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Jun 30, 2011 at 22:52 o\clock

Twilight and Breaking Dawn

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I am really looking forward to Breaking Dawn

It is very difficult to show and explain how much I am, but I will try to demonstrate it in words as best Ican. Firstly, it's fantastic that my favorite book series have been filmed. I think that we are many who agree  Second, Breaking Dawn my absolute favorite book in the Twilight saga,so I have been looking forward very much to see it on film. Breaking Dawn is my favorite book because in the book in the saga where all the loose ends are tied together. There is acompletely different atmosphere, which I really like. In Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, Bella struggled to stay alive, but in Breaking Dawn she is struggling not only to keep herselfalive, she is also struggling to keep the little creature inside him alive. You see a completely different side of her personality, which is not observed in any of the series' other books.Because there are so many elements and moments of my favorites in Breaking Dawn, I look forward very much to see how everything is displayed outside my head.
I do not know how to explain how much I am. It is rather difficult to measure it or otherwiseprove how much we rejoice, but one thing is certain: I am! I feel warm and happy insideevery time I think that there is not much time for me to sit in the cinema and to see BreakingDawn party first It is an exuberant joy that only get better from day to day.

Jun 30, 2011 at 14:00 o\clock

Breaking Dawn

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My first encounter with the Twilight Saga

 was in 2008 when the first film had its premiere in the cinema, and by the time I knew nothing about the amazing universe. I did not know therewas a series of books behind, but I loved the movie and my girlfriend and I talked of nothing else for a long time. I searched a lot on the net and found many places where the bookswere recommended, so I bought the book Twilight. The insanity was just that I never gotfinished reading it. The book ended up on the shelf where it was allowed to stand right up until Christmas last year. At that time I had now seen both New Moon and Eclipse on filmand I loved them! I figured I would give Twilight another chance, and it's the best I have evercommitted! In a few months I had read all four books, and from there changed my life itself.Every day I come in countless websites with Twilight news to read all the latest about Breaking Dawn. So like all you other Twihards I am obviously very indescribable toBreaking Dawn party 1 is in theaters this November. I am especially happy because it is the first time where I need to see the movie after I read the book. I would so wish I had startedreading all the books, for it was clearly the most amazing experience to read Breaking Dawn and even get all the pictures of Bella in a wedding dress, Isle Esme and of courseReneesme. The trailer has only made ​​me even more excited, and the wait seem even longer because you now have a little taste. But I wait patiently, because .. this is gonna beAMAZING! Twilight has changed my life, and in a very, very positive way!

Jun 29, 2011 at 22:16 o\clock

Welcome to Twilight Denmark

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Welcome to Twilght Denmark

Here you will find the best Twilight news and Twilight gossip from around the world. We get our Twilight news from Denmarks bedst Twilight site called: Twilight Danmark. This blog can be seen af Twilight Danmarks little brother meaning that this blog is a bit smaller.

Who is Twilight Danmark?

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