Figuratively speaking, intelligent visual surveillance system to watch, to see the scene to monitor the behavior of the target object; be able to think, ponder what it means to the behavior of the target object; it can be said, to think of the results expressed in the form of natural language. So intelligent visual surveillance system to replace the monitoring tasks were completed most of the work, is a new generation of monitoring technology is highly intelligent. Intelligent visual analysis important role of technology in the field of security is not in doubt, it has broad application prospects, can be applied in all major industries. Intelligent visual analysis products related with the development of technology continues to refine, such as face recognition than on the system. Because visual analysis and intelligence-related HD product has not been true popularity, monitoring layout point of the community is not perfect, is still only for use on certain industries, but also much less than universal coverage, only the use of large quantities HD cameras, increasing to capture clear, the possibility of a positive face, in order to better combat effectiveness.
With continued investment HD cameras, intelligent people for visual analysis of the demand for technology products, more and more requirements are also increasing, which gives the security industry has brought a broad idea, many intelligent rapid emergence of new products: Double the core purpose of technology is to improve the three-dimensional mesh recognition accuracy. Because of the three-dimensional geometry of the object field of stereo vision technology has formed, it is possible to set the detection rules effectively eliminate interference factors of light, shadow, etc., greatly improve the accuracy of intelligence analysis. Using two cameras or more cameras, three-dimensional position and attitude of the visual field coordinate space of free movement of highly accurate body measurements, to determine the centroid position of the moving object, and according to the results of the calibration tracking moving targets with high accuracy. Stereo vision technology to track, because the three-dimensional coordinates can identify targets, attitude, relative distance, distance and space background environment, and therefore able to adapt to the complex track background environment. Binocular technology for human attribute is face recognition technology to identify a stepping technology applications, which more accurately locate and analyze the characteristics of people have to support an important role.
Multi-Camera billiards tracking technology is based on a single linkage billiards Intelligent tracking technology as a foundation. From the application level, it is possible to track the ball machine ordinary single-point monitoring and improve the system for seamless relay for single target tracking, with the use of electronic maps, can easily achieve a high level of security for the region the seamless tracking and achieve the target trajectory depicted, such as high levels of crime warning security needs. Multi-ball machine interaction tracking implementation techniques, and requires multi-target recognition and tracking technology. In the application, normally set as the launching point of a billiards machine for intelligent behavior within a wide range of target analysis, and multiple targets simultaneously monitored in accordance with established policies sorted and in the order, directing smart trackball machine individually tracking and monitoring goals. Compared with single-target tracking, the key point is that multi-target tracking data association problem, namely the establishment of a unified coordinate system, making the launch ball machine coordinate information can be passed to the target track ball machine, to achieve linkage tracking.
With the popularity of surveillance cameras,surveillance systems there are vast amounts of video data, the traditional method of artificial needs from start to finish to see the order of play, often several times the original video needs time to complete, so the need for large numbers of people, in order to avoid missing and error, but also increase human input. But proven that this method is still not solve the fundamental problem, based on the above requirements, security manufacturers developed a video summary, video retrieval techniques. Video Summary formation of video clips, different time goal "through time and space" to play at the same time show that 24 hours of video being made into a short summary of the video to a few minutes to become a reality. Video Summary is not only concentrated essence of the event, but also all the activities of the event, there is no value of the video will be removed. By polychoric snapshot technology, in a few seconds you can read all of the moving target as possible, back the original video, instant targeted location in the original video. The implementation and application of intelligent video analysis capabilities will greatly enhance the massive video surveillance video analysis efficiency. Video retrieval algorithm is mainly dependent on the video video preprocessing, video content by structuring treatment, to extract the useful information in the video content, marking or correlation processing, after one can be quickly retrieved by various properties described . Therefore, the most important is the use of video retrieval of video detection algorithm for video description of the structure, the current algorithm has been applied in the corresponding products are mainly the following: behavior analysis algorithms, license plate recognition algorithm, the vehicle color recognition algorithms, car standard recognition algorithm, vehicle identification algorithm, face detection and recognition algorithms, human feature recognition algorithms. Which also includes the identification of human characteristics to identify the person's age, sex, height, clothing color, whether wearing glasses feature information. In the video retrieval has been relatively mature technology is applied behavior analysis algorithms algorithms, license plate recognition algorithm, the vehicle color recognition algorithm, face detection and recognition algorithms.
Video splicing system is based on image stitching technology to achieve, and image stitching technique is based on the actual needs of research and development and engineering come. Often used in many areas than the human eye perspective of high-resolution images, and the perspective of an ordinary camera or video camera often can not meet the need. At present, many large-scale applications that require high-definition scenes shot high coverage, such as airport runways, terminals, etc., a camera can not really show a clear picture of these large-scale application scenarios, the user can not give a satisfactory definition video, but can not the things that make high-definition video analysis, which is brought high investment and multi-screen display, not just the visual effect is not good, it can not meet the needs of users the greatest degree of high-definition big screen. Based on these needs, image stitching technology to solve this problem, the technology will image mosaic from different perspectives together to obtain high-resolution images, to solve the urgent needs of users of high-definition surveillance of large scenes, you can be on a video image View high-definition screen.

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Inevitable development trend of network cameras

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We know that the traditional SD monitor into analog, digital, and three types of networks. Analog front-end analog surveillance cameras, the rear end of a matrix. Front-end digital monitor is analog cameras, the rear end is DVR. There are two front-end network monitoring, an analog camera + video encoder, a network camera, the back-end is the platform. That is, in the era of standard definition monitor, front-end analog cameras, network cameras, video encoders + analog cameras and other types. Why is that the era of high-definition monitor, the front end must be HD network camera? The reason is mainly in two ways.
First, high-definition monitor must be networked, but must be based video compression and transmission over an IP network, because the only way to control the cost of high-definition video transmission. After the acquisition of uncompressed HD video signals have both analog and digital transmission, transmission generally use the YPbPr component analog transmission, all the way to high-definition video signal requires three coaxial cable transmitted simultaneously. Digital transmission generally use DVI, HDMI or HD-SDI transmission, where the transmission distance of a few meters DVI or HDMI is not suitable for monitoring the transmission, although the HD-SDI can transmit about 100 meters, but high requirements for a coaxial cable the price of the cable is very expensive. Either analog or digital mode transmission, uncompressed high-definition video signal transmission costs are significantly higher than the previous analog standard-definition video signals. The use of video coding and transmission over IP networks, HD video and SD video differences in transport costs is small. The second point is the front-end processing directly with HD network camera is more efficient and cost advantages over high-definition video encoder + HD camera. At present, the main high-definition video sensor with CMOS, CMOS sensor output directly digitized video signal in the camera via DSP or ASIC digital high-definition video signal directly to this coding, and then transmitted to the network than the camera directly output HD signals more economical and higher efficiency.
Currently, the safe city, the financial network monitoring and other projects usually self-built fiber network or local area networks 1000M bandwidth networks. This gigabit bandwidth resources, install 100 full-time at the front road 1080P HD network camera (even 4Mbps per channel footprint calculation), occupying a total bandwidth of less than 50%; if it is adopted 720P transmission bandwidth can also be reduced by half. This can effectively support the practical application of HD network camera. Although the domestic HD network camera market is in an initial stage, but it certainly is the future trend. Currently, the main application for high-definition network camera clarity with special needs industry, with the perfect high-definition network cameras and transmission equipment, lower costs, high-definition and high-definition network camera solution on the overall security monitoring applications will be more and more . Meanwhile, HD network camera with intelligent analysis capabilities will become a new bright spot. HD application is network-based video surveillance. Global survey data show that in recent years, the rapid growth of network monitoring market, while the market share of traditional analog surveillance products remained stable. There are people in the industry said that the limited current network monitoring operations in the overall security market share, not only with the development of the relevant monitoring market is not yet mature, but because there is no network monitoring decisive technical advantages compared with traditional analog products. Therefore, only high-definition technology to develop and solve the problem of the limitations of their development, in order to make high-definition video surveillance network to win the market. In fact, mature technical reserves IP cameras and network infrastructure is getting more complete environment, improve clarity in the application of technology and major obstacles do not exist, reflecting the people's pursuit of high-definition images.
From a technical point of view we are developing for the future development trend of HD network camera technology decomposition. First of all, the camera will continue to increase the resolution, the resolution, the development of HD network camera can be said leaps and bounds, in addition to the current market has emerged more megapixels, 1.3 million pixels, 2 million pixels, the 3 million pixels , 5 million pixels, 8 million pixel products already on the market, or even tens and tens of millions more pixels product also began inklings in the surveillance industry. Secondly, COMS will gradually replace the CCD, with the development of technology, the performance of the CMOS sensor is rapidly improving. CMOS sensor response speed faster than CCD, and therefore more suitable for high-definition monitor large amounts of data characteristics. From a market point of view, the traditional manufacturers of CCD has begun to shift the focus of the CMOS sensor, in its production of HD network camera is almost exclusively employ a CMOS sensor, which may be seen as a stage of the CMOS sensor of victory. By integrating ISP, not only can significantly reduce system costs, more significantly enhance the stability of the video, optimized video performance in the optical area. This is to enhance the image quality for high-definition network camera has its important role. Now implemented in HD network camera or being implemented in the intelligent analysis capabilities include: video block with video loss detection, video conversion detection, video blur detection, video motion detection, access demographics, population movement and congestion identification, items left over recognition, intrusion identification and so on. These features seem intelligent analysis capabilities than in the past to be "inferior" much, but it is more practical. Whether ONVIF or PSIA, standards are voluntary organizations formed companies, but more and more companies get a response from their point of view, still has a very important significance. Next few years, will become the high-definition network camera standardization to the market permits.

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How reasonable choice of civilian monitoring system

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In recent years, with the continuous development and product homogeneity other security markets intensifies reasons, some products on price dropped lower and lower, some home security product itself, the price is not high, a few hundred dollars home camera, pickups products meet the basic security needs of the user. And in recent years, home security monitoring is one of the promising areas of business, not only valued home surveillance security companies, some non-security companies also have action. A lot of people mentioned in the smart home will have "expensive" impression, low prices will undoubtedly be of great advantage in the market, coupled with new things low prices, will promote the expansion of the market. Smart home system for home users, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be integrated household-related facilities, build efficient residential facilities and home affairs agenda management system, enhance home safety, convenience, comfort, artistry, and to achieve eco-friendly living environment. Wireless technology has begun since most home systems are installed after the house was built, so no re-wiring of the increasing number of applications to the field of smart home, smart home to home appliances into a single platform, through the intelligent mobile terminal control. Home security products is the development trend of using wireless communication, wireless technology has become a strong bridge between the two fusion.
With the escalation of the living environment, places where people also require higher safety index, personal safety and property security, human security, family and residential district of more attention. Security monitoring system can burglary as thieves, fire alarm, etc., may also be evidence for the thief to the police after the fact to provide favorable evidence. The combined security monitoring and residential building intercom, access control and combination plays an important role, because people no special attention to safety when a family, security monitoring systems, "intelligent" is very important. Development of mobile phones and tablet PCs and other mobile terminals are now, enriching the way people communicate. Household products, such as some of the smart home devices, the function also supports control of phones, tablets, and other smart devices, and the installation process is not complicated, such as with the video surveillance system that allows users to view the situation through the network in real-time at home, fully play real-time and proactive monitoring. Intelligent monitoring system can real-time analysis, tracking, discrimination monitoring objects and unusual event when prompted, reported. Each according to their needs need to pick a different monitoring system, monitoring system contains a network cameras, video transmission, storage, display and other functions, is not a single product capable of. Moreover, different units on the installation position of the camera's requirements will be different. Therefore, before we determine product support, should determine their own prevention requirements, understand the relevant product knowledge, product support programs to determine the actual situation. When the best conditions to draw a simple product support and installation plan, listing each product installation location, installation, use and other accessories, in order to avoid missing parts at the time of installation, the circumstances affecting the installation.
There are desktop computers for home users, "pc + capture card" approach to reduce costs, using pc + capture cards can take advantage of the original home computer (configuration meets the requirements of the board), the disadvantage is the large hard disk space required for video files , For a long time the application needs to use professional digital hard disk recorders. DVR has a large superiority compared with traditional analog video recorders, video for a long time, the maximum recording time depends on the capacity of the storage device is connected, generally up to a few hundred hours; may be a few road Meanwhile, more than a dozen roads, and even a few ten simultaneous recording; recording and image quality will not deteriorate over time; more feature-rich, unlike traditional analog VCR so simple. Size is not the same need to be monitored in the field are not the same, not the same cameras we need, so we must first determine the monitoring point. Then according to the specific circumstances of each monitoring point, to determine the requirements of each surveillance camera picture quality, and to determine the number of home monitoring cameras. Kind of surveillance cameras used by many, we have to monitor the sites according to brightness (illuminance) situation and the type of night monitoring to determine whether the use of surveillance cameras. If the ambient brightness of a specific monitoring points is relatively low or need to monitor at night, we need to put the camera in this monitoring point is determined as the infrared camera; if some places need to adjust the position of the camera lens, we may need to rotate the head; for both do not need night vision function does not need to purchase an ordinary camera lens can be. For home monitoring, the appearance is also a very important consideration. Pull the camera eliminates the need for a wireless network does trouble and unsightly, but need to pay attention to the problem of distance and obstacles. In principle cement wireless transmission distance will be shortened, the metal material is completely covered wireless signal transmitter (camera end) and receiver (host side) to stay away from other electrical appliances to avoid interference, if you want to adopt a wireless network, we have to be carefully weighed up. We must accurately measure the distance between each camera to the host, whether wired or wireless monitor for it, this is an essential step....

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Forward of ultra HD surveillance technology

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To 4K,for example,ITU definition of 4K Ultra HD is:3840 horizontal pixel value,a value of 2160 vertical pixels,an aspect ratio of 16: 9,a total of about 8.3 million pixels.As can be seen from the definition 4K resolution is four times the 1080P, 720P of 9 times. If you are using 4K camera and 1080P video camera to shoot the same scene at the same angle of view, 4K camcorder 1080P camera with four times the amount of information used to restore the scene, the picture naturally clearer, closer to reality. In addition, because the screen is four times the amount of information 4K 1080P, and have more information, we can achieve more accurate intelligence analysis, 4K accuracy rate once the large-scale deployment, intelligence analysis, will be able to rise to a new level, and there will be a richer and more surprising intelligence applications can be achieved; on the other hand, to ensure the same resolution, the area covered by 4K camcorder 1080P camera is actually four times the coverage area, that is in a scene If you feel 1080P picture clear enough, you can replace it with a 4K camera off 4 1080P cameras to reduce overall costs by reducing the number of monitoring points.
Although the benefits, but ultra-high-definition technology is really ripe? Is Ultra HD camcorder can put into mass use? In fact not the case, ultra-high-definition monitor is never just a super HD surveillance cameras, and it should be the whole monitoring ultra HD system, which involves the acquisition, encoding, transmitting, storing, decoding show five areas into the "ultra high-definition era," there are still many technical barriers need to break, which is mainly reflected in the following five aspects. From the definition of 4K can clearly be seen in the fact that due to the increased integration of pixels on the Sensor, under normal lighting conditions 4K cameras can provide images more clear, the details of the reduction closer to the truth. But limited Sensor target surface area, increases the number of pixels, the photosensitive area of a single pixel on the contrary decreases, so the ultra-low-light imaging 4K camera is far less than the current 1080P video camera, which is currently facing all 4K cameras a key issue. Technically speaking, H.265 standard is based on the existing mainstream video coding standard H.264 on doing the upgrade: Reserved mature technology, while some other technology improvements aimed at low-bandwidth transmission more high-quality video streams. The results show that the compression ratio compared to H.264 H.265 increased nearly doubled, while the H.265 standard also perfect to meet the 4K and 8K ultra high definition video transmission coding requirements. It can be said, H.265 video coding standard to allow the end to keep the collection and display terminals "ultra Thanh Hoa 'footsteps. But even H.265 encoding technology has become more mature, there are on-chip H.265 coding techniques are still many restrictions: on the one hand, H.265 technologies newly introduced soon, the market is relatively low, many chip makers are just testing the waters this market, did not put into mass production; on the other hand, it has released several H.265 chips, the high costs associated with hardware and software, but also to a lot of R & D and testing costs, cost-effective reach users requirements, not be accepted by the market. So we are still in the mainstream for H.264 HD encoding technology, H.265 technology to become mainstream still be in time.
H.264 is already very mature coding standards, especially mainstream compression H.264 High Profile can 1080P HD video stream into a 2M or 4M bit stream for transmission, the effect is very good, but once you upgrade to the full front-end Ultra HD after the camera to 4K for example, through the H.264 High Profile encoding also still need at least 10M of bandwidth, for such a large stream, plus only way to live the way storage, monitoring network has been so discouraged. Once the incident occurred, more concurrent client requests a road live stream, traditional streaming media framework will be a lot of performance problems, forwarding performance streaming media server, access bandwidth needs to be improved. In terms of storage capacity, due to the stream doubled, disk consumption doubled, which means the need to put the same point twice the median number of the original hard drive. On the other hand, there is every IPSAN or NVR write / read performance limitations, large ones in the case of the stream of the same device can double the concurrent processing will be halved, meaning that the need for more IPSAN or NVR. All in all, due to technical limitations in coding leads to double-stream, and the stream will need to double investment multiplied hard, IPSAN and NVR, virtually the whole construction cost has increased a lot. Finally, decode the display side, can be broken down into two parts decoding and display. Currently HD decoder in general to 1080P, 720P and SD decoding output-based, 4K decoding just started soon, the entire market 4K decoder also not much. In addition to much of the choice of models, 4K decoder performance is weak, can be complicated by Solution 16 1080P image decoder has been very mature, but can be complicated by Solution 16 4K image decoder also very far away from us. In the display side, although 4K TV booming, large and small brands take your pick, but in the security industry, there is no 4K monitor or splicing screen, so the control room on the wall temporarily 4K image decoding required by other means to resolve.
Mentioned before, these technical barriers can be resolved after a certain time, we can say the application is not a problem in the future ultra-high-definition monitor, so in the present ultra-high-definition monitor whether the application is feasible? The answer is yes, which is why some large manufacturers have introduced 4K ultra HD cameras reasons. In a monitoring system, the position of the front-end ordering hundreds of monitoring points in order of importance, must be able to extract a few important points most attention. For ordinary point, 1080P or 720P resolution is sufficient to meet the needs of users at this stage, and for the important points, using 4K Ultra HD video camera can achieve very good visual effects, at night with the lights will not affect low light imaging. In coding, there is no good optimization method, but in the design of the underlying network when you can anticipate several points of high stream, when you use it will not bring the network performance bottlenecks, and individual points the impact of high bit-stream on the overall storage is also minimal; in the display end, large-screen display technology is very mature, and 4K images on the wall can by four large screen 1080P 2 × 2 in splicing to resolve them, can get a good wall display.