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Mountainside On-Site Massage serves New Jersey , in addition to New York City. Our highly able Licensed Massage Therapists deliver Mobile Massage to people all over the state. {We were among the first companies with an online presence to offer mobile massage in New Jersey.|We are among the innovators of this now-popular niche, having booked mobile massage sessions via our web site for over ten years.

Our therapists travel to your location, anywhere in Central or Northern New Jersey, New York City, and now upstate New York in Rockland County! Our Massage Therapists are carefully picked. We choose based on a variety of factors: A therapist must be caring. This is THE key quality we look for first. Next, prospective LMTs must be proficient, professional, and prompt. When a massage therapist comes to someone's home, it's usually due to the desire to save time. So we know not to be late...ever. Clients expect promptness. We understand completely.

We are extremely careful in hiring. {A background check, a written test, an interview, and a practical exam are all required to work with us.|We're good to our LMTs, but we do bother them with a background check, written test, interview, and a practical exam.

We offer Massage At Home, Workplace Massage foe the Office, and Massage Therapy for Events and Parties. This is strictly therapeutic, nothing more, ever!

We are available daily, from the early morning until the late evening. We offer closeness-inspiring Couples Massage, as well as massage for the entire family, from babies and children to those of advanced age, and traditional massage for one person with one therapist. We also offer 4-Hand massage, where two therapists work on a person at once.

Our clients for In-Home Massage range from the leisure class to the working class. We care about the well being of all our patients. Everyone is considered as a unique person, with a different life history and physiology from anyone else.

Workplace massage is suited to any type of work environment, not just the office. Your team can consist of drivers. Lawyers. Chefs. Chair Massage benefits everyone! We have done corporate masasge for companies all over New Jersey and New York City, from investment firms, advertising agencies, to insurance agents, teachers, churches, golf courses, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, and many other businesses.

Event massage helps people loosen up. Whether it's a family party such as an anniversary, wedding, or birthday, at a catering hall or at your place for a backyard Bar-B-Q, guests always welcome chair massage. They need not ever disrobe, and no oil is used. The massage chair can accomodate even long dresses. So everyone can have a session of chair massage!

We at Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy Massage Therapy is an underappreciated healing art that is only now finding respect. Scientific studies show that Therpaeutic Massage holds many benefits, including measurable changes to blood pressure, blood chemistry, and brain waves. Mountainside Massage's web site offers the hosts a searchable database of massage study abstracts, the largest of its type on the Internet.

If you live or work in New Jersey or NYC, there's a possibility you're already quite familiar with how massage therapy, specifically mobile massage, fits into our lives. We're truly lucky to live in these times. There are modalities, some old, others new. At the click of your mouse, tap of your phone's screen, or simple phone call, you cna have a therapist travel to you and bring any of dozens of modalities. That's truly progress!

Some of our more popular modalities are prenatal and postnatal massage, pediatric massage, and geriatric. Soon-to-be-mothers have found that massage therapy during pregnancy helps them to feel better, especially allaying the pains that are common to pregnant women. Studies has shown that massage during pregnancy can reduce the incidence of pre-term birth, while also increasing birthweight.

Everyone can benefit from therapeutic massage, from the very young to the elderly, including those with a variety of health concerns.

Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy is not like the competition. We do not look to others for direction; we are concerned about health. Whenever people ask about Mobile Massage, it's usually about getting undressed at work, or in front of everyone in the restaurant. This is not how it works! For Chair Massage, you sit down, fully clothed. As stated above, no oil is EVER used. Easy!

It's like this: Different companies have different reasons for serving their customers. We believe that Massage Therapy is a healing art, a modalitiy far underappreciated in our current time. And Mobile Massage Therapist take this truth to you.

We are truly unlike other companies out there providing on-site massage therapy. This isn't just a business to us. It's a valid healing modality, maybe new, maybe mostly unknown, but legitimate all the same.

Massage Therapy has a reputation that needs work. Why? There are other businesses using legitimate Therapeutic Massage to hide. We provide Evidence-based Therapeutic Massage, provided by therapists who are schooled. We are not that 'other' business. We are into alternative health, helping people suffer less, and helping people recover from injuries. We wish other types of businesses would just use a new name, or maybe an old one, just don't call it massage!

There may be other Mobile Massage companies you can find with noble reasons for existing besides us. However, I doubt anyone has our exact purpose for existing, as it's a culmination of our lifelong spiritual journey, and that's unique. But others may have their own amazing reasons for creating their business, inspired by some person or event in their own lives. Know also there are many Pn-Site Massage companies created strictly for profit, with less concern for their therapists and you, the client, than expanding each quarter at an unprecedented rate. Avoid such services. Or, check reviews and see why I say this.

NJ Massages. That's going to be one of Mountainside On Site Massage Therapy's new tag lines. We already use "Workplace Massage Works" and "Leave Your Stress At Home" as tag lines. We do also serve New York City, so keep that in mind! More people should know.

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