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Ever been trapped in crazy relationship drama? Then you may relate to Dre-Yae’s refreshing new song titled “Stay In Your Lane”. Dre-Yae shines as he paints the twisted picture from beginning to end with a superior hip-hop flow, a smooth R&B hook, over a banging soundtrack! Dre gets very personal as he re-lives a toxic infatuation with his ex who is obviously used to acting up until she meets a king. It’s the classic tale of Jekyll and Hyde. A romance that was so sweet, but soured so quick. Listening to “Stay In Your Lane” the story will play out in your mind like a movie. This is simply the tip of the iceberg of the talent that Dre-Yae intends to display for 2017. Come out and listen to “Stay In Your Lane” and more on Saturday, February 4th as he headlines at Jay’s Place II in Stone Mountain, GA 6:30 ¬¬pm.

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