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Jul 31, 2009 at 18:58 o\clock

Harry Potter on the cliffs of Moher (Ireland scenery)

by: akenken   Keywords: Harry, Potter, Ireland

Fascinated by the world looking for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"was finally released, the movie, Dumbledore using a trick, "Mirage profiling" with Harry over a choppy ocean. Rolling across a surface, a rise of wall discovered the immediate fear is the desolate cliffs, towering upright, as if to break through the sky ... ...

Chi Mei is not the scenery that the computer produced the illusion of space, which is Europe's highest cliff cliffs of Moher, and the vast central and western Atlantic embracing in Ireland.

North Korea mohra cliff paths, good air, foot lovers here has become one of favorite path

Moher cliffs 214 meters across the Atlantic, along the west coast, covering up to 8 km. 200 meters high, and we watch the location of the cliff is the safest location, near the towering cliffs of布瑞恩塔is to watch the commanding height of the cliff. Moher Irish cliff is the most important seabird habitats, each year more than 30,000 breeding seabirds, where descendants of the cliff at the same time also of rare plant species of Health's industrial leaders. In the leading edge of the road, but also a path of music, it was blowing clarinet, it was playing guitar.

They also stopped people will not take the initiative, which is intoxicated with a smile and high-quality music to the public, take your pocket for the silver.