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22.10.2011 um 04:50 Uhr

Carving Cutting Tools Parameter Setting

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Marble Granite Stone Carving Cutting Tools Parameter Setting


How to make right marble granite stone carving cutting tools parameter settings for your stone CNC router machinery? Today, we will list some professionals suggestions as reference.
These useful professional rules are all checked and verified by our actual router machine operator, and tested on different stone materials, such as natural marble, hard granite, ceramics, floor tiles, tombs, brick, concrete, blue stone, limestone and so on.
Hope the tips can be very helpful for your processing works!


1. Marble Relief Carving Tools (Ball End Diamond Tools Series)


  • Before apply this router tool, please first check machine parameters as below:
  • Z Feed Rate: 300
  • Default Feed Rate: above 2000 (based on marble cnc machinery)
  • SHK - 6MM above: One time engraving depth can be 20MM;
  • But for 1 st time relief carving machining, the diamond tool cut must be layered. (One time carving depth -8MM; Feed Rate -500)
  • Fluent water cycle and enough water-cooling are required. 
  • Warm Notice:
  • If SHK - 6MM below, the above parameter settings should be halved.


2. Marble Stone Cutting Tools (Flat End Diamond Tools Series)

  • Before apply this router bit, please first check cnc system parameters as below:
  • Z Feed Rate: 100
  • Default Feed Rate: 2000 (based on stone CNC router)
  • SHK - 6MM above: One time cutting depth can be 2MM;
  • There must be smooth water circulation & adequate water cooling. 
  • Kind Note:
  • SHK - 6MM below, parameter settings above should be decreased by a half.


3. Granite CNC Engraving Cutting Bits (Sintered Diamond Tools Series)

  • Before using the CNC tools, at beginning, please check cnc machine parameters as follow:
  • Z Feed Rate: 100
  • Default Feed Rate: 2000 (based on stone CNC engraver)
  • SHK - 6MM above: One time cut depth could be 1.5MM (depends on different stone materials)
  • Good circular water-cooling system & abundant water are demanded. 
  • Warm Tips:
  • For Blackstone, the biggest cutting depth- 2MM, and Z Down Feed Rate should slow down. 
  • (For smaller Shank -6MM, parameters above are set to half.)


4. Granite 3D Diamond Router Bits (3D Diamond Tools Series)

  • Before using the cnc router tools, please first check machines parameter as follows:
  • Z Feed Rate: 100
  • Default Feed Rate: 1000 (based on stone CNC machine tools)
  • Clear water-circulation system & enough water-cooling are required. 
  • Kind Prompt:
  • This cnc router tool is specially designed on Granite stone materials, for 1-4cm lettering, 2D engraving & 3D relief sculpturing.


5. All parameter settings we listed above are not changeless and fixed;

  • For different CNC router engraver, machine tools models, various granite stone hardness, material quality, marble type, engraving and cutting demand, the detailed numbers will vary; 
  • For best setting work, it needs your continuous practice and experience.


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