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Oct 30, 2008 at 15:00 o\clock

Asbestos - «the latent murderer» builders, joiners and plumbers

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The facts - weekly from asbestos influence in the world 20 workers die. Asbestos - the cancerogenic material widely used in building and other spheres. According to experts, in group of the raised risk there are not only builders, but also plumbers, joiners, electricians and workers of other buy drugs trades.
Chemical gets to an organism at inhalation and damages various tissues and organs. In a year because of asbestos globally dies about 4 thousand persons, and the number of victims of substance grows, as many diseases, for example a cancer, develop from asbestos during long time. Representatives of the British fund of a lung urge the world community to pay attention to real danger of asbestos and to raise knowledge of its harm as only every tenth expert knows about fatal influence of a mineral.
Asbestos can be in any building constructed buy zyban or repaired till 2000. Now its application promptly decreases, but the interdiction for asbestos is entered only in some countries, including France and the Great Britain. By estimations, in England about 500 thousand houses contain asbestos at what they require under repair from time to time and buy levitra at process of drilling or plaster of walls the killing asbestos fiber with a high probability together with a dust gets to lungs of the person. Also experts have fixed, that every week 6 electricians, 3 sanitary technicians and 6 joiners die of "the latent murderer".

Oct 29, 2008 at 13:38 o\clock

The sunlight can become salvage from man's barrenness

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The daily dose of a sunlight helps to sustain man's genesial function. The Australian experts recommend for successful conception of the child to men more often to walk in solar weather and to receive adequate levels of an ultraviolet.
Physicians have surveyed health of 794 men at which their third deficiency of vitamin D has been fixed, folate and the overestimated quantity amino acids in the bloody cells bound to toxicity. Doctors assert, that shortage of the sun reduces quantity of spermatozoons in a semen and reduces probability of a fertilization of an ootid.
The simple mean to reach desirable pregnancy at man's barrenness is a daily walk in clear day for men, therapists speak. Also it is necessary to enrich a food by fat fish and eggs which are rich with vitamin D, both natural Polyvitaminums and <a href="">ultram online</a>  antioxidants. After such measures at 75 % of patients genesial function was enriched. The ultraviolet effectively prevents a fragmentation of DNA of a semen - the important factor of man's barrenness educing in most cases because of cellular damages to result of an infection contamination, excessive smoking or advanced age of the father. Sunlight <a href="">viagra professional</a> levels directly correlate with an ability to conceive among men, clinicians of the Sydney university ascertain.

Oct 28, 2008 at 06:24 o\clock

Financial crisis can lead to epidemic of mental diseases.

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World financial crisis is capable to provoke growth of number of suicides and cases of mental diseases among the population buy cheap levitra which can be affected its consequences, experts of the World organisation of public health services confirm.
"We should not underestimate negative influence on mentality of the person of the social stresses caused by world financial crisis", - has declared on an occurring with experts-psychiatrists within the limits of the World order ultram day of mental health the General director CART Margaret Chen.
The hypothecary crisis fraught with growth of number of the homeless, falling of indexes of world financial stock exchanges, the slump in production menacing by mass unemployment - all it can become a nutrient medium for some kind of epidemics of mental diseases and suicides, has declared Chen.
Now three quarters mentally sick, requiring high-grade specialised treatment, lives in the poorest countries and in the countries with low incomes per capita, reminds Chen.
The scanty agents allocated for care with patients, recently, in connection with crisis, are catastrophically reduced.
According to experts order ultram the CART, more than 75 % mentally sick in the countries of the third world at all do not receive any treatment.

Oct 27, 2008 at 16:33 o\clock

«The paper woman» writes a fingernail on the skin.

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Physicians study rare dermal disease which allows its carriers to use the bodies as notebooks. Patients with a syndrome of an artificial order phentermine urticaria  can write on the skin a word fingernail. Written an instant appears later on a skin and does not disappear any more.
The body of one of patients - elderly Chinese woman Huang Ksjangdzhi - is almost entirely covered by verses and notes. 50-year-old «the paper woman» assures, that its illness "very useful" as it can use a surface of the arms for drawing up of lists, for example, at shop visiting. Experts say, that the studied syndrome does not put harm to an organism, buy ultram  despite its surprising implications. When Huang a fingernail writes on the skin, the convex text is shown an instant later.
- I use a body as a notebook throughout many years, - the patient is frank. - I never should search for the handle and a paper.
Physicians tell, that an artificial urticaria - widespread enough disease, but the form at which patients can write on the skin, meets very seldom.
- Basically the reason of occurrence of Buy VPXL online an urticaria is the allergy, - physicians explain. - unfortunately, statisticans on similar patients do not exist yet.

Oct 21, 2008 at 19:02 o\clock

The milkwoman: whether enough one tablet?

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Let's tell at once, it is really possible to get rid of the milkwoman (candidiasis), having accepted one tablet of the necessary preparation as advertising persistently informs on that to us. But, unfortunately, teleplots hold back that disposal comes far not always. Quite often the milkwoman comes back, passes in the chronic form and spoils a life to women on 2-4 times a year.
Why it occurs?
At the majority of adult people in a mouth, ultram in a gastroenteric tract, genitourinary system there live funguses of sort Candida. For the time being this joint life proceeds easy. And, such peace existence can proceed till the end of a life, but nevertheless more often funguses have an effect much earlier, beginning suddenly activly to breed. The reason of such unbridled behaviour of a fungus one - immunity weakening.
And that is why immunity has suddenly decreased? Because of reception of the antibiotics, some hormonal preparations, because of an intestine or vagina dysbacteriosis, because of the raised level of Saccharum in blood or because of work in a wet warm premise? In each case a releaser different, up to an adverse bionomics and occurrence in the woman of other diseases. It is possible to catch the milkwoman and sexual by (men too are ill with a candidiasis).
Rapid development of funguses begins that an organism loses ability to supervise their quantity. Means if not to strengthen immunity, even successful at the beginning treatment will not give result. Any cold, climate change, stress and the milkwoman will return.
The second most frequent reason of a palindromia - not treated accompanying infections. First of all various sexual infections and diseases of a gastroenteric tract concern them. So if not to solve these problems also the candidiasis buy phentermine problem remains also not solved.
And, at last, the third reason of homing of the milkwoman consists that treated at all the milkwoman. After all the burning sensation, an itch and allocation can appear colpitis symptoms (a vagina inflammation), and it such diseases as a gonorrhea,the herpes, a mycoplasmosis, a trichomoniasis, a clamidiosis, etc. If allocation from a vagina have a pungent smell it is an occasion to suspect other genital infection, instead of the milkwoman. If the diagnosis is put incorrectly, treatment positive takes will not be, buy vpxl because preparations from the milkwoman - antimicotic. At other diseases they will not help.
Therefore it is not necessary to make to itself the diagnosis independently, and to visit the doctor who takes from you a smear, will make crops to allocate funguses Candida, will count up quantity of yeast colonies and whether it will understand enough for candidiasis development. Besides, exist both modern test systems, and the computer analyzers, allowing to define infecting agents.

Oct 20, 2008 at 18:58 o\clock

Emotions ` feed ` sex

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Experts of the American academy of family therapists assert, that the reasons of man's sex disorders quite often lay in emotional sphere.
It is considered to be, that man's erectile dysfunction causes physical factors, such as a high blood pressure, diabetes and damages of genitals more often.
However it has appeared, that the considerable share is brought also by emotional factors. A man's incompetence in bed such emotional factors, as sensation of depression can cause, feelings of alarm and nervousness, the stress caused by work, family or financial problems. The resolved questions between the man and its sex partner, feelings of awkwardness and shyness, pavor of reaction of the partner, pavor buy cheap levitra online before refusal - all it can become a source of failures on "intimate front".
And, unfortunately, men sometimes exhaust themselves in deadlock, making inadmissible misses.
Sexologists of university of Chicago have studied the most widespread mistakes of men. The first position is occupied with implication of a man's ego that means by itself an immediate backfilling after sexual intercourse. This studying of female intimate places does not deliver to the woman of special pleasure, is faster on the contrary - causes in it negative reaction.
Excessive compulsion of the man concerns undesirable man's properties in the working questions also, which in itself is good, but not during a bed scene. After all such man distracts from it on the decision buy rimonabant of business matters, hardly having caught phone call.
Here and help for successful sex, but - alas, not always. It is known, that to 30 - to 33 years of the man already worry peak of sex activity. After 37 - 40 there comes its natural recession. Scientists are convinced, that one of principal causes of a dejectedness of the man - depression of level of Testosteron-Depotum in blood. This main man's hormone influences hardly probable not all processes which occur in an organism of representatives of a strong half of mankind.
With the years it is necessary to check level of hormones in blood. There is enough small "refuelling" of Testosteron-Depotum, phentermine online and man's successes go upwards in the most evident image.
Today in sexological clinics, such as for example SUN, successfully restores a potency without restrictions on age and a state of health. Treat a premature ejaculation, augmentation of frequency and duration of sexual intercourses achieve. Apply special programs of restoration of man's function for suffering illnesses of cardiovascular system, diabetes, a prostatitis and other urological diseases.

Oct 19, 2008 at 20:31 o\clock

Treatment by a magnetic field has helped to leave a coma.

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At the international conference spent at university of Goettingen, the American scientists have told, that to one of patients in their country treatment by a magnetic field has helped to leave a coma. In a coma 26 summer Josh Country houses there was a whole year after has got to car accident.
The course of so-called transcranial magnetic stimulation consists that at a head of the patient in the field of a brain, responsible for coordination of its parts, the special coil with a variable magnetic field is established. Magnetic <a href="">buy rimonabant online</a>  fields have stimulating influence on a brain, and the person starts to recover.
During carrying out of the given method of treatment in the USA the patient has opened eyes in 15 days. Then it began to turn gradually a head in a direction of moving subjects and even to speak some words. In total doctors have spent two courses <a href="">buy phentermine online</a> of transcranial magnetic stimulation: one of thirty sessions and after the efflux even 6 weeks - ten sessions.
While Josh Country houses has not returned yet to that condition in which was before failure. But now it already contacts to world around and partially itself serves.

Oct 17, 2008 at 17:58 o\clock

Jam and jelly are capable to give sweet protection against a cancer

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Cosy drinking tea with jam, jam or jelly, you possibly do not guess, that thus it is possible to prevent development of cancer tumours. But, according to order phentermine online statements of scientists from Institute of alimentary researches/Velikobritanija/, such products contain the agent pectin which blocks a key way of a progression of a cancer to an organism. Pectin is a natural product of a fiber in fruit and vegetables and is widely used in the food-processing industry, but its preventive properties from cancer formations are noticed for the first time.
Oncologists bind protective effect of pectin to fiber 3/gal3/, influencing all stages rimonabant of a progression of a cancer. Jelly and jams are made in such a manner that activity of pectin raises and further it promotes remission of tissues of cancer cells. However doctors are not assured, that sweet jam will serve as the best choice at illness preventive maintenance as it is rich with Saccharum. Pectin is found in the whole variety of fruit and vegetables, from a potato to plum. Least pectin contains in a strawberry and grapes, and its levels are especially high in apples and order levitra online oranges, physicians add.

Oct 14, 2008 at 17:17 o\clock

The organism will recover!

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Quantum medicine - absolutely new word in a science, opposing to traditional medicine. Its theory consists that the human body can overcome itself any illness help it with it can the quanta of energy referred on a body of the person.
Within the limits of quantum medicine there are some campaigns. The first consists that on a body dozege and different frequencies the Trileptal buy frequency necessary to an organism are serially referred is established as a result of reactions and sensations: pains disappear, there are prickings and heat. The immediate effect of procedure consists in it. The second approach assumes, that an organism subject to influence at once all electromagnetic frequencies, and he chooses the necessary. It is called as the information-wave therapy which action is carried out at the expense of work of the organism.
At treatment by methods of quantum medicine of the person treat cautiously and softly, adhering to the most ancient principles of a naturopathy, first vpxl of which - do not do much harm. It is clear, that at a critical condition such methods will appear are useless and the scalpel, a narcosis and chimpreporashions will be useful. However at less critical condition, only at presence a malaise and not strong pains methods of quantum medicine can help.
Also by results of researches, methods of traditional medicine (the chemotherapy, treatment by antibiotics) at their combination with quantum medicine are order phentermine transferred much easier: their efficiency is enlarged, and side-effects decreas

Oct 12, 2008 at 19:52 o\clock

The agents raising sexual activity

The most frequent reasons of sterility of men - inferiority of a semen, the negative emotions causing disorder of an erection and an ejaculation.

Sage medicinal
In the people consider, that the sage normalises activity of sexual glands. In this connection it apply at sterility, in a climacterium, at senile delicacy, as a "rejuvenating" agent. Sage infusion at intake reduces a diaphoresis, reduces a lactemia and operates on the central nervous system.
Contraindications. The sage should not be accepted in the overestimated doses and more than 3 months as it causes a mucosa boring. It is ultram contraindicative at an acute nephritis, pregnancy. Infusion for intake: one - two table spoons of a grass to fill in with 2 glasses of boiled water (daily norm).
To drink fresh and tinned juice of foetuses of the sea-buckthorn berries containing high percent of vitamin E.

Table spoon of dried fruits to fill in with a boiled water glass. To accept on a table spoon 2 times a day as fortifying, toning up.

Infusion of a grass of Leonurus
To take 2 teaspoons of a grass of Leonurus and to fill in with 2 glasses of cold boiled water. To insist 8 hour. To accept on a half-glass 3 times a day before meal.

To fill in 200 of vodka of roots of 1 l. The vessel to close, phentrimine insist in a dark place at a room temperature of 2 weeks, periodically shaking. To accept on 1/2 teaspoons 2 - 3 times a day as stimulating.
To use in nutrition the roasted seeds of a hemp with salt. To use in nutrition as much as possible vegetative products.

Bath from rhizomes of Valeriana medicinal
To take 30 of the crushed rhizomes buy phentermine and to fill in 1 l of cold water. To insist 1 hour, to boil 20 minutes, to insist even 5 minutes, to filter, pour out in a bath. A bath (36 - 36С) to accept before a dream. To apply at a sciatica, neurosises, a sleeplessness, adiposity, rheumatic disease, sexual powerlessness. Course of treatment 12 - 14 baths.

Oct 6, 2008 at 18:26 o\clock

Probiotic drinks can prevent development of diabetes in adults

According to conclusions of new research, the drinks containing certain kinds of useful bacteria, can prevent development of diabetes in adults. In an intestine lives more bacteria, than cells in a human body. They play a main role in digestion, buy rimonabant participating in mastering of necessary nutrients, synthesising vitamins and carrying out protective functions.
The scientists investigating a microflora of an intestine, have allowed to look at struggle against diabetes in a new fashion. Consumption of superfluous calories, as a rule, causes so-called insulin-resistance when cells of an organism which usually react to action of a hormone of insulin, lose to it sensitivity. It sharply raises risk of occurrence of diabetes. Scientists from research centre Nestle in the Swiss Lausanne write in Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, that, changing a usual parity of microorganisms in an intestine, it is possible to overcome insulin-resistance which develops together with excess weight accumulation.
For change of structure of a microflora of an intestine by an animal with excess weight and diabetes gave antibiotics. It led to change of a way what the organism uses a glucose, for what insulin answers. «The results received by us completely prove, that changes in an intestine microflora can have the most favorable influence», - doctor She Jason of Chu speaks.
According to professor Jeremiah Nicholson from Imperial college in London, last research has once again proved, that microbes influence energy Imodium balance and Adeps use in an organism. However, according to Nicholson, scientists yet do not know, what percentage parity of "good" and "bad" microbes promotes diffusion of epidemic of adiposity. «We also do not know, how microflora change will affect health of each person. It means, that for some people (it is possible, not for all) engineering of a microflora of an intestine can be used as a potential way of treatment», - he adds.
However, as he said, bacteria too react to a diet. "If you constantly eat high-caloric and fat nutrition those microorganisms which it is better with her settle in your intestine consult. The vicious circle» turns out, - it explains.
Diabetes of the second type (when sensitivity of tissues of an organism to insulin even decreases at its normal development) develops at the people which age exceeds 40 years. In the Great Britain with diabetes everyone are ill 3 of 100 persons is more senior 40 cheap viagra years, and also everyone 10 of 100 persons are more senior 65 years. First of all it concerns people with excess weight and adiposity.
«Now in the West present epidemic of adiposity and consequently the number of diseases by diabetes will grow that will lay down a heavy load on budgets of national public health services», - notes professor Jeremiah Nicholson.

Oct 4, 2008 at 05:06 o\clock

American children accept three times more than psychotropic preparations, than European.

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To American children three times write out psychotropic medicines, than to European children is more often. Pharmacists of University of Maryland/SSHA/explain such big difference differences in regular medical practice and traditional representations about benefit of treatment of emotional and behavioural problems in an early age.
Besides, in the USA much more often, than in the European countries, buy drugs study and use antipsychotic preparations and antidepressants for mental health of children. Nevertheless, the majority of manufacturers is not informed by adequate data on properties and possible risks of such medicines, therefore experts consider necessary accurately and strictly to supervise their prescription.
For research the American physician buy Revatio s in cooperation with colleagues from the Netherlands and Germany have surveyed application among children of antidepressants and stimulators, including «prozac» and "Ritalinum". It has appeared, that annual prevalence of the written out psychotropic drugs for American children essentially above, than for children in the Western Europe: so, in the United States of children of 6,7 % accept similar medicines, and in Europe - only two percent. American children accepted antidepressants and stimulators three times more, and antipsychotic medicines - in 1,5-2 times more often. Psychiatrists adhere to the point of vie w, that in the USA is diagnosed more children with mentality disorders, than in any other European >buy rimonabant country. Besides, in USA much more the doctors specialising on the analysis and treatment of children's mentally-emotional disturbances. Researchers also have noticed, that extensive advertising of psychological therapy and preparations for disposal of mentality disorders too has the influence on consciousness of the population.

Oct 1, 2008 at 19:30 o\clock

Medical properties of an orange

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In orange foetuses contains to 13 % of Saccharums, to 2-3 % of lemon acid, vitamins C (to 65 mg of %), В1, В2, В6, P, a provitamin And, pectinaceous and nitric substances, carbohydrates, a fat, ashes, mineral substances (a potassium - 197 mg of %, phosphorus, calcium). The orange peel contains essential oils.

Medical application of an orange
The Sweet-sour pulp of an orange, its juice - fresh or preserved - stimulate appetite and promote digestion improvement, stimulate a biliation.
At treatment hypo-and an avitaminosis and simply for preventive maintenance it is useful to use oranges in which many vitamins contain.
Thanks to a considerable quantity of a potassium, Phentermine Online Acidum ascorbinicum and other vitamins oranges are useful at a hypertonia, an atherosclerosis, adiposity, illnesses of a liver, a gout.
If to eat some lobes of an orange together with fat nutrition it will better be digested, cholesterol level will decrease, and it considerably will reduce risk of an occlusion of vessels and heart attacks.
Orange juice possesses antimicrobial properties.
Ethereal orange oil - a fine agent for elimination of infections of an oral cavity.
The pectinaceous substances containing in foetuses of oranges, improve intestine work, promote deducing of harmful substances and inhibition of putrefactive processes.
To the older persons, suffering chronic constipations, it is recommended to eat oranges, to drink juice in the morning on an empty stomach (at normal acidity of a stomach) or in the evening before a dream.
At constipations prepare broth from a peel of an orange, foetuses of caraway seeds and a buckthorn cortex (1:1:8). 1 table spoon of an admixture fill in with 1 glass of water, lead up to boiling, cool, filter. In the morning and drink for 200 in the evening
At a gastritis with the lowered acidity prepare infusion from peer parts of a peel of an orange, leaves of watch,rhizomes аира, for a bitter wormwood. 1 table spoon of raw materials fill in with 1 glass of boiled water, boil on a water bath in the closed ware of 15 minutes, cool at a room temperature and filter. Accept infusion 3 times a day 30 minutes prior to meal for 100
At gastritises and complaints to a buy cheap levitra liver use an admixture of peer parts of the crushed orange peel, a root of Valeriana, watch and mint leaves. Make 2 teaspoons of an admixture 1 glass of boiled water, 30 minutes under a cover insist and filter. Accept on 200 g 3 times a day after meal.
At an urolithiasis and some chronic diseases of a cholic bubble it is useful to drink an admixture of the juice prepared from an orange and a lemon, a black radish, having sweetened an admixture honey.
At a bronchitis for simplification of breath (especially at an acute bronchitis) do orange inhalations: the patient within 30 minutes should breathe in pairs broth from a grated orange peel and leaves of a tree of an orange.
Oranges possess tonic properties, help to transfer better weariness and even lower sensitivity to a cold.
Ethereal orange oil helps to cope with depression, to restore forces and to improve mood.
The complex of the substances useful to an organism containing in oranges, accelerates processes of recover and promotes deducing of products vpxl of a metabolism from an organism.
Broth from an orange peel well helps from consequences of a poisoning with lead, as antidote. 2 table spoons of a peel on 0,5 l of boiling water, boil on slow fire under a cover of 5 minutes, insist within 20 minutes, filter and drink warm on 1 glass in each 5 hours. In addition it is recommended to drink daily on 200 g acidic orange juice.
Oranges serve as a good demulcent, promote simplification at strong palpitation, cramps, a hysteria. It is considered, that juice of acidic oranges helps to lower frequency of epileptic attacks.
For preparation of restful grassy tea 1,5 teaspoons of the crushed orange peel together with 1,5 teaspoons of a grass of a melissa make 1,5 glasses of boiled water, densely close, 15 minutes insist, filter and add 1,5 teaspoons of Tinctura Valerianae and honey to taste.
Drink on 150-200 g 2-3 times a day.