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Apr 7, 2009 at 13:30 o\clock

The artificial muscle will present to people blinking and a smile.

Many people owing to the different reasons are not capable to blink and smile. The new technology developed by experts from university of California in Дэвисе and companies SRI International, will help them to find a normal facial expression and to avoid many problems.
Artificial muscles are developed cardin mellaril aldactone glucotrol hydrochlorothiazide for a long time, and the given technology differs more likely the new technical decision. To whom are artificial muscles of the person necessary? On the Earth it is a lot of the people, gone through a stroke and remained paralyzed on all life, suffering from Moebius's syndrome (the facial expression is absent since a birth), and also those who was injured and has damaged a musculation of the person. All of them can return themselves the control over movements.
"On light so it is a lot of the prostheses, replacing to people of an arm and a foot, but almost the methods thus are not developed, allowing to restore a facial expression", - tells Annhoe from SRI. Not used or damaged muscle loses in due course a tonus and droops, the person loses possibility to conduct a normal life (because of constantly open century the eye mucosa, for example, suffers, that can lead to a loss of sight).
And meanwhile people it is possible to "learn" to blink. Under its weight the eyelid falls also an eye is closed, and opens its efficient muscle which is attached to other, intact nerve.
One more variant: to transplant a muscle (a nerve, an artery) from other person then the patient has an opportunity to blink hardly faster. A problem that the person in that case starts to look unnatural. Besides, there is a decadron 60 pills 1mg probability of tearing away of tissues.
Instead of gold they implanted into the top and bottom eyelids thin flagellas from material Gore-Tex (it simultaneously waterproof and breathing). On the one hand them have attached to a nose, with another - to artificial trizonal muscles on temples. They were developed by experts from SRI International.
What they themselves represent? Between two layers of black silicon there is a plate from soft electroactive acrylic polymer (EAP). The electric current passing through it forces external layers to nestle to each other, shortening centre in 4-5 times, flagellas are delayed back, and the eye is closed. By the same principle nizoral hair loss it is possible to force to rise upwards mouth corners. While a novelty have tested only on corpses, artificial muscles worked well.
But, before to use new technology for the help to live people, it is necessary to test the battery for a muscle (for work the energy small amount is necessary for it), writes membrana. The battery will be no more a 50-cheap coin. Scientists plan to take in hand working out which is used in electrocardiostimulators.
There is one more important obstacle: meanwhile scientists have not learnt to bridge an artificial muscle and a live nerve.