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E-LIQUID: What’s In a Name?


Most of us know that a rose by some other title would odor equally as sweet, but can exactly the same be said for e-liquid? Would you truly have acquired that flavour vape juice if it didn’t have this sort of a hilarious title? We’ve taken a glance with the funny, strange and simple surprising names of e-liquids available out there to find out what's most tasty to end users, and what is just downright ridiculous.


Many of us keep in mind the Charlie Sheen rant exactly where he proclaimed he had tiger blood. This flavour does not taste like blood, nor Charlie Sheen. Alternatively, it tastes like an energy drink. Perk your self up using this type of one although providing your self an influence boost. Who wouldn’t want tiger’s blood?


Once you think of the phrase ‘urban’, you probably really do not consider of delightful fruits. You could feel of traffic, individuals and noise. If that is the situation, you are going to be amazed by this flavour, made up of melon, berries and menthol. They’ve definitely acquired the ‘kool’ portion coated!


Legend has it the golden fleece, made from the skin of 1 of Zeus’ winged rams, experienced magical therapeutic traits. It is additionally mentioned to signify royal power. This flavour may well not recover your ailments, nevertheless it surely packs a punch. It tastes like a fruity vitality drink using a trace of anise. This can wake you up no difficulty.

DIAVLO Variety

If you want to try a flavour named after a character, the Diavlo assortment will probably be great for you. With inspiration coming from the darker aspect of London, the characters are based mostly on a few sections. Through the Carnation Road Gang, consider ‘Cyclops Bob’ for your sleek flavor of peanut butter. Within the West Enders Gang, we now have ‘Tommy Two Tubes’ who tastes like mango and lychee. And, while in the Aged Bill, ‘Billy The Mole’ will leave a style of raspberry slush inside your mouth.

The names of such characters bear subtle resemblances to their flavours, and it really is a great chatting point if you start by saying, ‘I’m vaping Jack The Nipper!’


In the world of odd E-liquid names, you’ll never ever be quick of possibilities. Here really are a couple of more of our favourite names from over the entire world:


Whether or not you like unicorns or not, we are not positive we’d wish to vape their vomit.


Ever felt like vaping something that tastes like it’s come from yet another world? Only select this if you’re ready to admit that you simply vape the possible urine of an additional creature


Could you withstand the power of the extremely issue that's the only real weakness of Superman himself?


Medusa was the terrifying snake-haired Gorgon whose gaze could change men to stone. Potentially 1 to the potent ladies (or males) around.

The name of an e-liquid should be potent, evocative and ensure it is fly from the shelves. So, do any of the names earlier mentioned get you licking your lips and prepping your e-cig? It appears that a number of the best-selling e-liquids are ones with both rude or powerful names; anything at all that gets vapers laughing or fired up to style the flavours concealed powering the identify. Obviously, this isn’t the situation for all, as a number of people want to know exactly what flavour they are obtaining, however, if you fancy having a chance, why change down a chance to try out one particular?

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