Apr 29, 2016 at 14:27 o\clock

California endurece la ley contra el "porno de la venganza"

California aprob este martes un nuevo paquete de leyes para frenar el llamado "porno de la venganza", una normativa que incluir por primera vez las fotografas tomadas por la propia vctima.

El "porno de la venganza" consiste en publicar en internet, muchas veces en portales creados especficamente para este fin, fotografas de desnudos o con carcter sexual de una persona con la que se ha tenido una disputa, habitualmente una expareja.

California, que como otros estados de EE.UU. ya dispone de leyes que persiguen esta prctica, endureci la normativa, que a partir de ahora tambin incluir las fotografas tomadas por la propia persona afectada y enviadas a su pareja.

Las vctimas de "porno de la venganza" podrn pedir a la Justicia por la va civil una orden para que las fotografas comprometedoras sean retiradas con carcter inmediato de internet.

"En lugar de tener que empezar una batalla en los juzgados en base a la invasin de la privacidad, los abogados de las vctimas podrn de ahora en adelante lograr una compensacin con el mero hecho de demostrar que las imgenes se subieron a la red sin el consentimiento de la persona afectada", indic en un comunicado el legislador estatal Bob Wieckowski, uno de los impulsores de la norma.

Asimismo, se mantiene la legislacin actual que prev penas de prisin de hasta seis meses y multas de hasta 1.000 dlares a quienes incurran en esta prctica.

Las nuevas leyes slo tendrn efecto sobre quien cuelgue las imgenes en internet, de manera que no contemplan sanciones para quienes las redistribuyan una vez subidas a - busty amateur webcams - la red.

Adems, el Gobierno californiano aprob este martes una ley que prohbe a los paparazzi utilizar aviones no tripulados o "drones" para obtener imgenes o grabaciones de audio "robadas" de famosos. EFEUSA

Apr 20, 2016 at 07:02 o\clock

Sydney Leathers explains why she filmed a porno

Sydney Leathers has a simple reason for filming a porno: Everyone already thought I did it so why not?

Thats what the 23-year-old former Anthony Weiner sexting partner told FOX411 when asked why she changed her mind and filmed an adult flick.

News of her X-rated movie comes less than a week after Leathers spoke to us, and said she wasnt making any moves - Trinity Rae - to join the adult entertainment world.

Leather said she rejected Vivids offer to film a sex tape.

They did offer, and I cant say specifics, but they offered enough of money where this was something I considered. I wouldnt do it now, she said.

And we believed her.

Fox News' Diana Falzone contributed to this report.

Apr 19, 2016 at 22:05 o\clock

Hollywood's 'Porno Chic' Video - ABC News

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Apr 19, 2016 at 21:46 o\clock

Frustrated and Confused with Squidoo

2013-04-03 10:30 am PDT

Oh yeah, I just got flagged, big time.

2013-04-03 10:32 am PDT

Just logged in...what a difference a few minutes makes!

I have six flags on my Giant account. I am suprised at a few of them...but then again, I should not be too surprised at anything on Squidoo at this point!

2013-04-03 10:34 am PDT

mommymommymommy said:

Just logged in...what a difference a few minutes makes!

I have six flags on my Giant account. I am suprised at a few of them...but then again, I should not be too surprised at anything on Squidoo at this point!

Some high ranking ones too. I beat ya, got 10 flagged.

I think I know what needs changed to correct them. Very surprised they flagged one. Really stunned. Oh well.

2013-04-03 10:38 am PDT

Sorry about that, GF. I am going to dlete one and add the content to another, since it fits in with the niche. The others were seasonal and I have to see if products are - Adriana Chechik - no longer available and add some content.

I am itching to fix them, but as I said, my house is wonderfully noisy with ten year olds!

2013-04-03 10:52 am PDT

mommymommymommy said:

Sorry about that, GF. I am going to dlete one and add the content to another, since it fits in with the niche. The others were seasonal and I have to see if products are no longer available and add some content.

I am itching to fix them, but as I said, my house is wonderfully noisy with ten year olds!

They really didn't hit any of my big earning lenses. Some high ranking ones, but they didn't earn much of anything.

Some of lower ranked ones I might just lose.

I think ones that are empty with Amazon in the description are going to get hit. Not positive, but my gut feeling.

One of them definitely is not low quality. Their idea of low quality is just weird.

2013-04-03 10:53 am PDT

I make money there but honestly the site is run by idiots. No one should have to constantly fix things to conform to some filter that's completely broken just to have lenses published. Why not just have SET RULES and tell us about them! It's like everytime the filters change one day lenses pass the next they don't. Feel that it's time to put everything here and forget that site.

I am fine with fixing things once but fix the filter so we know what is acceptable and what is not. Stop making lens creation one giant guessing game.

2013-04-03 11:03 am PDT

brlamc said:

I make money there but honestly the site is run by idiots. No one should have to constantly fix things to conform to some filter that's completely broken just to have lenses published. Why not just have SET RULES and tell us about them! It's like everytime the filters change one day lenses pass the next they don't. Feel that it's time to put everything here and forget that site.

I am fine with fixing things once but fix the filter so we know what is acceptable and what is not. Stop making lens creation one giant guessing game.

I don't know if you were a member of eHow, but doesn't it feel like they're run by the same morons?

It's comical. It's almost too funny for me to be that upset. The filter clearly doesn't work. I had duplicate content up on accident, and none of it gets tripped by the filter.

2013-04-03 11:19 am PDT

LOL, site is a joke. Well, I fixed one lense. All I did was change spotlight to Amazon. It's green, published.

I am going to make a list of these lenses because I think they'll be flagged again for empty description in Amazon box.

Here's an idea Squidoo, GET RID OF SPOTLIGHT MODULES if you don't want them. This site is just a waste of time for everyone right now.

2013-04-03 11:28 am PDT

Now we know where the old eHow employees found jobs .... just saying.

I spoke too soon this morning. I got two lenses flagged ... and that's after I have spent the last 10 days going through each lense to make it better. One is a lense that I have made sales from. The other is a bomb, and I may try to fix it once and, if that doesn't work, I'll just let it go.

This is spring break and, since we live near Laguna Beach, we have two of our college age granddaughters and one of our adult daughters staying here for the week, so I may wait until they leave to try to fix them. (Yes, I have grandkids in college. I don't know how they got so old so fast!)

For now, I'm off to the beach with the granddaughters. I actually feel lucky that they like to have me tag along!

2013-04-03 11:38 am PDT

Deb, you got grand kids in college? That's awesome! Have fun with them Deb.

2013-04-03 11:41 am PDT

i got 18 out of 107 flagged this morning. two i've already republished (hopefully it will stick!) by easy changes--added the 'about me' module and used first person (I, we) in the intro module. my fingers are crossed that that will be enough. even if i get them out of yellow today there might be another filter run that will put them back into warning mode. sigh.

2013-04-03 11:42 am PDT

Just had one hit by the filter as well. And yep, as soon as I replaced the Spotlight module it published fine. Seriously, who do they even have the module if they don't want us to use it?

2013-04-03 11:54 am PDT

Got the kids outside and looked at one of my lenses. Swapped out the Amazon Spotlight for a text box, used the SAME picture and words and made it the second module. I added the "suggested" Amazon module and made it the third one.


@Deb-You look MUCH too young to have grandkids in college! ENjoy the beach!

2013-04-03 11:57 am PDT

I'd still watch them carefully briedbe. Weird thing is the original lense I wrote the was flagged passed, but the other one on a very similar topic was flagged this time.

Try to keep all the Amazon descriptions filled. I think that's the likely way to avoid being tripped up in the future.

It definitely makes no sense, because not all of my spotlight lenses have been flagged yet.

2013-04-03 12:03 pm PDT

I've had several lenses flagged over the last few days. A few were simply sales lenses, but they don't really make me much money.I have no idea what's wrong with the others. Several of the lenses received good traffic and ranked pretty well, they just weren't making many sales.I only make about $25-$35 per month on that site and it's simply not worth the headache. I'm going to remove all of my lenses, close my Squidoo account and use the content on my personal sites.

2013-04-03 12:27 pm PDT

I am finding them totally nuts over at Squidoo.. I had a lense get a warning and it doesn't even have a sales lens in it. It was a "how to" article. nice..

2013-04-03 12:32 pm PDT

the ones I thought would get flagged didn't and then ones that were informational articles did get a warning.. I can't figure these guys out, there is no support from admin, no real set rules about what we need to change, and when I lose confidence in a site i upstakes and leave.. not going to play their game.

2013-04-03 12:46 pm PDT

Squidoo at one point had porno lenses on their site. That was one of many reasons I hesitated joining them for so long. I knew just from that the staff over there is a joke to seriouslly allow that on their site, and doesn't really care about quality content and high standards at all.

If you want Sookie, you can post those lense here. I and other can probably tell you want you need to do to get them republished. If you still even care that is.

I know how to pass the filters, for now, but I also know its not going to stay the same. They're going to keep tinkering it, and stuff that will hit the filters that make no sense at all.

It's obvious they need a review process, but they're too lazy to do it.

2013-04-03 1:18 pm PDT

I actually had 350 lenses that got flagged. I have managed to get them all fixed. 90% of the time, all I had to do was delete ANY amazon spotlight and it republished with no issues.....

Buggy does not even begin to explain that filter.....want to know what else works? deleting ebay modules.....if you have 5, simply delete 2 or 3 and then your lens won't be seen as overly promotional....that is a heck of a lot easier than adding enough content to make the additional modules worth it!

2013-04-03 1:31 pm PDT

Just had four more flagged. I am still in shock that one of them was featured by Squidoo just a few weeks ago, and then flagged two weeks ago. To fix it, I added content to every locale in the Amazon modules, and it passed. NOW TODAY - it's flagged again. Silly.

How in the world are you supposed to fix anything if there's a moving target? They are going to frustrate their user base to no end.

Apr 19, 2016 at 21:45 o\clock

America has a critical shortage of medical sexual-assault examiners.

Cotton swabThere are no federal standards for training these essential medical personnel.Koi293/Thinkstock

The U.S. is facing a shortage of forensic examiners for sexual assault survivors, according to a recent Government Accountability Office report. Most states dont even keep any data on their sexual assault examiners, who perform rape kit exams in medical settings, and though states can get federal grants to underwrite training and salaries for examiners, the few examiners that do exist are often given inadequate or inconsistent training.

Rural areas of the U.S. are most likely to suffer a lack of examiners, the report states. In Wisconsin, for example, almost half - Helpless Teens - of the states counties dont have a single one. All six states GAO studied Colorado, Florida, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Oregon, and Wisconsinreported that their ranks of their examiners were not sufficient to meet their needs for sexual-assault exams. This poses more than just an inconvenience for victims and their medical providers: If examiners cant meet a rape survivor at a hospital in a timely manner, the states case against the perpetrator could suffer.

Between 2005 and 2010, 80 percent of female survivors of rape or sexual assault sought care in a medical setting. There, a trained examiner is supposed to conduct a forensic exam, which could involve collecting samples of hair, blood, saliva, and semen; scraping under the victims fingernails; recording any abrasions or bruises; and swabbing parts of the body. Examiners must log the evidence and keep a proper chain of custody in case its used in a civil or criminal case against the perpetrator. If the survivor does go to the police, the examiner might testify in court.

Thats why good examiners are trained in courtroom testimony in addition to preserving evidence integrity, providing testing and treatment for STIs, and being sensitive to the needs of a child or adult victim of recent trauma. But GAO found a complete lack of federal standards in examiner training or examiner availability in medical facilities, besides those in military, correctional, and Indian Health Services institutions. Most states dont have their own guidelines for examiner training, either.

The GAO report highlights a troublingly high turnover rate as one of the biggest barriers to an effective, robust lineup of examiners. Since there are so few of them, theyre often on call for long, unpredictable shifts of emotionally draining work. Over two years in Wisconsin, GAO found, the state trained 540 examiners. At the end of the two years, just 42 of them were still active.

Though the Violence Against Women Act authorizes federal funding from three Department of Justice grant programs to be used to train and pay sexual assault examiners, five of the six states GAO studied reported trouble obtaining support from stakeholders, often because hospitals did not want to pay for examiners training or salaries.

On Thursday, Sens. Patty Murray, Michael Bennet, and Al Franken sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell. In it, they recommend establishing a task force to determine national standards of care for examiners, instituting best practices in evidence collection and preservation, and surveying states and hospitals that receive federal grants to identify challenges in providing examiner training, pay, and retention.

Studies have shown that when exams are performed by medical providers trained to collect and preserve evidence, victims have better physical and mental health outcomes, higher quality evidence is collected, and prosecution rates are higher, the senators wrote. It is critical to survivors recovery and their efforts to seek justice that the Department of Justice work closely in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services to better meet survivors needs.

Apr 19, 2016 at 21:27 o\clock

'Porno professor' reveals plans to run for mayor and make her town 'sexier'

A teacher known as "the porno professor" has decided to run for mayor.

Anna Ciriani, 47, teaches Italian , history and geography in a night school for adults.

But the busty educator seems to be better known for her provocative outfits than for her teaching skills.

She also has a penchant for posting revealing selfies on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Still, Anna believes she is more than capable of becoming the mayor of Pordenone, a small town in northern Italy with a population of around 50,000.

The - asian tranny webcams - teacher often posts selfies on social networks

'Porno professor' Anna Ciriani who wants to be mayorVideo loading

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Anna said: "I want Pordenone to shake off the old politicians and adorn itself with new faces.

"With me the city will be much sexier. We have to make the city sexy and colourful! We just have to be united and determined."

Read more:

The professor is making good use of social media to promote her campaign.

She posted the picture of a billboard of her candidacy, promising that she will work for young people, tourism, sport, culture, immigration, environment and industry.

Anna teaches Italian, geography and history at a night school for adults

The porno professor was suspended from her teaching job at a junior school for six months in 2007 when she walked almost completely naked through the city of Berlin during an erotic fair.

She said: "I was suspended because I was walking naked in Berlin during the erotic fair; on a street where minors were forbidden to go. This I did in my private time.

"Yet a teacher was filmed beating and spitting in the face of the children in a nursery, but she was only suspended for five months, its shameful. Who knows what psychological consequences this had for them."

Anna said she wants to make her town a bit "sexier"

Anna was then transferred to a night school for adults, where she says she teaches a number of Muslim immigrant students.

She said: "I am not scared of Muslims. I respect their religion. I was invited by one student to a mosque.

"Then I started to read the Koran and I found many similarities with the bible."

The sexy professor is also the author of two books, one about Napoleon and another about World War II.

Anna, who shares the same surname with her rival Alessandro Ciriani, 46, the former President of the Province of Pordenone, believes she has a strong chance of winning.

The current mayor of Pordenone is 65-year-old Claudio Pedrotti, who was elected in May 5 in 2011 and is coming to the end of his five-year term.

Apr 19, 2016 at 21:21 o\clock

Porno pair are caged. - Free Online Library

A nursing home boss and his young lover made a porn movie in - Juelz Ventura - frontof a 10-year-old girl.

Pervert Gordon Gale, 61, and ex-girlfriend Hazel Crighton, 23, were jailed yesterday after admitting indecency.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard that the youngster had even held the camcorder as the sick film was made.

Members of the public were cleared from the courtroom as the video was shown.

The depraved pair admitted another indecent act in front of an 11-year-old girl.

Mum-of-two Crighton also admitted showing six youngsters a porn film, and behaving in an indecent manner towards an 11-year-old girl.

Gale, boss of Argyll Lodge Nursing Home, Helensburgh, was jailed for two years.

Crighton, of Haldane, Balloch, got two years and nine months.

Temporary sheriff Michael Munro ruled the pair must be supervised after their release.

He said: "I must protect children."

COPYRIGHT 1996 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday

No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright 1996 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.

Apr 19, 2016 at 19:20 o\clock

Stalin's daughter Lana Peters dies in US of cancer

Stalin with his daughter Svetlana in a undated photo Image caption Svetlana was a Soviet celebrity as a child - her defection as an adult embarrassed the Communist party The only daughter of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin has died in the US at the age of 85.

Svetlana Alliluyeva, also known as Lana Peters, died of colon cancer at a care home in the state of Wisconsin last Tuesday, officials say.

Her defection from the Soviet Union in 1967 was a propaganda coup for the US. She wrote four books, including two best-selling memoirs.

But she said she could not escape the shadow of her father.

'Little sparrow'

When Peters arrived in the US, she said she had come for the "self-expression that has been denied me for so long in Russia".

She said her defection was partly motivated by the Soviet authorities' poor treatment of Brajesh Singh, an Indian communist whom she had a relationship with.

Famous exiles from USSRIgor Gouzenko - spy, 1945, CanadaRudolf Nureyev - ballet star, 1961, FranceAnatoly Golitsyn - KGB officer, 1961, FinlandAlexander Solzhenitsyn - dissident writer, 1974, expelled to USViktor Korchnoi, chess grand master - 1976, NetherlandsArkady Shevchenko, UN Under-Secretary General - 1978, USViktoria Mullova, violinist - 1983, FinlandNatan Sharansky, human rights activist - 1986, Israel

Although she later referred to Singh as her husband, the two were never allowed to marry.

Peters went to India in 1966 to spread Singh's ashes, but instead of returning to the Soviet Union she walked into the US embassy to seek political asylum.

She burned her passport, denouncing communism and her father, whom she called "a moral and spiritual monster".

She graduated from Moscow University in 1949, initially working as a teacher and translator.

Peters was married three times and had two daughters and a son.

Her first memoir, Twenty Letters to a Friend, was published in 1967 and made more than $2.5m (1.6m).

She took the name Lana Peters upon marrying architect William Wesley Peters in the US.

The couple settled in central Wisconsin and had a daughter, Olga, before divorcing in 1973.

Image caption Svetlana Alliluyeva said people could not understand her past

She returned to the Soviet Union briefly in the 1980s, renouncing the US, but left again after feuding with relatives.

In an interview in 1990 with Britain's Independent newspaper, Peters said she had no money and was living with Olga in a rented house.

Stalin, who died in 1953, is deemed responsible for the deaths of millions of his countrymen.

Peters - who was six years old when her mother took her own life - was once close to her father, who called her his "little sparrow". But they grew distant in his final years.

He sent her first love, a Jewish filmmaker, to Siberia.

Her brother, Jacob, died in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II when her father refused to exchange him for a German general, and her other brother, Vasili, died an alcoholic, aged 40.

Lana Peters bemoaned the constant association with her father.

"People say, 'Stalin's daughter, Stalin's daughter,' meaning I'm supposed to walk around with a rifle and shoot the Americans," she once said.

"Or they say, 'No, she came here. She is an American citizen.' That means I'm with a bomb against the others.

"No, I'm neither one. I'm somewhere in between."

While Peters denounced her father's regime, she also blamed other communist party leaders for the Soviet Union's policy of sending millions to labour camps.

Speaking to the BBC in 1990, Peters said that life in the USSR became much easier for everyone, herself included, after Nikita Khrushchev came to power.

She revealed that Khrushchev showed her his speech to the 20th party congress in advance, so she wouldn't be shocked. In this address, three years after Stalin's death, Khrushchev denounced his predecessor as a brutal despot.

Interviewed in Cambridge, Peters said "When my mother left us, he [Stalin] was left completely alone. And I think what came next, in the late 30s and after the war in - - the 40s - I think that was a result of his complete loneliness on top of the world. Nobody would argue with him anymore."

Apr 19, 2016 at 18:41 o\clock

Basic Computer Security Tips

Everyone talks about computer security i.e being secure online but how many of us actually practice the effective security tips? Then when hackers or viruses attack, we look around to attach blame. Well, prevention is better than cure, so it pays in the long run to secure your system in advance.

Tip #1: Set up user accounts

One computer, many users, is a security disaster waiting to happen. Your files and data are your personal, private content and should be protected accordingly. To prevent other users from seeing or accessing your data, set up user accounts on your PC. A user account shows an individual's specific data and not what is present on the entire system. It also specifies privileges on shared data, such as deleting/editing operations and what software can be installed on the machine.

This feature is especially useful when kids and adults use the same machine. What if your child accesses your important work files and deletes them by mistake? With a separate user account, he/she can only view certain files and cannot modify or delete them. Even if you are the sole user of the PC, set up a guest account, in case someone else needs to use the computer.

Tip #2: Secure your wireless network

With wired Internet access, there's little risk of someone encroaching on your network. But wireless networks do have holes in their security, so as the owner of the network, you need to be vigilant. Setting up password-protected network access is the first step. You need to assign a network name and password to your Wi-Fi network. Use the latest wireless encryption methods like WPA or WPA2. Do not reveal your network password to others.

Tip #3: Arm your computer with an anti-virus program

The best defense is a good offense. One of the most basic computer security guidelines is installing an anti-virus software. Installing security programs like an anti-virus, keeps your computer round-the-clock safe against viruses, malware, Trojan worms etc. and other malicious programs. For better protection, try to install complete security suites, that provide Internet security and firewalls along with anti-virus software.

Tip #4: Be regular in updates and virus scans

Just installing an anti-virus program will not protect your PC. You need to keep it up-to-date with regular virus signature and threat updates. New viruses and malware programs emerge online each day. Another bad trait of viruses is that they keep trying to find new ways to enter an unsuspecting computer. The only way to counter such attacks is to update your security programs on a regular basis. You should also scan your computer regularly for dangerous programs. Schedule periodic scans, once-a-month scans, scanning new added devices and automatic full system scans, to ensure your PC is threat-free.

Tip #5: Install parental control software for kid-friendly computer usage

Keeping your computer secure definitely involves keeping your kids safe from cyber enemies. Aside from explicit and adult content, you need to filter and monitor what your kid is up to online. Social networking sites in particular, are fun online places to socialize but they are also preying grounds for the depraved. Parental control software allows you to set filters and block sites as well as receive warnings when suspicious activity is taking place online.

Tip #6: Block unwanted search results

You can even change your web browser's security settings to block certain sites and filter out objectionable content. Such settings are not as powerful as parental control software but it helps to be extra secure. You can find this feature in the Tools option of most browsers. With search engines like Google, you can fiddle with search preferences settings.

Tip #7: Download wisely

Whether it is a picture, an MP3 or a game, downloaded files are an excellent way for malicious software to enter your computer. Once you download and install or use a file, there's no telling what it will do to your machine. So be extra careful when it comes to downloading. Download files from trusted and preferably certified sites. Sites offering free, cracked versions of software programs are especially dangerous, as some cracks can contain malware.

When a download begins, you are asked to save the file before the downloading actually starts. Read the file name and its extension carefully, to ensure what you want is being downloaded. While installing a program, read the license agreement and make sure, only the program you want is being installed. Sometimes spyware and hidden programs are bundled into the installer program, and are installed secretly along with your software. Scan your PC for threats after downloading files from the Internet.

Tip #8: Be careful with emails

Getting and sending emails is easy, going through your inbox for mail, that is actually relevant, is not. Email inboxes are storehouses of junk mail, spam, advertisements, forwards, mail and many times, a hidden threat. You can keep your inbox sorted and clutter-free by using spam blockers and filters. Threat-wise, try to avoid opening emails from senders or addresses you don't know.

A key sign of a malicious email is poor language. Weird, nonsensical text or poor grammar or even bogus-seeming email addresses are some signs of a harmful email. Be especially wary of email attachments. Check the file extension. Files with .exe, .pif, .com,.bin or .bat extensions, can be malicious. If you do not know the sender of the email, do not open or download such files, just delete the mail. Instead of opening the attachment from the mail itself, save the file, let it download and scan it, before opening it.

Tip #9: Secure your data with backups

Sometimes no matter what steps you take, you lose data. Part of being secure is having a fail-safe or backup to fall back on, in case something bad happens. So in case a - - virus has attacked your files or data is accidentally deleted, your data is never really lost, if you have a backup of it. Backup your data regularly, either by storing it on physical devices like CDs or by backing it up on a network. Set a system restore point for your PC, so in the event of a system crash, you can restore your PC to a particular working state with your data intact.

Tip #10: Be smart with your passwords

Passwords are supposed to keep your individual settings and data safe, so you need to keep their true value or the actual password safe. This means, do not write down all your passwords on a piece of paper and keep it lying around. With numerous passwords, it's understandable that remembering them all is difficult. So you can write them down but the place where you store this info, should be secure. And once in a while, please change your passwords. If in case, they are revealed, updating the passwords can render all hacking attempts as naught. Another safety precaution is the "remember me" option in most secure sites. If multiple users access the same PC, do not select this option.

The above computer security tips are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to securing your PC. For every good advancement in technology, cyber evil seems to get even more evil, so it pays to be vigilant in today's cyberspace.

Apr 19, 2016 at 18:17 o\clock

Expect a Proliferation of Adult Mobile Content in the United States in the Next Five Years | Reuters

2009 is the year that we see Apple, the growing popularity of mobile app storesand smartphones provide a perfect storm of adoption, carrier revenue realizationLOS ANGELES--(Business Wire)--Leading market research and consulting company JBB Research(, which specializes in the mobile and telecommunicationsindustry, today published its latest report, "Mobile Adult Content: The USCarriers` Secret Garden," which provides the first industry-wide look at mobileadult content from the provider and carrier access standpoints. JBB Researchpredicts an exponential rise in mobile adult content given the increasingopenness in mobile networks, the growing popularity of sexting and off-deckcontent, and the expected rise in all-inclusive data plans offered by thecarriers. In the coming years, the line between on and off deck is likely tobecome blurry as mobile app stores continue to gain momentum. This report by JBBResearch is the first comprehensive look into the expected growth potential andassociated actions by carriers to adult content in the United States. While U.S.carriers are currently lagging behind U.K. carriers when it comes toimplementing robust age verification systems, we expect the U.S. to catch upwith its European counterparts in the coming years. A number of factors willkeep that number from being as high in the United States but a number of factorscould result in a similar sales environment in the United States in the comingyears if several measures are taken by carriers and key U.S. telecomorganizations. Among the report`s key findings: * 2009 is set to become the year when mobile adult content start gainingsignificant traction off deck. The emergence of small application developersfocusing on mobile adult content for mobile app stores should remain a keydriver. * By 2013, mobile adult content users will be able to enjoy a full mobile webexperience across various platforms (Cell phone, PC, Laptop, digital camera, settop box, video consoles, slingbox, etc), network types (e.g. 3G, LTE, WiMAX,WiFi, etc.), and business models (e.g. subscription-based, ad-based revenuemodel, a-la-carte), and with the best QoS anytime anywhere. * With the growing popularity of off-deck content, the growing adoption ofmobile web, carriers' migration toward mobile advertising, and an open-networkenvironment, it will become critical for carriers to offer more robust contentfiltering tools/parental control tools, and legitimate age verification systems.* As smartphones become more advanced and affordable with advanced live videostreaming capabilities, we expect to see the emergence of new types of mobileadult content services like mobile video chat. WiMax, WiFi, and LTE, are set tobecome key drivers here. * As mobile advertising continues to gain momentum in the U.S., we expect to seethe emergence of rich ad-funded or ad-supported mobile adult contentservices/content. This should help drive the price erosion, and drive theadoption of mobile adult content services. "Mobile adult content is similar to adult content in the PC environment in themid-90s," said Julien Blin, Principal Analyst and CEO of JBB Research. "How thismarket will evolve depends on a number of factors unique to the United States,but we believe it will evolve rapidly if more robust parental controls and otherkey measures can be implemented." In this report, JBB Research ranked and assessed the strategy of the leadingplayers (e.g. carriers, content providers/content aggregators) in the adult content and services space. We also described the mobile adultcontent ecosystem. We also talked about the current and future trends as well asthe future key growth drivers and inhibitors in the U.S. mobile adult contentmarket. General and specific recommendations are also provided. JBB Research is a leading market - Christy Mack - research and consulting company specialized inthe mobile and telecommunications space. ACS CommunicationsAnne Coyle, +1 857-222-6363Directoranne@acscompr.comCopyright Business Wire 2009

Apr 15, 2016 at 22:08 o\clock

Petition to Ban Cosmopolitan Magazine From Stores Gets Over 10,000 Signatures

If one woman has her way, you won't be seeing headlines like "75 Sex Moves" and "Foreplay Men Crave" in the grocery store checkout line anymore.

Cosmopolitan magazine released its February issue this week featuring 17-year-old Dakota Fanning as the cover girl, surrounded by article captions such as His Best Sex Ever, Too Naughty To Stay Here: But You Have to Try This Sex Trick.

The cover was the perfect example of what for model Nicole Weider wants banned from grocery stores and newsstands.

As a former reader of the magazine, I happened to pick up an issue and was reading it and was completely shocked at how pornographic and explicit the content had become. I immediately thought of my young teenage brothers and it horrified me to think that they and their friends could be reading this material, and the damage it would do to them if they did, Weider told FOX411s Pop Tarts column. So I decided to do something about it.

So, in August 2011, Weider started a petition to have the magazine sold in a non-transparent wrapper.

Weider wants to make sure nobody under the age of 18 sees the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine on newsstands or at their grocery stores, and that no one under 18 can buy the top-selling title.

I have contacted the Chairman of the FTC, John Leibowitz and received a letter from his office stating they will look into the issue and start an investigation only when they feel it's a 'threat' to society, she said. This means they need more complaints that is, signers of this petition.

Weider thinks its particularly troubling when the magazine occasionally uses tween/teen-orientated stars like Fanning and Hayden Panettiere (and reportedly Selena Gomez in an upcoming issue), to cater to a very adult audience. To date, the petition has received almost 11,000 signatures and Weider says that she has also received hundreds of supportive comments and emails through her website from girls as young as 11.

They write me - Jasmine Gomez - letters detailing how they've tried the sexual tips written about in Cosmo, only to get their hearts broken, or worse getting pregnant or catching an STD, she said. The obvious damage it could be doing is the girls getting STDs at a young age, pregnancy and bullying. But lets not forget other behaviors Cosmo displays in a glamorous package to young girls, such as sexting nude pictures of yourself (November 2011) and suggesting that it is normal if your boyfriend cheats on you (December 2011).

Not everyone shares Weider's views.

Is this really happening in 2012? Next thing you know they'll want to ban Elvis and those talking pictures for being too risqu, said Los Angeles-based pop culture writer/reporter Jenn Hoffman. "If you want to hide the cover of Cosmo, why not hide the cover of the tabloid magazines too? Maybe we should cover up any publication that promotes values we don't like. Reality stars grace the cover of tabloid magazines by selling their stories, and making money by exploiting their family and their personal relationships. Where is the petition to shield kids from the dangerously salacious image of Kim Kardashian?"

Cosmopolitan magazine did not respond to a request for comment.

Apr 13, 2016 at 20:11 o\clock

Foods & Drinks Articles |

Foods & Drinks Articles

Home Foods & DrinksAn Introduction to Bread Ingredients By Ja Conners

Bread Flour Bread flour has a high content of gluten so sometimes you may see this advertised as high gluten flour. High Gluten flour contains high protein .... the two can be used in combination with one another. Water Water is a very essential ingredient to making bread so never leave it out of your recipe.

Save Money And Time With A Bread Maker By Ja Conners

A loaf of bread depending on what brand and variety you buy can run anywhere from two dollars to five dollars. If you were to make your own bread you .... make sure you do your homework. There are plenty out there and reading on line customer reviews is very helpful in making a decision. It worked for me.

Chilli a day can keep the doctor away. By Mario Stanic

Its rather apparent chillies are usually supreme flavour boosters. With that said, many people are naive. They don't know that chilli peppers possess .... that green coloured chillies aren't as spicy as red-colored and orange ones. Be sure to bear in mind the littlest chillies will be the most spicy.

Are you looking for a sweet surprise for your Valentine? By Sam Zebra

Love is in the air around this time of year and Bah Humbugs aim to make it one to remember! Bah Humbugs are a traditional sweet shop in Yorkshire with .... Valentine's Day at the Bah Humbugs website at and be sure to catch up with new and offers on the Bah Humbugs Twitter page @bahhumbugs.

Brodo di CapponeBroth with Capon By Ben Pritchard

Cappone.. Food of the wealthy, hearty super simple and totally delicious....... Directions Ingredients 1 large capon, cut into 8 pieces 1 1/2 teaspoons .... Featherbed Lane, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP15 6XQ Phone: 07980 687527 Email: Website :

Why should I get a personal breathalyzer? By Earl White

Alcohol breathalyzers have always had their place in society, but more recently these places have began to change. Law enforcement continue to use them .... You should never drink and drive. You can always find alternate options by having a designated driver or taking a taxi. Be safe and drink responsibly!

Natale Italiano or Christmas D.O.P. In Simon and Alessandros Crazy Style! By Ben Pritchard

Saturday 21 November dawned bright and..SNOWY! Our Christmas extravaganza in the Curious Kitchen was already panning out better than we could have hoped .... mostly for a wonderful day, having fun, creating great food with great company and getting to share it all together, what more could one ask for?

Is Coffee Good For You By Thomas Mullarkey

If you are a coffee drinker like myself, you have surely asked yourself whether coffee is actually safe for you to consume on a daily basis. So here is .... do you know for sure? Be sure to talk to your health professional or GP to get their advice, as well as not to go overboard in drinking it excessively.

Food Coach Buckinghamshire By Lucas Fuller

Everyone has checked in, crazy food fact and all-in, the group are eager to start their day. " Let the foray begin! " First the stars of the day .... Cottage Featherbed Lane, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP15 6XQ Phone: 07980 687527 Email: Website :

The correct information you need to know about food additives By Mariah Ada

Have you seen the words like "do not contain food additives" marked in the food packaging? Or the use of advertising, media and other means to .... strive to make food additives scientifically and legally use the food additives. For more information on food additives, visit

Entertainment595 By Monira Khan Munni

Mango is the king of all fruits.Here are some healthy reasons why you should be eating a mango every day: 1. Fight against Cancer : Antioxidants .... enhance the virility in adult men. E vitamin, that's abundantly contained in mangoes, allows you control sexual hormones and also raises sexual interest.

Creating A Healthy Grocery List For The Grocery Store By Josef Bichler

The number one place where we can make a huge impact in what we eat is at the grocery store. What we bring home is what we will eat throughout the week .... and pick up only wholesome foods that pack nutrition - Mia Malkova - inside every calorie, you will be eating for your health while shedding excess weight all week long.

Gluten-Free Dessert Ideas By Gretchen Scalpi

Sticking to a gluten-free diet is a challenge under the best of circumstances but when it comes to creating desserts things get even more difficult. So .... Scalpi. All rights reserved. You are free to reprint/republish this article as long as the article and byline are kept intact and all links are made live.

Fine Cigars By Jt Smith

Any cigar connoisseur will know a fine cigar from an average one upon handling. From how it is packaged to the smell and eventually the taste, quality .... quality cigars in the best condition. Maintaining the careful moisture balance sought by the hand roller will maximize the cigars flavor and shelf life.

Hydrated or Not Hydrated? - That is the Question! By Nick Swan

Most of us know that drinking water is good for us, and essential. Now, there are a lot of human beings who think that drinking water via 20 cups of .... more hydrated, stay less fatigued, and keep healthier. Sources: (*1) Natural Hydration Council (*2) NHS Live Well/Good Food/Water-Drinks pages

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When you order an all you can eat meal at a restaurant, did you know it is for only one person to eat?

When you order an all you can eat meal at - Natasha White - a restaurant, did you know it is for only one person to eat?

I just read where a 27 year old girl, Natasha White, in Oak Lawn, Illinois went to Dennys with her friends and ordered the $4.00 all you can eat pancakes. She started feeding her friends & the server explained it was only for her. She became angry 7 started cussing and left Denny's without paying. The police caught up with her, and her friend ended up buying breakfast. I think she was trying to pull a fast one and got caught!!

Apr 13, 2016 at 01:45 o\clock

Dating :: PUA Text Game - 3 Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of PUA text game, let's talk about the top 3 reasons why it's so powerful and how it can get you laid like crazy.

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #1: Texting Is "Under The Radar"

One of the biggest reason why texting a girl is such a quick and effective way to get girls to like you is that texting is very "under the radar."

By that I mean, women - - are a lot more comfortable with texting because they see it as "impersonal", "low intimacy", and "safe". They are a lot more willing to text and flirt back and forth with a guy they just met (even if the messages are very sexual) as opposed to talking over the phone or face-to-face.

As a result, women will allow themselves to drop their shields and just "have fun." They'll be willing to talk about things that they wouldn't talk about in a phone conversation and share naughty secrets that they wouldn't otherwise.

The impersonal nature of text flirting, allow women to explore fantasies and turn on that they might otherwise feel guilty or embarrass to talk about.

In a way, it allow them to escape the sexual restrictions that society place on them. This "fantasy escape" scenario is a HUGE turn on for women. And guess who will be right there to take full benefit of it?

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #2: Women Are Turned On By Words

Another huge reason why text seduction is so effective is so powerful is because...get ready for this...words turn women on!

Don't believe me? Just walk into your local book store or grocery store and see how many romance novels are on the shelves. Notice they're not porno movies for women, or erotic pictures for women. No, they're romance novels for women. As in books filled with freakin' words!

In fact, romance novels the biggest selling book category of all time. Why do you think that is?

See it's hard for a guy to understand this because we are so visual. We are turned on by sexy images (girls in bikinis, pornography, etc.), but women are turned on by mental stimulus (i.e. words that stir up their emotions and imaginations.)

And this is where "text game PUA" (PUA stands for Pick Up Artists) like us have a huge advantage. By knowing what to text a girl and just what words and phrases turn her on, we can quickly and easily build comfort and sexual tension.

Don't worry, in my other articles, we will go into exactly what to text to a girl you like to drive a crazy and make her beg you to sleep with her.

Reason Why Every PUA Should Master Text Game #3: Texting Is The Way Of The Future

And finally, the third reason why PUA text game is so deadly is because texting is the preferred form of communication nowadays.

Yes, we are entering a new era of our culture where text messaging is the preferred method of communication, especially in the date area.

Think about it. Texting is quick and easy. It's convenient. A woman doesn't have to interrupt her day to answer a text message. She can do while at work or out with friends.

In fact, the idea of secretly playing the "sexual & naughty" text game with you while she's out and around other people is a secret turn on that most women have. That's something that you can use to your advantage. More on that in other articles.

And of course, as mentioned above, a woman are much more likely to engage in conversation with a man she just met via text, because it's so much more casual and safe.

In fact, texting is becoming so popular that I wouldn't be surprise that there comes a day when girls will ONLY talk to guys they just met using phone texts.

And that's why it's so important that you learn how to flirt with a girl over text. If you want to keep up with the rapidly changing time, you must learn things like: when to text a girl you just met, how often should you text her, and what to text her to really turn her on and make her want you.

But fear not. You have come the right place to learn everything you need to know about how to pick up girls using text.

Apr 5, 2016 at 12:14 o\clock



EVIL Lotto rapist Iorworth Hoare is writing porn books behind bars.

And disturbingly, the pervert - who scooped pounds 7million while on weekend leave - even claims he has penned books for kids.

The lifer claims one of his children's volumes is in the shops under a pen name - but refuses to tell jail chiefs how he got it published or the pseudonym he used.

A prison source said: "It's a worry that he could be living out sexual fantasies through his writing."

Documents seen by The People also reveal that the vile attacker dreams of joining a rambling club so he can meet women and have sex outdoors with them. He boasts he won't have any problems finding women because of his windfall.

Hoare, who has served 30 of his 52 years behind bars for sex attacks, has tried to convince probation officers he is a reformed character in a bid to win parole in February.

But the source at top-security Shepton Mallet jail, Somerset, said: "It is - Panty HoseCreep - difficult to say what will happen when he is released. He has developed one hell of an ego as a result of his Lotto win.

"He brags about his writing skills and seems to find it funny that people could buy his books without knowing it was him that wrote them. It's a power trip and a kick in the teeth for his victims."

Prison bosses and Ministers were left fuming when Hoare scooped a third of a pounds 21million Lotto Extra jackpot. He bought his ticket at a supermarket while on leave at a bail hostel in Middlesbrough. His win is earning pounds 6,700 a week in interest

Hoare's most vicious crime came on Mother's Day 1982 when he raped a woman walking her dogs in fields.

There was another attempted rape and a series of indecent assaults.

Hoare was jailed between 1973 and 1987 and again in 1989.


BOASTS: Hoare has angered inmates; GRIM: Jail where he wants parole


No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright 2004 Gale, Cengage Learning. All rights reserved.