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Nov 25, 2010 at 05:01 o\clock

Toshiba launches Volume Navigation 3D roadmapping in return InfinixTM-i vascular X-ray issue line

During complex interventional procedures, it is challenging to accurately navigate and sort out the vascular anatomy seeking inflexible appliance deployment. To subsidize physicians during such interventions, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc., has introduced Volume Seamanship 3D roadmapping into the InfinixTM-i vascular X-ray product word, providing greater conviction during difficult interventional procedures.

“Volume Helmsmanship is another example of Toshiba's commitment to developing industry-leading technology that improves diagnostic confidence, workflow and compliant outcomes.”

Toshiba's real-time Supply Navigation 3D roadmap displays the deployment of coils during intervention on a cerebral aneurysm with exceptional clarity and precision. Volume Steering links the movements of the approach components with the fusion 3D and fluoroscopic display, so despite changes in even record and C-arm opinion, the 3D overlay is automatically aligned with the fluoroscopic essence with expensive accuracy. In summation, Size Steering provides 2D and 3D roadmap show off modes and allows physicians to fine-tune images with guide controls someone is concerned appliance enhancement, beyond assisting physicians when making puzzling decisions during advanced procedures. Abundance alli weight loss toronto Navigation is singularly helpful someone is concerned procedures on labyrinthine vascular regions, such as the brain, uterus and abdominals.

"Abundance Seamanship provides physicians greater nerve when deciphering and navigating complex vascular structures, enabling them to mount tangled interventions more speedily and accurately," explained Doug Ryan, villainy president, Marketing and Strategic Maturity, Toshiba. "Loudness Seamanship is another example of Toshiba's commitment to developing industry-leading technology that improves diagnostic certitude, workflow and unfailing outcomes."

Quantity Pilotage takes 3D roadmapping to the next level with two unfold modes and three handbook adjustments to optimize the statue at any tier of the procedure. These features offer the tools physicians coerce to journey complex anatomy with greater definiteness and control. Some of the tools include simultaneous 2D roadmap and 3D roadmap displays on sequester monitors, enhanced visualization of wires and other interventional devices, and better visualization of complex AVM shunt vessels.

Size Pilotage is 510k cleared and available as an selection on all Toshiba Infinix-i five-axis vascular X-ray systems. It will be showcased at Toshiba's booth at this year's RSNA annual rendezvous (Stand #3435, South Hall).

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