Feb 26, 2018 at 14:33 o\clock

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Make your business grow

Once you have identified your niche market, in order for the product to take off, it must be disseminated. And for that to happen we appeal to human capital, we must first captivate the innovators and the early adopters who are the ones who will attract others. Why?

If you already have a good location, what is the characteristic, functionality or detail of the product that is going to make you grow?

Then it's time to expand the reach of our product or service, to make it viral.

One possibility is to offer incentives to those who share the product, for example Dropbox (storage in the cloud) under the slogan "If you share, you have more space" offers a certain amount of free space to those who request it and if they need more they can buy it or receive space extra (500 GB each time) for each person who signs up using your link.

On the Internet there are many opportunities making use of referrals, apps, material that can be embedded like videos, badges. The badges that people put on their blog showing, for example, their presence on Facebook, Instagram, etc., is an excellent example of the power of integrations.

Another very successful integration is the possibility that a person can subscribe to a service using their existing Facebook, Google+ or Twitter account, this simple option increases subscriptions by up to 50% !!! Of course, integration has to make sense for all parties.

Because as important as getting clients is to keep them in time. And there is nothing like continuous improvements to have satisfied and stuck with the customer. And pay attention, it is 50% more likely that an existing customer will buy again a new customer.

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