Mar 8, 2010 at 07:05 o\clock

Policy agreed for wind farm plans in Lincolnshire

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New guidelines have been agreed to deal with future wind farm developments in Lincolnshire.

Councillors said the new strategy aims to protect and conserve landscapes for future generations.

The county council said there had been considerable interest over the past 10 years from companies wanting to construct wind farms.

It said a policy needed to be put in place to "protect our open skies and landscape".

Councillor Colin Davie, chairman of the environmental scrutiny committee, said: "In Lincolnshire, the relatively flat landscape and big, open skies mean that the turbines are visually more dominant, individually and collectively.

"A consistent approach is therefore required to ensure that the cumulative effect of wind turbine developments and their impact on neighbouring authority areas are weighed against commonly agreed criteria."

Mar 8, 2010 at 06:59 o\clock

Aeolos-H 50KW Wind Turbine

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Aeolos-H 50kw wind turbines, with Aeolos patented three-phase permanent magnet direct drive generators, no gearbox or booster device, have a characteristic of safety, reliability and long period life.  The low-speed generator of Aeolos-H 50kw can reduce noise, increase wind energy utilization effectively, and comparing with the power of other wind turbines, it has a higher wind energy utilization and annual electricity production.  It has been powering thousands of countries and regions like the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Brazil, France and so on.

Aeolos-H 50kw wind turbine is divided into off-grid and grid-connected type, which ids designed for large-scale farms, villages, schools, hospitals, small industrial enterprises, production and processing enterprises and small-scale wind farm . It could produce annual 150,000-250,000kwh in the average wind speed so that meet more than 70% of electricity consumption of small groups and also provide low-cost, non-polluting clean energy.

Rated power      50kw

Start wind speed      3 m/s

Cut-in wind speed     3 m/s (6.7 mph)

Cut-out wind speed  25 m/s (55.9 mph)

Survival wind speed  45 m/s (100.7 mph)

Design lifetime          30 years

Overall weight          3120 kg (6878.3lbs)

Rotor diameter         18m (59.1 ft)

Swept area       254.3m² (2737.5ft²)

Rotor speed         60rpm

Blade material    Glass fiber

Frequency              50 Hz or 60 Hz

Voltage              380-500V

Type     Three phase permanent magnetic generator

Standard warranty  5 years

extended warranty 10 years

Generator efficiency        >0.85

Main brake system Automatic electronic brake system

Secondary safety    Hydraulic brake system

Free standing tower         18m or 24m