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Jul 28, 2011 at 09:58 o\clock

Allideal Launch the Newest Google Android 2.2 OS PDA Smart Mobile Phone

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Recently the Android phones have swept the globle and got much great reputaion from many people.Many world famous manufactirers have released their Android cellphones, such as Samsung,HTC and Motorola. As the follower of world high and new technology, allideal.com continues its step to recommend the cheap and powerful China phones to the old and new customers all over the world.

 This time, allideal.com strongly recommend you a cheapest smart phone with the newest Android 2.2 operating system. Now follow me to get a glimps of this cool phone.  1. Newest Android 2.2 OSCompared with the previous Android smart phone, this phone upgrade its  operating system to the latest Android 2.2. after equipping with the 2.2 OS, its functions will be more powerful, and its consumer experience of the phone will be more wonderful and comfortable. 2. Support GPSThis Cheapest smart phone can also support GPS function. It means that, the phone can be a preferred portable navigation device for users while you take a trip or lose directions, etc. It is really an excellent driving partner for drivers. No need of other GPS or Car GPS, just carrying a light phone, drivers will not lose their way and take a safe driving.

 3. Support Wifi and JavaThis Android smart phone also supports WIFI and Java application. With this feature, no matter where you are like the Mcdonald's, library and supermarket,the users will surf the internet wireless without any extra charge. Moreover, coz it is a smart phone, its internet experience will be more powerful and wonderful than the common phone with WIFI function.

 Except for WiFi, it can also support Java application. Based on Java application, users can enjoy the fashionable and popular applications like e-Buddy, Opera ,Face book, Google Map, Skype, etc. Certainly, it can support some other Java applications downloaded online. Together with WiFi, without a computer, users can enjoy this fashionable application conveniently and comfortably.  4. Support G-sensorThis Android 2.2 OS phone comes with G-sensor as well. Users can experience a very cool operation by shaking the phone to change themes and songs. It is very convenient to operate. Without pressing any key, just shake the phone gently, the phone will switch themes and songs to the next in the list. Really cool, isn't it?  5. Cheapest priceFrankly speaking, almost all the smart phones in China market have relatively a higher price. However, this phone provide you with the lowest price and high quality. It is only sold at price of 147.2 usd. It is affordable and Costeffective indeed.  As a reliable China electronics wholesaler and supplier, allideal.com will consistently offer the consumers high quality and competitive price eletronic products made in China and hereby sincerely welcome the new and old customers to browse this cheapest smart phones refered to above. Certainly, allideal.com's other China electronics will also give you great surprises.

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A Closer Look At the Wireless Reading Device

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A Closer Look At the Wireless Reading Device

This article provides a closer look at the electronic reading device and it capabilities, anin-depth look at e-reader technology and how it benefits it consumers.

First I want to explain what a wireless reading device isto those who might not be familiar with this product. Anelectronic reading device also known as an e-book reader is awireless reading device that lets you download books,blogsnewspapers,and magazines etc. Periodicals are automatically sent or downloaded to the device.

Electronic readers are designed to operate on their ownindependently, An example is Amazon's model called the Kindlewhich is connected directly to the Amazon Whispernet through 3G technology for media flow and synching and even  providesinternet browsing. One great advantage with Amazon's Kindlemodel is there's no service plan, contracts or bills to worry about because this feature is paid for by Amazon. About the only cost upon the user is power consumption used by the battery; and having to recharge every 4 to 5 days of continuous operation as opposed to 2 weeks with the wireless turned off.

It is said by many that the wireless reading device has revolutionizedthe reading experience and made it more convenient for all. What wewant to during this article is take a closer look at the wirelessreading device and its advantages. We are going to focus on Amazon'se-reading device called the Kindle since it the most known reading device at this time.

There is a growing number of electronic reading devices for easier more convenient reading that are available or are being developed by companies. Companies objective is to make a reading device that delivers a reading experience which is similar to a book but is easier and more convenient.  These devices come in all shapes, sizes, features, prices and functionality. Given the range of electronic reading devices available, it would be helpful to consider which factors you need before selecting a reading device.
One favorable aspect of the kindle is its quick and instant delivery system of its e-books and other reading materials. The kindle model provided by Amazon also uses a dedicated wireless network called whispernet which delivers its e-books and other reading materials. Within a minute of placing an order users are able to begin enjoying thier reading material.

Another well liked thing for example about the kindle wireless reader is its crisp black and white paper like display.  For an electronic screen its very easy on the eyes especially for those who read for long periods. The display is based on the Vizplex version of E ink technology with no backlighting. That makes reading 100% natural in bright sunlight and you won't have a problem with the screen getting too hot from reading too long either.

When selecting an ereader the clarity and sharpness of the image displyed is something that should be considered. Most people are so used to the look and feel of paper. Some questions to ask might be, Is the electronic display close the the real thing? Would it be a strain to read the text and would you be able read comfortable for long periods? Some models do provide a paper like display which reads like real paper, some models also provide up to 16 shades of gray for clear text and even crisper images.

Another thing to consider is it's ease of use. Just like any other electronic device, is the reading device ease and simple to hold and use?  Does it have wireless connectivity?  Can it be accessed on the move and at different locations? Do you have to rely on a hotspot?  Some models are wireless and let you download books right from your reader, anytime, anywhere and no Wi-Fi hotspots are required.

Another to consider is the variety and type of reading material accessable other than books. Are some of the best known newspapers, magazines, blogs, and other media as well as other sources of reference accessible?

Another is its size and weight, portablity. Some ereaders are lightweight and come with slim designs. Some as thin as most magazines which most people like. Most are also made of very durable materials. Another thing to consider is its power source. Does it provide a long lasting battery which will allow you to read for long periods without having to recharge your battery. Some models provide a long lasting battery which allows you to read for days with having to recharge.

One important thing to consider is if there are any hidden costs or additional costs. Do you have to pay for wireless services? Some models have no monthly fee and require no service plan.

Overall there are many positive advantages with owning an ereader such as its capacity to hold over 1,500 books at a give time, another is its almost instant download of which are delivered in less that 60 seconds, another popular feature provided by some which is called the text to speech feature which can read newspapers, magazines, blogs and books out loud to you. Consumers also have a large selection of books to choose from with low prices and access to US  and international newspapers and popular blogs.

Overall the electronic reading device you choose will depent on what you want and need in a reading device as well as what features it provides and how those feature benefit you. The electronic reading device is definitely a great investment for anyone who enjoy reading and has definitely revolutionized our reading experience.

Jul 19, 2011 at 04:59 o\clock

Electronic Features With Board Games

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A number of board games have expanded themselves to make gaming even easier for all of its players. With handy electronic gadgets that now come with the games, players no longer need to worry about many of the smaller details which can hold them back from the game. These devices are designed to allow the maximum amount of freedom and ease when it comes to game play, putting even less pressure on the mechanics of the game and more on the strategy that goes into winning the game.

One of the most popular electronic devices that is often implemented is the use of an electronic timer. Games that provide one of these allow players to not have to worry about watching the little sand timer that games used to provide. This allows the player to focus on the task at hand rather than to watch the timer, often providing crucial seconds. Pictionary and Scattergories are both games which use timers and with an electronic device, more attention can be paid to playing the game.

Another fun electronic device that comes into play often is a buzzer. Taboo is one game that implements a buzzer, used to either signal when a player has stepped out of bounds, or when the round is over. During play with Taboo, one player from a team tries to make his or her teammates guess a certain word without saying other words on a list. One player from the other team monitors this player, to ensure that he or she does not say any of the forbidden words. If one of these words accidentally slips out, the buzzer is then heavily used.

Some classic games, however, have updated themselves to include electronic features. Monopoly now features an Electronic Banking edition, which eliminates all use of paper money, controlling the entire cash flow of the game through a little computer given with the game board. Players are given debit cards on which their entire fortune is contained and the computer keeps track of each player's total amount. Properties and hotels are bought with the card, fines are paid, and money changes hands all with one swipe. This allows for a much quicker game and generally happier players all around.

The Game of Life is another classic game which has updated itself with exciting electronic features. A take-off from the original game, Life: Twists and Turns is an innovative take on the previous incarnation. Each player is given an electronic "Lifepod" at the beginning of the game which not only tabulates the number of "Life Points" that each player accumulates, but controls both the money of the player and even rolls the "dice" for them.

This game, like Electronic Banking Monopoly, doesn't rely on cash to get players through the game, but provides them with debit cards which help each player control the money that comes in and out of their hands. It is quite an innovative take on the game that allows players more time with the game and less with the mechanics of making it run smoothly. With the way that innovation is redesigning the game industry, it is no surprise that these classic board games are finding new life with players.

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FAQs on Tablet PC ePad Android 2.2

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ePad turns to sleeping mood too often:
To save the power, the ePad will turn to sleeping mood to reduce the battery consumption. You need to press the ESC key to wake it up. If you want to change that, you can go to settings and make changes.
ePad Charging/Battery Issue (ePad battery low, won’t charge, will shut down itself):
When you get the ePad, the battery level may be very low because of shipping time. As a result, the ePad may shut down itself or charge incorrectly. You would need to do some deep charge when you receive this unit (overnight or 6 hours). After the deep charge, the ePad will be able to records the correct level of the battery. Try to hook up your ePad with the charger whenever is available.
Hard to Touch the Screen/Touch off location/ePad won’t Respond:
You need to recalibrate the screen. From the main screen touch the icon “Calibrate” for calibration to suit your touch patterns. Also, there is a protective plastic on the screen from the factory.  You may peel off the transparent plastic protector to have better touch on the screen. (Some may show scratches on the protective plastic sheet)
Freezing Screen:
You can do the reset by push the Reset pinhole in the middle of right side panel (near the RETURN button).
If the above reset won’t solve the problem; you need to do the Operating System reinstallation. If your ePad has a 4Gb TF card or Micro SD card (with the reboot folder named “zt-update”), you can just put the TF card in the TF card slot, and then press both RETURN button and “Power”  button simultaneously. You will see the ePad to perform the system set up.
If the ePad you bought doesn’t have the 4Gb TF card with the reboot documents, then you would need to download the reboot documents from the link provided in last section.

Set Correct Location, Date, and Time:
You need to set your location, date, and time correctly with your ePad In order to download the programs in App Market. You can go to Settings to do that. The location can be set either by your WiFi or the GPS. We tested with GPS. It worked fine.
for more solutions, please visit http://www.allideal.com
Get Gmail Accounts:
To download the programs in App Market, you would need to have your own Gmail account. Some people have Google Android phone, then it should work for that account.
Accounts & Sync Settings:
You would need to synchronize your Gmail account after you set up it.  Settings => Account and Sync Setting. Make sure the Background Data is checked, Auto-Sync is checked, and your Gmail address is synced (a green recycle-like circle is shown).

Can’t Download Programs from App Market/Downloading forever:
Some users have a hard time to download applications from Android Market. The reason is that they need to put either a TF card to the TF card a lot or a USB flush drive to the USB port (You may need to try both). The ePad is in default to look for an EXTERNAL storage. That is why the downloading stays there forever.
To solve the problem, you would need to do several things:
Make sure that your location, date and time is correct.Make sure you have synced your Gmail Accounts from Settings.You need to clear the previous Cache and Data in App Market. Here is the process to do that:Settings => Applications => Manage Applications, then click All.
Scroll down to Market, and then select it. Clear Cache, then Clear Data, then click force to stop Market.
Make sure you have a TF card or USB flash drive in the TF card slot or USB drive in USB port. Sometimes, the ePad looks into TF card first; sometimes it looks into USB first. Without this external storage card, the ePad won’t download. Or it is downloading… forever.Go back to the main screen. Click Market. And then find the applications that you want to download. As a test, we downloaded Astro File Manager with this ePad. It worked.There is a delay in download. So don’t get panic if you don’t see the download take place immediately. When you see an “M” sing on top left corner, it means the Market is working. If there is a down arrow flashing, the program is downloading. If there is an exclamation mark, then the download is not successful. If there is a check mark, then it indicates that the ePad has successfully downloaded the application.

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