Plasma cutting

Jul 29, 2010 at 09:31 o\clock

The plasma cutter and the rolling table

by: sanben   Keywords: plasma, cutter

In operation the plasma cutting system of the invention provides safe and efficient cutting of metal sheets. As described above the system includes a plasma cutter, a rolling table pin support panel and cutting system support. The plasma cutter and the rolling table are supported by the cutting system support. The rolling table is adapted to be positioned on the cutting system support at a loading position and at cutting position. The operator positions the sheet metal to be cut on the rolling table while the table is in the loading position near table positioner. The operator then rolls the table to the cutting position near table positioner 84. The cutting position is beneath the cnc plasma cutter . A transparent curtain supported by cutter housing encloses the area around the plasma cutter. The curtain protects the operator from fumes generated during cutting.

A gantry is supported by the cutter housing, and the gantry supports the carriage which supports the plasma cutting machine . The cutting position is beneath the plasma cutter. The position of the plasma cutter is programmed in computer 296. The pinion gear at either end of the gantry is stepper motor driven. Movement of the cutter between the sides is stepper motor driven.In a preferred embodiment of the invention the table support rail is extended and a second table positioned at the end thereof. A second rolling table is supported on the extended portion of the table support rail. In this embodiment the operator loads one table while the plasma cutter cuts the metal on the other table.


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