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Aug 22, 2012 at 06:59 o\clock

Kam-colored mother still sitting in the window weaving her fingers

by: yhs8

Kam-colored mother still sitting in the window weaving her fingers on a thin layer of the cocoon, not ugly, but not more than beautiful. And other raw Jiangnan This place has a gentle climate woman and her young is a gentle girl. Wang aunt said, before her daughter came back, then she'd remember, some hesitated. Only to this village matchmaker and matchmaker, even a broken leg mule, she said into the back of sets of luxurious saddle horse, never because and you neighbors plus the last part of the truth. She hesitated thinking is not to go out and ask the Wangs businessman is not really like she said it looks handsome, sincere to find a bed of roses to the second wife, rather than just a concubine. She looked at on the side of the red palette, open, placed inside a green jade bracelet. Wang aunt said, this is just a gift, not too made up ceremony. The woman slowly touch his hands more and more obvious cocoon, sitting Fazheng. The Kam colors sat up from the bed, and found that the feet do not know why wet, very uncomfortable, opened a thin blanket, wet Qunjiao a semi-dry look, some Fazheng. Mother heard the house movement, opened the door and come in, see Kam color like a driven to distraction, said: "all day idle, nor to know weaving earn home!, Pointing to one of your mother so, is not it? raised what might as · · · · · · Kam color looked at her stuck, he turned to go back to sleep. The woman looked at Kam color slender silhouette stood for a moment, hum: "you sold jin said can buy rice to eat!" Kam color turned around to come back, and the mother has been out the door fall earthquake back. Two Chinese scholar to open the door when the door was standing an old monk had to salute: "Master!" The old monk who an old robe dripping wet, hats become dark brown head, looked at the Chinese scholar a said: "donor, you commit peach evil." the Chinese scholar cold channel: "niche, and the woman has always been no entanglement, the master is good to go." old monk shook his head, turned down a people walked. Chinese scholar behind him, hissing: "What!"