Plasma cutting

Nov 30, 2009 at 08:16 o\clock

Plasma cutters feature new technology

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If your CNC plasma cutting machine  leave a little to be desired since they may be aging, and no longer keep up with the demands of constant change, you may be able to save them without investing in brand new machines.

Plasma Technologies has announced their answer to aging HVAC shop technology with their new low cost yet high value retrofit kit for Lockformer and Cybermation plasma cutting machines, which replaces all the old electronics with brand spanking new motors and controls.



In an effort to outfit the Robot Shop  with the things that can liberate an inventors imagination, they have purchased a Hypertherm 30 plasma cutting machine and made it available for use by the members of the Robot Club in the Robot Shop.  Imagine what it would be like if you could sketch your design on a sheet of steel with a cutting torch as easy to use as a marking pen.   You can do that here at the AIM / Robot Club workshop.  Team members can cut steel 1/4" thick as easy as running a hot knife through butter.  Much like a scroll saw is for pattern cutting in wood, the plasma torch allows free form pattern cutting in steel.  Since there is a 1/2" stand off from the plasma jet, wood patterns can be used and the design traced with the plasma jet in steel. You can cut any direction, any angle.  The cut edge is clean and sharp. 


Plasma cutters feature new technology has a very fruitful and useful for cutting metals.


Nov 24, 2009 at 08:00 o\clock

Square Duct Line

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 Line Ⅲ consists of a feeding metal frame, leveler grooving roller, hydraulic notch and punch square machine, hydraulic shearer and folder. The electrical control system uses a computer with a closed-loop servo-system to increase the precision and reliability of the line. The maximum working speed is 10m/min. The length tolerance is ±0.5mm.The diagonal line tolerance is ±0.8mm. The capacity of the manufacturing process will produce 1000m2 of square duct.
1. Four power metal feeding frame
2. One leveler grooving roller machine
3. Four hydraulic notch and die
4. Hydraulic shearer and folding machine,Fold
5. Industrial computer and specific software

main component
1.Fixed size cut metal that can be used with a plasma cutting machin e together
2.a.punch "C","S" insert cleat notch, which can be used with "C" cleat and “S”insert flange machine
  b.Different connecting methods can be used with TDF flange machine and TDF connecting machine.
  c.It is able to punch all kinds of notch in angle steel flanges and "Z" shape It flanges.can also form "","" and ""shape, and be used with machine to produce a complete set of ducts.
3.Able to punch TDC notch and press to form insert flange to produce "" shape duct; able to be used with connecting machine and insert flange to give a complete set of ducts. can be used with plasma system.can use with plasm。

Nov 24, 2009 at 07:52 o\clock

Spiral Tubeformer SBTF-2020

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 Spiral Tubeformer       SBTF-2020
1.    Slitter / Plasma Cutting Machine of the tubes to the preset length and required number of pieces.
2.    The cut to length is made by the patented slitter (no noise, no hot sparks created by the saw blade, no leaning of the cut edge). Modern industrial proof computer control.
3.    The electric drive ensures that even by using 2.0 mm strip coil the 2020 continually produces perfect, tight spiral tubes matching or surpassing the standards of DIN, BS, Euronorm and Smacna  
4.    The perfect adapted options for making reinforcement beads, for the production of tendon sheet tubes or the automatic production of notches for the METU flanges, during the production process are further advantages of the tubeformer 2020.
5.    2020 is the only machine for the fastidious costumer.
Technical Data
Diameter range
80 - 2500 mm
Strip thickness
Galvanized Steel       0.4 - 2.0 mm
Stainless Steel         0.4 - 1.3 mm
Aluminium            0.4 - 2.0 mm
Strip width
137 mm          0.4 - 1.0 mm
140 mm           1.1 - 1.3 mm
150 mm          1.3 - 2.0 mm
Production Speed
up to 70 m/min
Electrical connection
38KVA/400V/50Hz Other voltage on request
Main drive,El.Motor
Step less controlled by frequency converter

Nov 24, 2009 at 03:39 o\clock

Spiral Duct

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Spiral duct is mainly used for air duct,and it has several obvious advantages against previous rectangular duct:
First,it can increase the strength, because every bite there is strengthening rib.
Second,High efficiency, feed speed of 38 meters per minute is impossible for rectangular duct production;
Third,Reduce consumption and save energy:It is of vortex shape when the air pass from the duct,using the sprial duct can reduce resistance.Morever,cleaning is very convenient because there are professional cleaning tools and no dirt corners on the inner wall of the sprial tube with outside corrugations and outside lock seam.
So it can not only save material, to be very economical, but also can improve the air flow.

There are two distinguishing  products of SBKJ:
One is flying shear type sprial tubeformer,model:SBTF- 1602 tube machine.What are the advantages of it?
First,as use of the stable forming dies,there is no size bias in the operation.The other advantage is that there are hardly scratches on the surface, so the it can satisfy the high requirements of places like airport and clean room.
Another product SBTF-1500D  tube former with a big technology breakthrough.It increases a roll-type cutting shear on the basis of our previous product SBTF-1500 pipe machinery.The advantage is:
no need of forming dies
can produce pipe between diameter 80mm and 1500mm with the change of one metal band
the breakthrough is the roll-type cutting shear,no noise and no scratche 




Nov 24, 2009 at 03:38 o\clock

SBKJ will participate in EASTPO 2009

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SBKJ will participate in EASTPO 2009. Welcome all friends coming to our booth.

Hall: A905
Stand: E4
Date锛欽uly 15-18, 2009
Main products:tubeformer,spiral tube making machine ,duct machine ,spiral duct machine,elbow machine ,cnc plasma,pipe machinery........
Eleventh Shanghai International Machine Tool Show will be held July 15-18, 2009 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center soon.East China with the center of Shanghai, is China's most developed manufacturing sector with high economic growing.
With Shanghai as the leader of the Yangtze River Delta economic zone, has to occupy one-third of the national machine tool market.

By then, the exhibition area will be expanded from 70,000 to 100,000 square meters, accounting for 8 Pavilion.There will be 10 million professional audience,mainly from the automotive components, machining, mold manufacturing, shaping machinery,machine tool, defense, aviation and space,general machinery, shipbuilding,metal products industry and so on.

Theme of the exhibition this time is "common achievements, and win-win future."



Nov 24, 2009 at 03:37 o\clock

Simple introduction of SBKJ

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Jiangyin Sanben Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise approved by the Jiangyin Technical Association, and is a member of the China Cold Curved Steel Section Association. The company is located in the Yangtze River Delta, nearby to the regional trade center of Shanghai.

The company mainly manufactures cold curved shaping machinery such as: flat duct oval machine, duct forming machine, tube forming machine, plasma cutters...The employees are experienced senior technicians and overseas returned COPRA students from Switzerland and Germany. They also have many years experience in close cooperation with many famous domestic universities  such as the Central China University of Science and Technology.

With the support of  the departments of  high technology, R&D, and  administration in the universities, as well as advanced marketing ideas and service system, they can supply high quality services and products to domestic and international enterprises.

By cooperating with famous Swiss enterprises, they master the most advanced technology of making spiral tubeformer of central air conditioner  and high-accuracy production line in the domestic market.

Guided by the enterprise spirit of "sincerity oriented", using CAD / CAM software and electromechanic technology, the company is engaged in the development of new products, new techniques and new technology. They aim to satisfy every customer by offering quality products, reasonable price, prompt delivery tome and excellent services.


Reprinted from: Sanben's About us

Nov 18, 2009 at 07:43 o\clock

The date to see,when you buy Plasma Cutting Machine

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 If your campany need buy plasma cutting machine,you must see its main technical date.

For below example: Plasma Cutting Machine   SBPC-3100

Main Technical Date:


Cutting table(mm)
The frame is of a steel welded construction, with a vibration treated coil to reduce internal stress , thus the frame is of good quality. X axis adopts high precision line cycle guide ,Y axis adopts high precision line guide which reduces moving resistance ,X and Y axis have been installed with high precision equipment ,in order to guarantee two guide line tolerance of X axis less than 0.05mm and vertical tolerance of X and Y axis less than 0.05mm .The industrial operation system works in DOS either in English or Chinese ,,which can be changed easily .The maximum work-speed of X axis and Y axis is 8m/min.The industrial computer uses standard CNC language and can be programmed.
Utilizing a stable gasvalue for discharge and gun floating to make the movement more stable and reliable.
SBKJ-Plasma Cutting Machine has a machinery height adjustment device,The torch gun has a float device which can adjust the height of the gun according to the sheet’s level thus keeping the distance between the sheet and the gun constant.
SBKJ Plasma Cutting Machine system includes a upper main computer and a high efficient industrial computer control system. Upper main computer uses a DELL LCD and CPU utilizes intel Petium(1GHz);The industrial computer control system utilizes a MISUBISHI servomotor system with industrial control software and a high clarity LCD. To connect them, a advanced communication system and composing software are used.
SBPC-3100 has American HUPERTHERM plasma unit.

Nov 12, 2009 at 07:34 o\clock

How to buy Plasma Cutting Machine?

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The following factors should be revised just before making a purchase of a plasma cutting machine . Establish the thickness This is a vital factor. Plasma cutters are valued according to their amperage and cutting ability. To cut thick materials go in for a cutter that has lover amperage. Decide on Cutting Speed If the purchase is for commercial usage then go in for a cutter that provides higher amperage. Although this does not matter much, it is always best to buy the one is specially made for the purpose. If the plasma cutter is bought for rare usage and need not essentially be fast at its work then go in for the ones that offer lower amperage. Alternative to High Frequency Starting Many cutters contain a pilot arc. The high frequency that it utilizes may affect office equipments and computers.

Consumable Cost vs. Consumable Life Torches in cutters are available in a wide variety. Check for a manufacturer who provides with the fewest number. This will result in cost effectiveness. Also check out the length of life of the consumables. Scrutinize the Quality Make examination cuts on a number of equipments, moving at the equal rate of pace on the similar depth of substance to observe which equipment offers the most excellent value. As you contrast cuts, inspect the shield for dross on the base and notice if the kerf angle is at right angles or angular. Look for a plasma cutting machine that offers a tense, alert arc. An additional check to execute is to elevate the plasma torch up from the plate while cutting. Observe how far you can progress the torch away from the work section and still uphold an arc.

A longer arc results more volts and the capability to cut all the way through thicker plate. Pilot to Cut and vice versa Look for an instrument that offers a rapid, optimistic shift from pilot to cutting at a huge shift height. These equipments will be more tolerant to the machinist and will in good health sustain gouging. In these instances, the apparatus will be obligatory to swiftly shift from pilot to cut and back to pilot extremely fast. To acquire something like this, they may advocate you cut stretched out metal using only the pilot current. Working Visibility As you are operating on an appliance, you would like to observe what you are cutting, more than ever when tracing a prototype. So make sure that this is not hampered with by your plasma cutting machine. Portability A lot of regulars use their plasma cutter for an assortment of applications and call for to shift the machine in the region of a plant, job location or even from location to location. A portable cutter is the most need at these times. Austerity Go in for a piece of equipment that is durable and has confined controls. Comfort ability and ease Go in for a cutter that has easy-to-read control panel