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Oct 5, 2014 at 09:30 o\clock

Potential Influence of Legal Party Pills on Modern Society

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Ours is a culture, that relies on quick ways to achieve anything.  In this society, people try to persuade one another that they can get rich quickly, lose weight quickly, get to have sex quickly. And if it can be done with as little effort as possible – all the better.

Of course,  the vast percentage of these tactics never work. There are still people, who fall for the lie, but society in general accepts that there are no "cheat" ways to do anything.

In the last 10 or so years, legal party pills, such as, were an object to exactly this type of skepticism. There just can’t be a legal, safe way to get high. Of course, it is a logical way of thinking, if people are still upset about those 2 grand they spent a while back on a “get rich quick” scheme, that never panned out.

In my opinion, that is a shame. And I’m not talking about the great pleasure, that people can receive from legal party pills. I’m talking about the social aspects of a possible transition from illegal drugs to legal party pills.

If you just think about all the benefits to society:
1. Drug producers now pay taxes. Since everything they produce is legal, they can operate openly and legally. This means more money, that can be spent for the public good.
2. Legal party pills will be under a strict quality control. No more people dying or suffering side effects from low quality products.
3. Illegal drug “business” now funds the operations of organized crime groups. Make it legal and that funding will stop, weakening the crime rate.
4. Less stigma, more acceptance of personal life choices. Less people in jail for making such choices.
5. Encouragement of non-addictive legal party pills would lead to less money spent on drugs and a richer population on average.

It would be unwise to miss out on such an opportunity to deliver benefits to society, especially if it’s just out of pure prejudice. Personally, I don’t approve of party pills of any kind, no matter if legal or not. However, in this case, we are talking about at least partially solving a huge problem, that affects the quality of living in a modern society.

Anyone will tell you, that any group of people’s well being will go up if there’s less crime and more savings for people.

Of course, there’s just one more reason why this isn’t adopted yet. It’s fear of change. People, who use illegal drugs are used to the feeling of being outside the law. Actually, this feeling might just be as intoxicating for them as the drugs they’re using themselves. If that’s true, then there’s no surprise that legal party pills haven’t completely replaced illegal drugs.

There is hope, though. The problems, stated above, mainly reflect the way of thinking of the older generation. I believe, and I hope that the next generation will be more forgiving and understanding, even if getting high isn’t the highest moral pursuit.

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