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Feb 25, 2009 at 16:12 o\clock

Low level of cholesterol promotes a premature birth of the child

Being based initial results, apparently, that not enough cholesterol can be as badly, as well as it is too much cholesterol during pregnancy, but for the present too early to do unequivocal conclusions and to put it into practice. It is buy Noroxin necessary to fix results on bigger groups of people with a different state of health and a way of life. The best council at present for pregnant women - to follow councils of the attending physician.

Premature birth - the main reason of infantile mors also lifts risk of many illnesses, including a cerebral paralysis, deterioration of informative abilities, blindness, deafness and illnesses of organs of breath.

1 058 women of South Carolina took part in order pyridium online research with children, researchers have found, that approximately 5 percent of women with cholesterol levels in a moderate range 159-261 mg/dl have given birth prematurely. On the contrary, white women with the lowest levels of cholesterol - have less than 159 mg/dl - was 21 % of premature births. It is interesting, that any augmentation of premature births it was not observed among Afro-American women with low level of cholesterol. However, the full-term children born white or the Afro-Americans with low cholesterol, weighed on the average less, than the full-term children, born buy generic hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg to women with moderate cholesterol.

As in last, new research has shown very high levels of cholesterol (more than 261 mg/dl), a primary factor of risk for a premature birth.

Women took part in research with 21 till 34 years. The premature birth was deffined as a birth 37 weeks prior to term.

Feb 24, 2009 at 07:41 o\clock

Vigorous exercises reduce risk of a loss of sight

The American researchers assert, that regular vigorous exercises reduce risk of a loss of sight. To such conclusions scientists have come buy pyridium online during research in which runners took part.
Researchers have found out, that the more kilometres run men and women, the more low at them risk of a degeneration of a macula lutea, the age changes of a buy generic hydrochlorothiazide 25mg online retina worsening sight. These disturbances are the main reason of a loss of sight and blindness at older persons.
The reasons of occurrence of a degeneration of a macula lutea are:
Ageing of an organism,
sun baths,
Thus scientists notice, that while the sedentary buy Phentrimine pills life in itself is not a risk factor of this illness, run reduces risk of its development.

Feb 22, 2009 at 12:53 o\clock

The American surgeons have replaced six kidneys by dominoes principle

Transplantation of kidneys from six donors (one man and five women) to six recipients (to four men and two women) has been spent on Saturday on February, 14th in Johns Hopkins's clinics in Baltimore, Barns-Dzhuish in Saint Louis and Baptist medical <a href="">buy Viramune</a> centre Integris to Oklahoma City. In a simultaneous series of transplantations has taken part nine surgeons, six anaesthesiologists and twelve nurses; organs were delivered between clinics by planes. All operations have passed without complications, <a href="">generic hydrochlorothiazide online</a> now a condition of patients the satisfactory.
Transplantation by dominoes principle is spent, when the kidney of the donor is genetically incompatible with an organism of the recipient. The principle   <a href="">buy online pyridium</a>  consists that the necessary quantity of pairs the donor-recipient steals up that each requiring managed a suitable organ. At transplantation each recipient receives a kidney not the "" donor, that is the person, ready to give an organ to it, and "another's", but compatible genetically.

Feb 18, 2009 at 05:04 o\clock

The physical culture reduces risk of occurrence of a cancer of a colon

The American scientists have summed up a series of the researches spent since 1984.
Scientists from Medical school at the Washington university (USA) have familiarised with results of 52 researches spent since buy Revatio online 1984, and have found out, that fans of an active way of life on 24 % suffer the most widespread type of a cancer of internal organs less often.
Protect from a colon cancer any kind of physical buy online pyridium exercises can: usual work, run, driving on a bicycle, swimming, employment in an exercise room. And secure itself against a serious illness thus women can both men, and, transfers AMI-TASS.
According to scientists, timely change of a way of life could prevent about half of all registered cases of disease by a cancer. One more true protection frame from a cancer of internal organs and other oncologic diseases is maintenance of normal buy Revatio online weight of a body.
Let's remind, that the risk to be ill with a colon cancer also on 30 % less at the people who have inherited a version of gene ADIPOQ.
Annually the colon cancer is diagnosed for 150 thousand Americans, and for 50 thousand patients this disease terminates in a lethal outcome. At third of patients this version of a cancer appears in the family anamnesis.

Feb 16, 2009 at 15:27 o\clock

Pneumonia at children

The pneumonia is an acute infectious inflammation of a pulmonary tissue (alveoluses) which is accompanied by respiratory disturbances and proves to be true changes in lungs at a X-ray inspection.

The reasons

The most frequent originators of a pneumonia at children at the age from 6 months till 5 years which were ill in a house situation, are a pneumococcus (Streptococcus pneumonia) and a hemophilic rod - Haemophylus influenzae b. In 60-70th years on the first place among the reasons of a pneumonia children buy pyridium had a golden staphilococcus.

During epidemic seasons (August-November) value Mycoplasma pneumoniae (mycoplasmas) as originator of a pneumonia at children of early preschool and school age increases. At teenagers it is necessary to consider possible role Chlamidia pneumoniae as causal factor of disease.

Viruses matter in development of a virus pneumonia mainly at children of the first year of a life.

Separately allocate the big group of an intrahospital pneumonia which develop at children at hospitalisation concerning other diseases. As a result of it “the road” to settling of the bottom departments of a respiratory tract by bacteria alien to it opens.

The development mechanism

Pathogenic microorganisms get to lungs through inhaled air - aerogenic by more often. Previous acute respiratory virus infections and the diseases leading to weakening of immune mechanisms of the child contribute to subsidence of microbes on a mucosa of bronchuses.
At a sepsis drift of microbic bodies buy generic hydrochlorothiazide by birth in a pulmonary tissue - that is hematogenic by is possible. Already immediately from a pulmonary tissue the infection on lymphatic ways can extend on nearby sites and on a pleura - a lymphogenous way of diffusion of an infection.

At a becoming infected the inflammatory edema of a fine pneumatic bronchus develops. It leads to disturbance of ventilation and restriction of entering of air in alveoluses where there is an oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. There is an atelectasis (fall of alveoluses) and an inflammation of a pulmonary tissue. Because of disturbance of processes of gas exchange oxygen starvation of all organs develops.

The full involution of changes at an uncomplicated current of an inflammation occurs for 3 weeks. The atelectasis or purulent process in the inflamed site of a lung demands 4-6 weeks for a resorption. Recover in the presence of a pleura lesion can be tightened till 2-3 months.


For an acute pneumonia the body heat is characteristic. The temperature usually decreases in 2-3 days after the disease beginning, and at a pneumonia without treatment extremely seldom the temperature keeps less than 3 days. Sometimes falling of the raised body temperature after application of anti-infectives regard in favour of a pneumonia.

As a rule, the pediatrist puts the pneumonia diagnosis at bed of the sick child because of presence of signs of a pneumonic intoxication and respiratory insufficiency. There is a statement, that at children, especially early age a pneumonia “it is visible is better, than is audible”. It means, that such semiology as pallor a triangle, a hurried breathing with participation of cephalexin 250mg an auxiliary musculation of a thorax, inflating of wings of a nose, very fast fatigability, an unreasonable sweating, refusal of the child of meal can be pneumonia signs even in the event that at auscultation the pediatrist yet does not find out changes over a surface of lungs. In the subsequent, at a X-ray inspection find signs of an inflammation of a pulmonary tissue.

Feb 15, 2009 at 06:05 o\clock

The victory in a lottery conducts to health loss

In days of economic recession a prize in a lottery for many - dream: a bag with cash, luxury, financial comfort and fine state of health. But buy cheap zovirax according to new research, after the big good luck it is easy to lose health and all money!
In research participated eight thousand persons. It order generic hydrochlorothiazide 25mg has appeared, that huge good luck actually strikes on physical health. Researchers explain, that lucky beggars after prize reception pass to an unhealthy way of life. «The prize undermines health of people because they too longly celebrate a victory», - have explained Andrew Clark like pyridium online from the Parisian institute of economy. It was besides, found out, that risk of financial bankruptcy from the people who have won the big monetary prizes, increases. For the specified period of time about 5 % of winners of lotteries have appeared below the breadline.

Feb 10, 2009 at 16:15 o\clock

The newest microscope will help to diagnose serious disease of joints

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The group of scientists of Switzerland asserts, that, they have framed a new microscope which can help with osteoarthrosis diagnostics - diseases at which the cartilaginous tissue of joints is amazed. According to developers, this atomic-powered microscope gives possibility to find out illness at an early stage of its development this pyridium online when the patient still can be helped something.
The device invented by group of experts under the guidance of Martin Stoltsa (Martin Stolz) from university of Basel (Switzerland) checks a surface of generic lincocin a cartilage and reacts to the slightest induration.
At present there are no methods allowing to restore a cartilaginous tissue at its lesion as a result of an osteoarthrosis. But the developed atomic-powered technology will help to warn the patient about disease threat in advance and, thereby, to give cheap generic hydrochlorothiazide 25mg the chance to it to take all necessary measures for illness prevention. For example, to dump weight.

Feb 9, 2009 at 04:44 o\clock

Medicines for the house first-aid set

In the house first-aid set it is necessary to spend audit not less often than an once year, throwing out old medicines and filling with its necessary medicines.
In each first-aid <a href="">generic hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg </a> set should be:
Antiseptics (iodine, potassium permanganate),
Antimicrobial preparations (Furacilinum),
Anaesthetising (Citramonum, Baralginum),
Febrifugal (aspirin, paracetamol),
Spasmolytic   <a href="">where to buy pyridium online</a>  agents (Nospanum),
the activated coal
Preparations from bruises (ointment "Rescuer", Troxevasinum),
a valerian, valocordin,
Ascorbic acid,
Grassy collectings - abirritating, from tussis, for a throat gargle.
Except medicines, it is necessary to hold houses a set (on a case of traumas) bactericidal Emplastrum, sterile bandage and napkins, a garrot <a href="">buy cleocin online generic</a> for a blood stopping, hydrogen peroxide. From the first-aid set it is better to throw out medicines without packings, any pills and mixtures at discolorations, a smell, consistences etc. warn These signs that the medicine has deteriorated, writes eurolab.

Feb 5, 2009 at 10:47 o\clock

«The white mors» raises risk of a cancer at men

Table salt - it is valid "white mors", and the Japanese scientists once again were convinced of it. As a result of observations hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg and numerous analyses they have come to conclusion, that regular consumption of salty products doubles risk of disease by a carcinoma of the stomach. And such tendency is most obviously traced at men.
Ministry of Health and the work, supervising also well-being questions, has spent grandiose work in which result experts-oncologists throughout look pyridium online 11 years observed of a way of life approximately 40 thousand Japanese of middle age. Physicians gave special attention to a daily food allowance of these people, their attachment to certain drinks, and also the bad habits immediately influencing health, for example - to smoking.
According to the received data, among men - fans of salty products - to special risk to be ill with a carcinoma of the stomach one person from 500 was exposed. It twice exceeds the indicators fixed among those who tries to abstain from the salt use, write Details.
From the general number of the men who have got to buy cheap bactrim online the research program (such was hardly more than 18,5 thousand), cancer patients there were 358 persons. Among more 20 thousand women this indicator was peer 128. And and threat of disease by a cancer at "salty lovers" much more low, than at men: one on two thousand.