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Dec 25, 2008 at 13:14 o\clock

The panic promotes illnesses of heart

The people suffering from panic distresses or a syndrome of raised uneasiness, risk to receive cardiovascular diseases and to test heart attack.
The probability of warm problems among young men with similar diagnoses is especially high. The mental disturbances bound to excessive excitement and various manias, invoke a warm ischemia in people till 50 years, has shown the review of University college of London over 400 thousand persons of all age categories. As doctors consider, between panic distresses and warm illnesses there is an interrelation. It has been Buy Minocin established, that people with such conditions on third/38 %/have heart attack and almost half/44 %/-cardiac performance disturbances is more often, reports AmI-TaS. Not less risks did not associate with a mortality - probably because of young age of people with nervous breakdowns or because of a frequentness of the treating doctor, therapists assume.
Clinicians have noticed, that women are younger than 40 years have been more often subject to warm illnesses because of panic nervousness. According to the British physicians, panic distresses activate sympathetic excitatory system that leads to a contamination of arteries and reduction of a normal heart rhythm. Stressful conditions invoke the answer of sympathetic system which first of all reacts on cardiovascular system.

Dec 12, 2008 at 05:51 o\clock

Clinical tests of a vaccine from a malaria have passed successfully

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Results of two large clinical tests in Africa have shown efficiency of a new vaccine from a malaria - the case rate at inoculated was reduced more than half.
Vaccine RTS, S developed by large pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline at Initiative support «the Vaccine against a malaria» contains the unique antigen specific. Prepared by vaccine introduction the immune system attacks the originator at this stage, not supposing its hit in a liver for the further reproduction.
809 children have taken part in the first clinical test at the age of 5-17 months from Kenya and Tanzania. 402 from them have received a vaccine injection, then they remained under observation within eight months. For this term with a on line phentermine malaria 32 children from inoculated and 66 - from control group were ill, and at inoculated disease developed more longly. Thus, efficiency of a preparation in this research has made 53 %.
In the second research which has included 340 children from Tanzania, efficiency of a vaccine has appeared still above and has made 65 %. It was besides, found out, that activity RTS, S did not decrease at simultaneous appointment with inoculations from a tetanus, a diphtheria and a whooping cough that supposes creation of the combined preparation.
Researchers and independent experts are online ultram 50 mg quite satisfied by efficiency of a vaccine, but converge that duration of its action should become object of the further researches. The further working out and vaccine industrial production are expedient, if it operates not less than 3-4 years.
According to representative GlaxoSmithKline, the following stage of clinical tests is planned the next year. It will include 16 000 children from 11 various points of Africa. If the success proves to be true, the vaccine can already become widely accessible in 2012. Further including in a vaccine of antigens of other stages of development of a plasmodium for the further rising of its efficiency is possible.
Annually with a malaria is ill approximately buy Revatio 515 million persons, of one to three millions from them dies. The most part of victims of a malaria - children living in Africa to the south of Sahara.

Dec 5, 2008 at 15:05 o\clock

The Japanese physicians have learnt to effect bones to order

In several Japanese hospitals clinical tests of new technology which allows to frame bones literally to order have begun. The technology allows to frame the osteal tissue close on structure and features to real bones of patients. For building "to order" to the patient it is only necessary for bone to have at themselves the carrier with a digital file where some data about the patient buy levitra original will be described, necessary for stuff building.
Building of a ready bone occupies all some hours, therefore in case of serious physical injuries to implant a new bone it will be possible directly on the same operating table where the patient with a trauma has been delivered.
Till now for osteal transplantation were used or the present human bones, or ceramic prostheses. The Japanese working out uses as the basic stuff a powder from calcium Natrii phosphas. Calcium Natrii phosphas in real bones is the basic stuff.
Before making an artificial bone to physicians it will be necessary to make a x-ray film and the tomogram of a damaged field that further the system of manufacturing of an osteal tissue could replicate the dimensions and the form of a damaged bone in accuracy. Intercommunicates, that the "know-how" is capable to effect bones enough the intricate form, for example, jows or skull fragments. The minimum thickness of an artificial bone compounds 1 mm, that more than it is enough for the overwhelming majority of phentermine pharmacy bones in an organism.
According to the surgeon-orthopedist of the Higher medical school at University of Tokyo Takato, artificial bones can be used not only in case of the forced changing, but also in plastic surgery.
The only thing a minus of new technology that it does not consider one feature of connatural bones. All made bones have identical плoтность and the weight counting on a cube see In a human body all a little in another way. For example, bones of feet they are forced to hold on themselves weight of all body, therefore the most dense and serious, and here bones, for example, in dactyls consist of less dense and not so serious frames.
From the chemical point of view, artificial bones consist of Natrii phosphas of calcium and special strengthening solution on the basis of the distilled water. Effecting of bones is carried out on the special equipment, like ultram 50 mg online the 3D-printer, and the usual computer with the special software controls process. During bone effecting are as though printed - a layer behind a layer. A thickness of one layer compounds 1 mm.
Clinical tests of technology will last the next two years, and in case of success, in 3-4 years in hospitals there will be industrial modes of such equipment.

Dec 2, 2008 at 18:36 o\clock

The virus of a papilloma of the person threatens men with a penis and fundament cancer

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Vaccine Gardasil which is applied by women to prevention of development of a cancer of a neck of a uterus, will lower risk of development of peaked condylomas at men. The vaccine warns a becoming infected a virus of a papilloma of the person.
Occurrence of peaked condylomas at men can lead to a penis and fundament cancer. According to the Center under the control and preventive maintenance of diseases, annually can invoke approximately 1500 cases of a cancer of a buy levitra no prescription penis and 1900 cases of a cancer of a fundament in men. Also it is known, that at homosexuals risk of development of a cancer of a proctal foramen in 17 times more. Throughout 30 months 4065 men have taken part in research at the age from 16 till 26 years. It was revealed, that at those ultram sale who has inoculated, the risk of development of peaked condylomas has decreased on 90 %.
The received results have been presented at meeting by the European organisation on research sexual an infection contamination and neoplasias. Research was financed by the company Grew dim And to which plans to confirm vaccine Gardasil for application at men. Now it is the unique confirmed vaccine in the United States for weight loss order phentermine online protection of women from which can invoke a cancer of a neck of a uterus. Gardasil is resolved for application at men in 40 countries.

Dec 1, 2008 at 04:22 o\clock

And again about harm of a mobile phone

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In Bruxelles magazine The Bulletin there was article devoted to mobile phones. The basic theme - the new researches confirming harmful influence of cellular telephones. Shocking conclusion was that fact, that long use of a cellular weight loss order phentermine generic telephone can heat up a brain of the person to one degree. Referring to opinion of the European scientists the edition notices, that wireless technologies of data transmission Wi-Fi can make negative impact on a brain cortex, and absence of the legislation in this sphere does not allow to prevent terrible consequences of influence of mobile phones on a human body.
About that constant influence of radio-frequency signals can affect negatively health of the person, scientists spoke repeatedly. As the author of article notes, many owners of phones complain of various by-effects from cellular communication: frequent headaches, memory and concentration loss, a strain in tympanic membranes and sudden attacks of weariness.
According to the researches purchase ultram spent by the European scientists, that is the organism of these people is extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields.
Among possible diseases in connection with using of mobile phones scientists name eye cataract, a brain tumour, cardiovascular diseases, disturbance of activity of nervous system which can lead to DNA damage, informs
Now in the world more than two billions persons are users of cellular telephones, from them more than 500 million use phones of standard GSM. Thus doctors notice, that analogue phones much more is more unhealthy the person, than digital. Work of such phones is based on transfer of a continuous signal buy levitra on line while the digital transfer the information by means of short impulses.
The world organisation of public health services recommends to be careful in use of wireless systems.