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Mar 16, 2009 at 17:33 o\clock

Are framed safe nanoparticles for delivery of medicines.

The smallest luminescent nanoparticles can tell about an exact site of a cancer tumour and to deliver to it necessary medicines, but the majority shown before materials toxic. Working out of biologists from university of California in San Diego (University of California, San Diego) not only does not break up to harmful by-products, but also differs a number of other merits.

The American scientists have framed biodecomposed nanoparticles from silicon. They radiate bright light long enough and do not break up too quickly, having time to let out the necessary dose of a medicine for a cancer. Thus they do not viagra 360 pills order contain harmful additives (quantum points with serious metals or unsafe organic chemistry).

"We have developed the first luminescent nanoparticles which do not possess toxic effects", - professor Michael Sejlor (Michael Sailor) tells.

One of students Luo Gu shows a solution safe наночастиц and a luminescence of tissues in ultra-violet light (photo University of California, San Diego).

Tests for mice have shown, that silicon nanoparticles are safe for people (in a liver, kidneys and a lien it it was not revealed any radical changes). Having got to tumoral tissues, particles some hours continued to be shone and faded in process of generic hydrochlorothiazide online disintegration.

In article published in magazine Nature Materials, scientists report, that in two weeks the quantity nanoparticles in sick tissues was strongly reduced, and through four to find out them it was not possible at all.

To receive safe nanoparticles, biochemists at first synthesised very thin silicon plates. By means of an electric current to them have given porous structure. Then ultrasound of a plate have split on very small parts (the size of an order 100 nanometers). The further physical processing has forced them to be shone by red colour in an ultraviolet. (In the university press release there is video in detail illustrating process of creation safe наночастиц.)

Scientists notice, that luminescent microlamellas allow to find out even the smallest tumours "inaccessible" to other methods, and order Zovirax also to show to the surgeon not remote rests of a tumoral tissue.

Porous structure of silicon plates. The size of pores can be varied, but average diameter makes an order 80 nanometers (photo University of California, San Diego).

The material of this group is good also that helps to deliver very precisely the necessary medicine (Doxorubicinum). In process of dissolution porous silicon nanoparticles it slowly leaves pores and influences.

"The purpose of such therapy: the medicine to deliver exact to a tumour, not to allow to it to get to other parts of a body", - speaks Seilor. The more precisely medicine delivery, the less effective dose, the less toxic influence of substance to an organism.

Mar 9, 2009 at 16:46 o\clock

Ambiguous adrenaline

It appears, the adrenaline, which emission in blood excitingly operates on nervous system, is capable to provoke and the opposite effect - to lead to a breakdown. More precisely, the overabundance of this hormone of stress Zovirax generic leads to magnesium loss, that, in turn, is negatively reflected in our condition - we become flaccid and quickly we get tired. In other words, activating nervous system, its adrenaline exhausts: on change to overexcitation and emotional lifting the weariness adjoining on exhaustion comes. For this reason it is necessary to reduce to a minimum frequency and intensity of emission in adrenaline blood, that occurs order generic hydrochlorothiazide 25mg more often, when we test stress.
To neutralise blasting action of a hormone, at first signs of stress the help of natural restful preparations, such as Persen is necessary for us. And to compensate magnesium loss it is possible by means of a special diet: it is necessary to online buy pyridium include the products rich with this element in a food allowance, - bean, nuts, greens, sea kale and so forth
Then negative influence of an ambiguous hormone will precisely be reduced to a minimum.

Mar 8, 2009 at 18:07 o\clock

The reasons of rheumatic illness of heart are found out

Every year about 15 million children all over the world are ill with rheumatic illness of heart. The half-million of children annually dies of it. The given disease is preceded by a usual infection of mucosas of a nasopharynx a streptococcus - a bacterium causing the whole spectrum of various diseases.
Till now that there are the strains of a streptococcus inevitably causing rheumatic illness of heart was known only. Bacteria of generic lincocin online these strains on a surface of a cellular wall have the specific combination of fibers named PARF-motive.
Professor Singh Chhatwal and its colleague Patric Nitsche-Schmitz from the Center of Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research in Germany have shown a role which the PARF-motive plays development of rheumatic illness of heart. On the basis of this knowledge today they develop effective test system which should help to diagnose this disease at the most initial stages, and, means, to become an irreplaceable agent of struggle against it.
Abbreviation PARF occurs from English «protein associated with rheumatic fever», that is «fiber». It is a small fragment of the albuminous complex cheap generic hydrochlorothiazide 25mg online located on a cellular wall of a bacterium and necessary for its adhesion to membranes of cells of the person. The rheumatic fever is extended basically in developing countries where children do not receive adequate medical aid.
If the child does not receive in time necessary therapy by antibiotics bacteria colonize collagenic structures in its organism. Collagen - one of the most widespread fibers of our body, in a considerable quantity present at a cartilaginous and osteal tissue, in a quaggy and dense connecting tissue. It also is a part of mitral valves and contains in walls of vessels. Adhesion of bacteria to collagen "confuses" immune system of the person that leads to development of immune reaction not only against bacteria, but also pyridium online against own collagenic structures of an organism. It becomes the reason of development of an autoimmune pathology in which result mitral valves are blasted and heart function is broken.
As a whole only 5 % of all infections of the pneumatic ways caused by streptococcuses, come to an end with development of an autoimmunity against collagen. However, to tap these five percent, the test system taping PARF-motive of streptococcuses is necessary. Such test system used in routine procedures of medical inspection, could salvage lives to set of children.

Mar 3, 2009 at 16:02 o\clock

One employment by sex in a week can prolong a life of the man till 80 years

Employment by sex not less an once in a week can become one of factors of augmentation of life expectancy of men till 80 years, the Taiwan researchers confirm. Scientists have carried out the research which results have shown, that the man has enough at least once a week to enter intimate communication that on 50 % to enlarge chances to live more than 80 years. Regular exercises of a similar sort on 50 % reduce risk of mors why order pyridium online from a stroke, on 40 % from diabetes and on 30 % from heart attack. The comparative analysis of a life and age of mors of elderly men has shown, that those who remained in loneliness, die much earlier, than their happier colleagues is more often.

If the man remained without the wife or the mistress at the age of 65 years the probability of his death before 80th birthday is enlarged by 70 %. The buy generic hydrochlorothiazide reason for that is level of Testosteron-Depotum which influences all organism. The more low indicators of this hormone in a man's organism, the above probability of mors from aforementioned illnesses (it has shown inspection of 800 men at the age from 50 to 91 years).

But it sex is useful to men. Concerning women all at all so is simple. The group of German scientists has established, that, strangely enough, regular sex influences not in the best way life expectancy of women: it causes hormonal changes, buy cleocin online generic pills more likely, adverse while to men regular sex goes on advantage. According to data of scientists, at unmarried women who never did not live together at all with the partner, good mental health became perceptible - unlike men-bachelors who felt better, if near to them there was a woman.

Mar 1, 2009 at 14:01 o\clock


Termin's hepatitis «a hepatitis And» is confirmed the CART in 1973; earlier names «an infectious hepatitis», «an epidemic hepatitis», "infectious disease" were used. Case rate level makes 100 120 on 100 000 population in a year. The hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg online virus ON is steady in environment, is long remains in water, in foodstuff, on various subjects. Concerning thermoracks - does not perish at 60 C, at boiling it is inactivated in 5 minutes here pyridium online by the Unique source of a contagium is the person - sick any clinical form of illness or in the presence of an asymptomatic infection. The virus is found out in blood and excrements last days an incubation interval and during the preicteric period. Factors of transfer of the originator, as well as at all intestinal infections, water, foodstuff, dirty arms are. The susceptibility buy cheap bactrim online pills to ON general, 80 % of patients is made by children. The infection transferred in any form leaves strong immunity. The virus breaks the biochemical processes proceeding in a cytoplasma of a hepatocyte. Damage of hepatocytes is accompanied by disturbance of their basic functions.