Solid Terrain Modeling

Jan 4, 2013 at 09:55 o\clock

Uses of Terrain Maps

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There are a lot of ways to picture out the topography and terrain of the Earth’s surface on terrain maps . Latest technological advances enable you to view the Earth’s surface in ways that have not become possible before. If a flat terrain map is altered into a 3D model of the map, area and geography skills become understandable, real concepts.

A terrain map is a kind of map illustrated by large scale data and quantitative presentation of relief, generally utilizing contour lines in contemporary mapping, but traditionally utilizing various techniques. Historical definitions need a terrain map to represent both man-made and natural features. A terrain map is usually published as a series of map. A contour line is a combination of two-line segments that bond but don’t intersect.
Other authors identify topographic maps by separating them with other types of maps. On the other hand, in the dialect and daily globe, the relief’s representation is popularly detained to determine the genre. Thus, even small scale maps displaying relief are usually called topographic. The discipline or study of topography is really a much wider field of study that involved all man-made and natural terrain features. Topographic maps are usually based on topographical surveys.