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Apr 19, 2011 at 16:27 o\clock

Not fighting on hockey games for fans

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During the course of in Vancouver Olympic , Canadian hockey Games lost to the U.S. ,police shut down some the bar,for fearing fans will fight.
As usual, Fans have distressed behavior in game and following games when his team misplaced . Don't forget the lovely fans in Washington Capitals jerseys who have repeatedly poured beer on players and utilized sand to alter the outcome of a game; Penguins fan burned down his home & killed his wife whenever the Penguins lost to the Senators in Triple in last year.
Something allow me to feeling ill , it's the belief that the stuff the Philadelphia sports scene is notorious for -- the fighting in the stands, the throwing beer on opposing fans, the asshole chants, etc. -- doesn't happen anywhere else.
By way of example Philadelphia, as we know, has become the spitting ground for the rest of the nation's sports fans, and as a result, seems like there's this belief out there that we're the only ones who get into drunk fights and yell at opposing fans who invade our stadia.
I quote a suffer in hockey games from my friend . "My dad somehow gets my brother and I club box seats to a Flyers playoff game as a birthday present. I damaged my knee playing hockey that year, so I'm stuck derived from one of of those horrid thigh-to-ankle metal contraptions of a knee brace that severely limits my mobility because it's locked inside the straight position. By pure coincidence, we happen to be in a handicapped row and I am seated directly together with a spot for a wheelchair. So it's Flyers/Penguins, round 2 game 2 of the 2000 playoffs.
I fully agree with the fact that routine words/hazing of enemy fans is completely expected, so the fact that an opponent fan and some people in my section were having a back and forth with a Penguins fan, and then the rival fan left the area. We all shrugged and thought nothing of it.
Well, at least not before second period, when said fan returns and without warning starts pounding on the people he was talked. This is maybe 2 rows in front of me. I'm leaning back faraway from the the fight, while my brother leans forward to help the rest of the section pull them apart. I'm in a weird spot here, because I can't escape if anything were to move and warned my injured leg.
The positive experience here is how the people behind me reacted to the situation. I view to my left immediately after the brawl begins and the wheelchair has magically gone away, then I look back at the fight, trying to make sure that the clutter wasn't shifting in my direction. The next thing I know, I hear someone was wearing a red Alex Ovechkin sweater behind me say they should obtain me away from the fight because of my leg, and then a number of people behind me leaned over the row and within the most respectful way probable snapped up me under the arms and drawn me away from the fight. They then aim to make certain I was okay and unharmed by the melee in face of me and that they didn't hurt me when they pulled me up. Turns out they were the ones who moved the wheelchair away from the fight, because they genuinely wanted to ensure our safety. I was flabbergasted, to say the least."

Turns out they were the ones who moved the wheelchair away from the fight, thanks for they protected me. I was flabbergasted, to say the least."