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IV Therapy Toronto Drip Lounge - The New Health and Wellness Go-To Place?

IV Vitamin therapy offer lots of benefits not too many people know about. For example, it can aid in losing weight, replenish energy, and help improve sleep. Read on to know more.

Many people around the world are struggling with weight issues. An article published by TRUHEALTH MEDICINE entitled “5 Reasons Vitamin IV Drips Boost Weight Loss” explains the reason why:

 "4. Recovering More Quickly From a Workout Lets You Get Back at It

 As you work to achieve your weight loss goals, you put your body under an immense amount of strain. A deficiency of any level can make it more difficult for your body to recover, in turn hampering your ability to lose weight."

In another article by PWRONEFIT, it explains how iv vitamin therapy can help increase and restore your energy level:

"IV vitamin therapy helps in increasing energy levels and improving body metabolism.The body uses the metabolic process to convert anything you drink or eat into energy. It is a complex biochemical process that combines calories in beverages and food with oxygen so as to release the energy that your body requires to function properly. The body requires energy to run all its functions. Therefore, the IV vitamin therapy can help enhance the rate at which the body converts what it consumes into energy. It is a powerful tool to keep you energized all day long."


For the gym enthusiast, vitamin drip can revitalize and replenish energy after an exhaustive workout at the gym!
For the sleep-deprived, iv vitamin therapy can help in promoting sleep. According to one article:

"Insomnia is often related to other problems within the body. Achieving proper hydration and nutrition helps your body function better overall, and in turn helps you sleep better. IV hydration and vitamins for sleep will have you sleeping soundly and waking up rested every day."

Read about it here.

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IV Therapy Mental Health Benefits - Little Known Facts You Should Know

IV Therapy has increased in popularity during the recent years. However, the uses and benefits of it are more underlined for physical benefits, and the mental aid it provides are somewhat ignored. Well, for those who are suffering from any addiction and wants to renew their life efficiently, vitamin infusion will be the best choice to try that will surely reap the most significant amount of merits.

In a post by Royce Amy Morales in the website, she highlights about a man addicted from heroine who tried IV Therapy with hopes to acquire positive results which he did not found from any prior treatments. Here's what he has to say:

"Returning daily for nine more treatments, he noticed a growing list of undeniable and rather dramatic changes. His outlook was more positive, and he was optimistically able to imagine a future for himself, one he’d stopped envisioning years ago. His mind was as sharp as it had been before years of drug use.   

The best part, he says, true to the claims, there were few or no withdrawal symptoms, therefore no need for a replacement drug to get him through yet another grueling detox. He also realized he had no cravings, the primary cause of his continued bouts of relapse. His disbelief completely gone, he recalls, he concluded he was drug-free."

Read about his entire experience here.

So how does the IV Drip work? Johnny, the Healer, outlines IV Therapy in his article "About NAD Amino Acid IV Drips Brain Restoration Therapy," he explains:

"IV Drips Brain Restoration Therapy is based on the supplementing of amino acids in the body so that it can be able to produce its own neurotransmitters and utilize them properly as well. When the production and utilization are done well through exercise and proper nutrition, the drug addict begins to get closer to being completely cured other than the suppression of symptoms as other conventional therapies have been known to do."

Interested more about his I.V commentary? Visit his site  

The length of the IV Therapy treatment varies among people. However, it will also be lessened as one progresses into the IV Drip treatment process. It is given summary by the Holtorf Medical Group in one of their posts titled "IV Therapy: A New Addiction Treatment."

"Treatments are usually administered over the course of 8 – 10 consecutive days. The IV formula is given as a slow drip eight hours a day for the first few days but becomes shorter toward the final part of treatment. The prolonged daily exposure to high levels of the amino acid formula is designed to effectively penetrate the brain which allows patients still using drugs and alcohol to stop completely on the first day of treatment. Symptoms of cravings and anxiety will subside by the fourth to the sixth day of treatment which marks the first phase of treatment. The second phase of treatment is the restorative phase where patients regain enthusiasm, mental clarity, memory, sleep quality, and energy."

Read the full excerpt here.  

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Maintain Your Eye Health With IV Therapy

As we humans grow older, our physical health also degenerates, and that does not excuse our sense of vision compared to when we were young. However, IV therapy paved a way to aid in the deterioration of our body's normal function, primarily to secure our clear eyesight. A vitamin infusion would be able to help in delivering the vitamins needed to maintain healthy eyesight.

In a post titled "Slow Down Macular Degeneration With IV Nutrient Therapy," it provides awareness and understanding towards how the vitamin IV does its magic to those who are suffering from a degenerating eye health.

"The eyes’ tissues are extremely responsive to nutrients — which is why holistic physicians tell their patients to take antioxidants such as lutein, which has been found to slow the progression of AMD. So just consider what nutrients can do for eye tissue when administered intravenously at up to 100 times the concentration of antioxidants taken orally. While there have been no studies yet on IV nutrient therapy for AMD, patients who have had the treatment report extremely positive results that include restoration of most — but not all — of the vision that had been lost. The therapy can be effective at stopping the disease from progressing further."

A more detailed explanation of the intravenous vitamin is in the site.

Another experience about the IV Therapy shared in a post found on a naturopathic-doctors website is about a patient who was suffering from a continuous degeneration of eyesight. It was to avoid a client's father's sight. He shared:

"We are pleased to report that another patient with macular degeneration had vision improvement with intravenous nutritional therapy.

His father went blind from the disease, and our patient wanted to reverse the degeneration that was occurring in one of his eyes. At the beginning of IV treatment, we tested him with an Amsler Grid to determine the extent of vision loss. After receiving five IV’s, he was tested again and showed a dramatic improvement in his peripheral vision loss!"

Read more of the intravenous vitamin on this link.

Are you worried about your eye health? Are you slowly suffering some visual problems? If you want to maintain your ocular condition, visit our site and read the services regarding IV therapy that we offer and experience the sublime benefits of vitamin infusion first hand.

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IV Drip - Hidden Secret to Looking Young and Beautiful

by: MJ_theking12   Keywords: iv, drip, iv, vitamin, vitamin, iv, therapy

IV Drip therapy has risen in popularity in the recent years, one thing that might have been overlooked is the idea that it can also be used to maintain one’s beauty. The fad with having a more youthful-looking skin has been increasing since the past 2-3 years, and people are now finding a more natural way instead of the harmful chemicals from products.

A more efficient way is a vitamin drip given intravenously and not just improve your complexion but also your level of energy.

In a post written by Grace Gold in, in which she tried to test the IV Drip herself, she explains how the intravenous infusion works and results after she did the vitamin drip therapy.

After swiping and signing all liability away on an iPad, the smiling nurse first checked my blood pressure to make sure everything was normal. Then she inserted the IV drip, which felt like a bee sting-like pinch. IV therapy delivers nutrients to the body directly, bypassing the digestive process, which is why it’s supposed to have instant results. "You only absorb about 50 percent of the nutrients you ingest, but with an IV, that’s increased to about 90 percent,” Marissa Fisher, R.N., the registered nurse who administered my IV, explained while we chatted during the treatment.”

“The next morning, I met a publicist for breakfast. “Your skin is glowing!” she said as I gave her a hug. Interesting...given that I had only gotten about four hours of sleep the night before. “I think it’s this beauty IV thing I just tried,” I said. She raised an eyebrow. “How much is it?” she asked, intrigued.”

Read the full post here: I Tried an IV Drip for Younger-Looking Skin - Here’s What Happened

The IV drip also brings a lot of benefits especially to those who are suffering from mild to severe acne. As it is infused intravenously, rest assured that full nutrients enter your body.

Beth England shared the experience she had when she took the drip vitamin therapy. In her published post “Can an IV-Transfusion make you look younger?”, she emphasized the effects of the IV Drips on acne and more of its benefits.

"In my case, Katherine opted for a high dose of vitamin C or L-ascorbic acid, because of its “powerful effect on the skin”. According to the expert, the essential nutrient “helps support the skin’s collagen production [insert link to collagen feature], boosts skin cell rejuvenation and helps the skin to repair and hydrate itself.” When teamed with the Omnilux treatment, it works to “target the appearance of fine lines, treat acne and reduce the appearance of scarring, and assist in the healing of wounds."

Original Post here: Can an IV-Transfusion make you look younger?

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How Effective Is Vitamin C IV Therapy In Beating Cancer?

We all know that Vitamin C helps support our immune system. But did you also know that when given in high dosage through the intravenous route, that it can help fight cancer? Read more to find out.

The National Cancer Institute, one of the leading cancer research body, outlined an overview of what you need to know about high-dose vitamin C:

  • High-dose vitamin C may be given by intravenous (IV) infusion (through a vein into the bloodstream) or orally (taken by mouth). When taken by intravenous infusion, vitamin C can reach much higher levels in the blood than when the same amount is taken by mouth.

  • High-dose vitamin C has been studied as a treatment for patients with cancer since the 1970s.

  • Laboratory studies have shown that high doses of vitamin C may slow the growth and spread of prostate, pancreatic, liver, colon, and other types of cancer cells.

  • Animal studies have shown that high-dose vitamin C treatment blocks tumor growth in certain models of pancreatic, liver, prostate, and ovarian cancers, sarcoma, and malignant mesothelioma.

  • Some human studies of high-dose IV vitamin C in patients with cancer have shown improved quality of life, as well as improvements in physical, mental, and emotional functions, symptoms of fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, and appetite loss.

  • Intravenous high-dose ascorbic acid has caused very few side effects in clinical trials.

Check the article in full detail:

American author and promoter of alternative cancer therapies Ty Bollinger also wrote a lengthy article explaining how high-dose vitamin C therapy works and how it can help patients suffering from cancer:

"...high-dose oral intake of vitamin C at tapered doses (Dr. Hoffman says blood levels “max out” at about 500 milligrams (mg) doses) can help maximize your body’s immune system and aid in tissue repair. But when it comes to effectively treating cancer, intravenous administration is the only way to go.

Bypassing the body’s digestive buffers allows intravenous vitamin C to spur the production of hydrogen peroxide deep within bodily tissues. And with the help of disease-fighting white blood cells, this “peroxide-mediated” vitamin C, as Dr. Hoffman puts it, performs unique and key functions in the targeting and eradication of cancer cells wherever they might be lurking in the body.

Even the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is on board with the science behind IV vitamin C therapy. It admits, based on laboratory studies, that vitamin C is capable of helping to slow the growth of cancer cells in the prostate, pancreas, liver, and colon. Both animal and human studies have also shown that IV vitamin C therapy can help block tumor growth and improve patient quality of life."

Original article found here.

Antonio Jimenez, M.D., N.D., C.N.C. of the Hope 4 Cancer Institute explained in his video about the benefits of Vitamin C IV therapy.


It's good to know that there are alternative ways to get treatment for cancer other than the traditional method. IV Vitamin C can finally be the answer to beating cancer. Do you agree? I would love to hear your view. Post your comment below!

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