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Feb 12, 2014 at 09:58 o\clock

Maintenance schedule for your silicone iphone case

Silicone case is a soft case for our iphone, this point is main reason that many people buy this kind of phone case. They are some other reasons why we want to choose a silicone case for our iphone. We choose to buy a silicone phone case not only it has good protection ability because this kind of case has good elasticity, therefore we can take silicone phone case as a buffer, which can protect our iphone against shock and drop. Silicone phone case has a long using period for us, it has high temperature resistant ability, and not easy deformation, so we can use it for a long time, thus can help us save our money. As we all know that silicone material is insulator, therefore a silicone case has good insulation ability, and it is safe for our mobile phone users. In phone case store, you can find that there are so many silicone phone cases with different colors, red, yellow, green, blue, violet, brown, gray and black and so on, the color of this kind of phone case is rich, moreover, they are also beautiful patterns in surface of silicone phone cases. However, silicone phone cases are hard to be clean when they get dirty or get stain. Then if you want to let your silicone phone case always keep new, and give your iphone a good protect ion as your first buying, which require your service for silicone case. There are some maintenance methods in the following:

1. We have to make a dry clean cloth soak in water, and then twist it to make it sufficient dry, and then clean your silicone case from inside and out.
2. If there is dirt, dust in silicone phone case, a good way to clean it is or you can use a small toothbrush stick some toothpaste to wash, until the dirt is easily removed. And if there is the oil stains on the surface of silicone case, then you can use some detergent to clean.
3. Finally, let your dried cloth rub the surface of silicone case, or put it n a cool and dry place 

Dose the maintenance methods for your silicone case is very simple? Many things seem difficult, but are actually very simple, as long as you follow the steps in the above, you will find your silicone case just like a new one. If you have any questions, you can connect us in www.handgiftbox.com website. We hope this article can help you.

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Choosing a leather phone case for your cell phone

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Standing Owl Type Protective Case for iPhone 5/5S

That may not sound like much for young people using a silicone phone case for their cell phone. However, for some busy business people in the workplace with a silicone phone case for their mobile phone is a different situation. A business mobile phone over a silicone phone case trespass the bounds of good taste for a businessman to hold a cell phone. 

Therefore phone cases made by leather rise in response to the proper time and conditions. A leather phone case has the advantage of the gentle, generous, and doesn’t wear mobile phones. A leather phone case also has good heat dissipation and so on. However, a leather phone case doesn’t have waterproof function that a silicone phone case does have.

A leather phone case is one kind of phone cases, which is made by PU leather or genuine leather materials. relative to the single style of a silicon phone case, to people struggling to rise to the top in the workplace, who are different from other young people who advocate lifestyle of leisure and sports, most of business people prefer to hold an decent and handsome leather phone case for their cell phone, and even the leather case they hold need match with the phone.  Because holding a mobile phone with a single color or cannot give business people a elegant experience, in their view, it is a embarrassing thing.

Same as silicone phone cases, leather phone cases are divided into two types, one is waist hanged holster, which has ever popular for many years. The other type is portable holster, which can fit into people’s pocket. Even though a waist hanged holster has a different appearance from a portable holster. However, the manufacturing technology for two types of leather phone case is largely identical but with minor differences.

Although we can see leather phone case in the phone cases market, even we can find leather phone cases appear in the flea market, especially, in the busiest shopping district. However, like the old saying, Problem was, you often got what you paid for, which meant you can’t pay just one dollar to get a real leather phone case. Most leather phone cases we see are made by artificial leather or fake leather. If consumer buys this kind of artificial leather phone case or fake leather phone case. This kind of case is not reliable; there is often opening glue after a time of using. However, a leather phone case with real leather is much more durable than a leather phone case made by artificial leather or fake leather, moreover, a leather phone case with real leather has a long usable lifetime than fake one. However, these features of real leather phone case general comes with a hefty price tag. You need carefully select a leather phone case when you want to get one for your cell phone. Clicking Handgiftbox website to get more information about phone cases.

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What should you know before you buy a wireless IP security camera?

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Wireless IP security cameras are more and more popular in our daily life. A wireless IP camera not only can monitor what happened when you leave, but also can record your family life, if you have a cute baby, whether you have a motivation to record the life of your baby and your family? Therefore, a wireless IP security is a unique way to record your baby all the wonderful moments, and you don’t have to hold a camera every time and follow your baby. 

The technology of wireless IP security cameras allows system sends real-time videos and images which intrinsically more explicit for the users. Moreover, the users can also receive the sound information. Therefore, this wireless IP security camera will help you record everything under the camera, and the users will know what happened and how to handle it. Wireless IP security cameras are useful and helpful in most of people daily life. Many people may like to buy a IP security camera recently. Before we buy a wireless IP security camera, we should know some basic aspects of a wireless IP security camera

What components of a wireless IP security camera have? A wireless IP security camera consists of camera lens, image sensors, sound sensors, A/D converter, images, sound, controllers, web server, external alarm, control interface and other components. A wireless security camera relies on communication between video transmitters and receivers when it is working. In generally, there is following a built-in wireless feature that allows the cameras to connect to a computer or the device being used to receive the signal when you buy a wireless IP security camera. The receiver must also maintain a wireless connection to a monitor in order for the wireless security camera to capture the feed going into the receiver.

When you want to buy a wireless IP security camera, you should know which design styles you like, because there are a variety of shapes, such as clocks, bullet, tissue boxes, lamps, DVD players, and televisions and everything else. Why a wireless IP security camera needs to be disguised as ordinary objects? Because the more similar a wireless IP security camera like a ordinary object, the more people struggled to recognize whether there is a wireless IP security camera or not, which is monitoring us. If you like the essay like this article, you can click www.handgiftbox.com to get more links about wireless IP security cameras.