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Feb 15, 2009 at 01:40 o\clock

Can The Law of Attraction Give You Instant Success?

Millions of people read books about about the Law of Attraction but very few actually become successful. I did wonder why in the past. I bet you do wonder too, sometimes, why only a selected few have managed to "make it"?

The reason is simple - Not known to most people, most of the things we think we want have been programmed into us by various forms of media - we don't really want them and they aren't really good for us. Thus, we have been "attracting" negative things. It is said that thoughts become things.  Even though you may think that you know the Law of Attraction as in having positive thinking all the times, you may be deceived that is the case but as a matter of fact, you still think in negative quadrant in subconsciously.

When we mentioned earlier that there seems, however, to be only a select few people who "make it lucky" when it comes to money, they did not achieve that level of success by chance! Instead it is due to their total understanding of the Law of Attraction! They use the law of attraction in their lives to attract wealth. You can do exactly the same or even "speed the Law of Attraction up", but there is a limit. You cannot say you want to make a million like now even you now make 70% of that at the moment. We all know that even claiming a winning lottery ticket cannot happen instantly! You have to be patient and the statement of "be patient" does not mean you try to be lazy and not using the Law of Attraction. On the contrary, you have to keep using it. The Law of Attraction is like anything else, cannot work unless you pay total attention to it. You must be willing to work with it every day. You need to focus on your goal, believe it is within your grasp, and visualize your achievement of it. In other words, you breath your success even before you cross the finishing line!

When you just start learning the Law of Attraction, you may try to do the visualization, the goal setting and etc but you feel that they are hard. That is alright as this is normal because you have just started practicing it. My advice is to keep going as you are already taking the first step which is wonderful!

When you truly live the Law of Attraction, you will begin to look at life in a different way. It may seem crazy to believe that by simply changing the way you think can change your life, but it is true. You can get favorable results and outcomes, too when you really make the Law of Attraction your second nature!

Feb 15, 2009 at 01:39 o\clock

Changing Your Mindset to Get Your Children Through the Recession

These are very difficult times and there are plenty of families who are starting to feel the financial pinch. Many families have noticed that the promised fuel cuts have not reduced their fuel bills to the level prior to the hikes which we have experienced in the last twelve months; the mortgage rates are not reflecting the reduced interest rates and to top it all the weekly shop, despite adverts promising savings seems to be getting more expensive.

So how do you cut your costs further without the kids particularly noticing? This is not about the individual actions; it is about changing your mindset. Children love to have new experiences and they love to do things with their friends, or even better to be the expert and to introduce their friends to a new activities will certainly give them the edge. We are not suggesting that you suddenly get your kids weaving and making their own clothes, simple things, get the kids to make the cakes which they can eat when their friends come round to play. Then you can progress to making bread. Bread is great for kids; they love the idea of watching it grow and then sticking their fingers in or punching it back so that it can grow again. The important thing is to make sure that your children share their new skills with their friends. This is make them want to progress.

Movies are great, but regular trips to the cinema can get costly, apart from the tickets there is getting their, parking, taking their friends, buying the drinks and popcorn. It all adds up and before you know it, the kids are expecting it and it has become a habit hard to break. So don't take this away suddenly and drastically so that the children feel deprived, wait until one is not quite well, or it is horrid weather, the film they want is booked. You need to find a reason acceptable to them not to go and then introduce a new activity.

If you have kids who like to be messy, and a little bit of outside space it is a great idea to get them gardening. The first time I managed to get my eldest son to eat peas was after he had spend the previous hour shelling them. If you haven't got any outside space, something we suffer from, then there are great days out at farms where you can pick your own fruit and vegetables. These are wonderful fun activity and you get to eat loads of strawberries after, what more of a reward can a child ask for?

If the recession is going to be half as bad a some of the experts are predicting then we need to start thinking about bringing up a generation who are less materialistic and have a greater understanding of what is important. We need to have healthy children who know how to use their imagination and how to apply their knowledge. We do not know what sort of a work environment they will enter, but you can guarantee that it will be drastically different from the current one. Parenting has always been hard and now it is even more important that we do our best to prepare our kids, you cannot completely shield them from a global economic meltdown.

Feb 15, 2009 at 01:38 o\clock

Exploring Low Carb Meals and Their Impact on Weight Loss

There are thousands of different plans that designed to help you lose weight. One trend that has become particularly popular is one that entails dieting on low carb meals. These low carb meals require you to cut back on foods that are high in carbohydrates. These foods include rice, bread, pasta, and potatoes.

Low carb meals are diet plans that are based on the concept of lowering the production of insulin. The more carbohydrates you consume, the more insulin your body will produce. This is problematic for one main reason: while the production of insulin is decreased, your body will look toward fat stores to supply the energy your body needs. Therefore, you will be burning fat that would normally be left clinging to your body.

There are many different diet plans that promote dieting on low carb meals. Of course, by now there are hundreds of diet plans based on low carb meals, with new ones being introduced every single day. Here are just a few of the more original and popular low carb diet plans:

Dr.   Atkins New Diet Revolution

Protein   Power

Life Without Bread


The   Carbohydrate Addict's Lifestyle Plan

So by now you should be wondering "What in the world are the differences among these plans if all they do is promote cutting carbs from your diet?" Well, there is no simple answer that question. Each diet plan has differences and alterations that make them unlike. They are all based on the idea of lower carb intake, but from there they can actually differ pretty greatly.

So you just want to know which ones work, right? Well, luckily there is a site that goes in depth and gives you the scoop on all of the latest dieting trends. It reviews a massive variety of different dieting tips and techniques, meaning you don't have to do all of the research yourself as it is all compiled together for you. If a diet works or not, you can be sure to find out. It also supplies its own tried and true method of weight loss that will guarantee a slimmer you in just eleven days!