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Sep 28, 2008 at 15:45 o\clock

In Turkey scientists have framed a medicine stopping any bleeding

The preparation is capable to stop any bleeding within several minutes, and also it helps sick of a hemophilia. The unique medicine is developed on the basis of the ancient formula and an admixture of various grasses.
Turkish scientists in the world have framed for the first time buy cipro a medicine which within several minutes stops any bleeding.
The preparation which becomes an irreplaceable agent for hemophilia treatment, also became the first local medicine which has received the licence of Ministry of Health of Turkey.
"The preparation framed by us completely has turned our knowledge of the mechanism of the termination of a bleeding. It stops any bleeding within cheap viagra several minutes. Application of a medicine we put the purpose to lower a mortality in the world from a loss of blood", - the professor of university Hadzhettepe Ibragim Haznedaroglu where has been framed has told in interview to the newspaper and there has successfully passed buy viagra online clinical tests a preparation.
The unique medicine is framed on the basis of an admixture of various plants: neetles,  a thyme, a grapevine. It, as is informed, can be applied to treatment of other serious illnesses, in particular a diabetes, the Correspondent informs.
Against a hemophilia Turkish physicians have developed the prescription of preparation of an agent on the basis of the ancient formula. In detail they tell about the opening in British medical magazine International British Journal.

Sep 27, 2008 at 12:55 o\clock

Alternative to rejuvenating cosmetics - water

It appears, the Ukrainian experts in the field of cosmetology have offered the "water" program of improvement of a condition of a skin to prove its efficiency during public experiment.
After all results of last researches of the Russian and Canadian scientists-dermatologists have afflicted many women: 90 % of rejuvenating buy levitra online cosmetic agents not only do not slow down, and on the contrary, accelerate process of ageing of a skin. Scientists have taped and have proved the fact, that creams even from 11 % a mass fraction of Adepses enlarge rates of withering of a skin. And the majority of cosmetics let out nowadays contains about 40 % of these substances.
Experts in the field of cosmetology of the Kiev Institute of beauty have offered the alternative approach to conservation of a youth of a skin. At the heart of it is use … waters of a resort parentage with certain structure. The complex program of neogenesis of a skin provides as drink of such water under the special scheme, and external application in the form of the elementary hydrotherapeutic procedures and a "water" facial massage which order phentermine each woman can execute in house conditions.
- At the heart of our technique - ancient prescriptions of beauty which ascend by times of the Kiev Russia », - the head physician of Institute of the beauty, the deserved doctor of Ukraine Inna Voloshchenko tells. - Our women since olden days used water of certain structure for a long time to keep a skin fresh, to eliminate its minor defects. Today we have forgotten natural and safe agents of beauty and more often we use only products of the chemical industry which can harm. Therefore during our experiment we wish to help to recollect to women, that between words« water "and" beauty »is a direct communication!
Employees have taken part in experiment as volunteers of "beauty Institute».
And to make research as much as possible opened, journalists have joined its participation.
The water, according to experts, комплементарна to a skin, that is supplements a skin at level of molecular structure. Therefore, table water from Truskavets on the structure optimum approaches for SPA-procedures in house conditions.
Before the beginning of experiment volunteers have passed skin test for the diagnostic equipment of new generation SkinSys (company TSMT) on a number of parametres, among which humidity, a skin relief, quantity of a keratin. On the experiment buy viagra now online termination repeated measurement which will show will be spent, whether there can be a water resort mineral water alternative to rejuvenating cosmetics.

Sep 26, 2008 at 08:51 o\clock

Refuse the lift - prolong to itself a life

To go on a ladder on foot it is much more useful, than to go for a drive on the lift is a thing quite obvious. And nevertheless elevators in supermarkets and escalators in the underground are still overflowed, and especial flow wishing to be sanitated on steps is not observed. To make sense of circulation on ladders less ephemeral and to concretise advantage of this employment for our health, scientists have made such simple experiment.
Within several years they observed of the people working in buildings without lifts, regularly taking out their basic indicators. It was found out, buy propecia that constant circulation on ladders considerably reduces fatty adjournment, tones up muscles and normalises a blood pressure without any additional loads and diets. Besides, among those whom to rise on ladders it was necessary regularly, the mortality was below average on the country already on 15 %.
This observation is especially actual for modern clerks and the managers spending the most part of day sitting at the computer. Three-four jogs on a ladder a day quite compensate a sedentary life, and it was confirmed with one more group of researchers of the Geneva institute of medicine which has made one more experiment. Physicians viagra buy online have asked 77 colleagues who are engaged in scientific activity, to use exclusively ladder within three months.
After 12 weeks, scientists have measured indicators of examinees, and here what results they have received. The volume of lungs at patients was enlarged on the average by 8,6 %, and the waist volume, on the contrary, has decreased - for 2 %, on 2 %, the weight and volume of fatty adjournment also have fallen to 2,3 % - a blood pressure, on 3,9 % - cholesterol level. And it in such short terms. Increase these digits at least by four and present, what results can achieve for a year.
"This research - is far not sensation, however it will help many occupied people to support itself in shape without special time and monetary expenses", - the cardiologist professor Adam Timmins speaks.
One more argument in favour of circulation buy drugs online on steps is resulted by scientists from the Great Britain, investigating influence of regular loads on a skeletogeny. On their data, such exercises as jumps, knee-bends and circulation on ladders, strengthen bones and protect us from such misfortunes, as an osteoporosis and various traumas. And at men bustle on steps well affects a skeleton lump, and at women especially strengthens a backbone and pelvic bones. And after all this area most of all suffers from age changes and traumas.

Sep 25, 2008 at 11:08 o\clock

The Australian surgeon has salvaged a life of the two-year-old girl by means of a globule for Ping-Pong.

The Australian surgeon used a globule for Ping-Pong during the become complicated operation on transplantation of a liver to the buy cialis two-year-old girl. It has allowed to finish successfully an intervention and to keep to the child a life.
Mackenzie Argaet from Canberra was born with rare (one case on 10-12 thousand newborns) by developmental anomaly - an atresia of cholic ways. At this condition cholic ducts of a liver are not bridged to a duodenum, and come to an end blindly, that leads to stagnation of bile and, as consequence, hepatic insufficiency. As a result of it liver transplantation was necessary for the girl.
When surgeon Albert Shang (Albert Shun) Keppra from Children's hospital in Westmind has placed a fragment of a liver of the adult donor in an abdominal cavity of the girl, it has appeared, that the graft is too great and presses large blood vessels. Then the surgeon earlier hearing about application abroad of globules for Ping-Pong at operations, has decided to use them in transplantology. It has fenced off a globule a new liver from vessels of the girl, having restored a normal blood flow.
According to Shang, in due course the globule will acquire a hepatic tissue, to delete its necessities is not present. The regenerative period after Phentermine Online operation has passed without complications, by present time of Mackenzie has completely recovered. Inspired by success, Shang and its colleagues successfully used globules for Ping-Pong even in several operations.

Sep 23, 2008 at 18:46 o\clock

Intestinal bacteria will protect from diabetes

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The group of the American biologists of Jelsky and Texas universities, having spent a number of researches, has come to conclusion, that intestinal bacteria are capable from diabetes of the first type arising at failures of immune system.
According to experts, Buy Drugs diabetes of the first type is disease at which own immune system of an organism attacks pancreas cells that leads to disturbance of synthesis of insulin.
If illness not to treat, it will lead to a lethal outcome.
As is known, the basic method of treatment of diabetes are the injections of insulin normalising a metabolism of an organism. However the American scientists have carried out new research to find different ways of protection free viagra against diabetes.
Experts have deduced a line of the animals genetically predisposed to diabetes at which illness could develop after the reproduction period.
Scientists have noticed, that if such mice grew up in normal conditions illness developed rather seldom and if they were brought up in more sterile conditions at a disadvantage of the bacteria living in norm in an intestine diabetes developed much more often.
Scientists have declared, that it me ans that intestinal bacteria are capable to influence immune system of an organism and to protect from its failures.
It is necessary to notice, that this opening confirms earlier stated hypothesis that the disadvantage of useful bacteria and viruses of an canada online cialis organism enlarges risk of occurrence of the diseases bound to disturbances of immune system.
As of the extremity of 2007, in Ukraine on the account consisted approximately one million sick of a diabetes, but actually such patients in 2,5 times more, the Ukrainian experts believe.

Sep 21, 2008 at 07:47 o\clock

The fitness tablet-substitute is invented

Two new preparations, framed by the American researchers, will help to increase muscles and to burn Adeps that who does not love exercise stresses.
The  American researchers have developed two kinds of tablets which will mobilise internal reserves of an organism, cheap levitra help to increase muscles and to burn Adeps. These preparations will help to be always in the good physical form even that who is not on friendly terms with physical culture, informs RBC.
Experiments have shown, that mice under the influence of new medicines can overcome distance on 44 % more than usually. Scientists assume, that preparations will render similar influence and on people, without dependence from level of their physical preparation.
During experiences on mice it was found out, that pills promote burning of Adepses. However their ability to raise endurance of an organism was showed only when to mice have enlarged a run distance. During new marathon trainings experimental animals under the influence of a preparation have managed to run distance on 77 % more than their buy viagra online relatives in a usual condition.
The effect of later working out of scientists has appeared even more curiously: mice have managed to enlarge a run distance by 44 % already without any preliminary trainings.
According to researchers, both medicines which have received names AICAR and GW1516, influence a gene bound to growth of muscles and maintenance of a muscle tone. As the head of scientific group professor Ronald Evans from Howard Hughes Medical Institute confirms, new pills will help to cope with a muscular dystrophia, and also to enlarge efficiency of physical exercises by that who suffers diabetes or other diseases at which the big generic Phentermine exercise stresses are contraindicative.
At the same time experts are afraid of that participants of sports meets will abuse new preparations. Therefore scientists have developed the special test with which help it will be possible to tap presence of both substances in urine and blood of sportsmen.

Sep 20, 2008 at 17:36 o\clock

Than it is beneficial also to whom the tomato diet approaches

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As the best medicines vegetables long since are considered. One of the vivid examples of it is the usual tomato, Irina Pirozhkova in the newspaper of 15 minutes writes.
"Apples of love contain mass of beneficial materials, - Julia Yermolov managing laboratory of the Ukrainian language of scientific research institute of a food tells. - first of all, it is fructose, sucrose, mineral salts and organic acids". Besides, buy cipro the nature has generously awarded tomatoes with beneficial squirrels, iron, carotin, a potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
From vitamins all bunch is presented to them In (В1, В2, В3, В6, В9), and also E, PP and certainly Acidum ascorbinicum - almost With.
Ruddy antioxidant
Thanks to an organic pigment containing in them , apples of love are powerful antioxidants. Physicians have found out, that they prevent occurrence of a cancer of female generative organs, easy, an intestine and the alimentary system. It is useful to eat tomatoes at an avitaminosis, anemias, diseases of cardiovascular system and a gastrointestinal tract.
If there is a choice, it is better to buy not red, but yellow apples of love. According to scientists from university of Ohio (USA), them likopin Phentermine it is much better acquired by a human body.
It is necessary to notice, that thanks to accumulation of this material tomatoes receive bright colour, and here in green apples of love it is not present. Therefore are riched by licopin  and many products made of fresh tomatoes - natural Georgian sauce Сацибели, ketchup and tomato juice.
We choose apples of love
"If you buy tomatoes in the market, first of all pay attention to leaves at the calyx establishment, - Julia Yermolov advises. - they should be darkly green colour and are straightened to ends. The wrinkled and died leaflets testify that a tomato not fresh". Besides, apples of love with tails are more longly stored.
It is not necessary to buy too large buy cheap levitra tomatoes with glossy sides. They for certain pollinated chemicals and are greased by wax more longly to store freshness. Besides in large foetuses much more low concentration of juice and the maintenance of beneficial materials.

Sep 19, 2008 at 18:43 o\clock

Why the fruit diet is useful?

To begin with there is a necessity to be defined with frequency rate of application of a fruit diet. Recommend to do Phentermine online it not more often than once a week, but also not less often than once in 10 days. Carrying out of the given unloading fruit days (unloading because except vegetables and fruit it is impossible to apply more than anything, except juice from this fruit and vegetables), will help you though for a while to reduce total quantity of calories which the organism receives for a week. And, besides, fruit renders diuretic actions, considerably reducing quantity of buy zyban an untied liquid in an organism, in addition promotes improvement of work of an intestine.
Vegetable and fruit juice, and also fruit and vegetables contain a large quantity of vitamins and minerals so necessary for our organism.
The given days join the mechanism of self-cleaning of an organism from slags.
But there is one restriction concerning buy levitra people with a low blood pressure. It during fruktovo-vegetable days of limited intake of food recommend to drink coffee, for a pressure raising. Therefore as the fruktovo-vegetable diet contributes to depression of arterial pressure at the person.

Sep 18, 2008 at 17:16 o\clock

Nutrition for a brain youth

Nutrition. To such conclusion variety of the French researchers comes.
On a problem of struggle against ageing of a brain they have stated the views on the traditional annual colloquium which has passed in the Parisian hospital "Bisha".
It is one of the forums of discussion of advanced achievements of medicine most popular in the Western Europe. buy albendazole
As the French experts underline, leaning on variety of researches, work of a human brain in many respects depends on those substances which it receives for "food".
However, physicians, a human brain remind, unlike a stomach, at all "does not demand" nutrition from the owner.
Moreover, it even can become "originator" of the bad food when gives to older persons "orders" which lead to depression of consumption of wholesome food by them, and also to depression of physical activity.
She has underlined importance of an establishment of the control from doctors and relatives of older persons over their food.
At the same time older persons are inclined to "eliminate" from the food allowance products rather useful to them, in particular, containing selenium and various antioxidants.
Along with restoration of an optimum ration doctors recommend not to forget about physical and social activity.
So, to older persons follows to the extent of the forces and health to go on ladders, periodically to be engaged in premise cleaning, giving to that to itself a reasonable exercise stress.
In a food follows, first of all to limit quantity of Adepses especially sated (an animal parentage, products with palm-oil). Buy Drugs
Rather important, experts in a food, and consumption by older persons of the nutrition containing acids omega-3 and omega-6 consider.
The senile organism only in extremely small amounts is capable to synthesise DHA.
But thus experts remind, it is necessary to observe a measure - antioxidants, in particular, the same DHA, at their excessive reception can play completely an opposite role - oxidizers.
It is necessary for older persons to watch closely the pressure. In no event they should not be isolated from a society, to reduce to a minimum the social communications.
A number of medical experts have noticed on a colloquium in Paris, that following to an effective and reasonable ration of "a preventive food" brain can become important alternative by for protection of its functions against ageing and dangerous diseases.
They have reminded thus, that on a struggle way, for example, with an Alzheimer's disease, large results, that is creations of an effective medicamental agent, a science to achieve till now it was not possible.

Sep 16, 2008 at 15:44 o\clock

5 useful products for your skin

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Cosmetics - not a unique way to a beautiful and healthy skin. Much depends and on that as as we eat.
Here the list from 5 products richest with substances useful to a skin. They can be eaten or used for preparation of various house masks and creams. Only be cautious: before to take advantage any of resulted below prescriptions, carry out the control test. Smear a little a house cream on a small site of a skin and wait 24 hours: probably, the agent will cause in you allergic reaction and then it is necessary to refuse it.
1. A strawberry
In a strawberry handful contains more vitamin C, than in an orange or a grapefruit. And according to researches of the American doctors, this vitamin is extremely useful to a skin because struggles with the free radicals causing ageing. Finally, it prevents occurrence of folds and slows down process of a thinning and skin drying.
What with it to do? First of all, is more. Secondly, to do a mask under such prescription: in a usual blender we admix a cup of the fresh or frozen strawberry (the raspberry and a bilberry too will approach), a cup of vanilla yoghurt and a half-table spoon of honey (honey perfectly wets a skin). Generously we grease the person and we wait approximately for 8 minutes then it is washed safely off. To carry out procedure it is possible once a week.
2. An olive oil
Oil possesses not only antioxidatic, but also antiinflammatory property. Still ancient Romans rubed an olive oil in a skin to make its softer and smooth. You can follow to their example or consume oil inside.
What with it to do? Add an olive oil in salads, apply at cooking or to cooking of macaroni and groats is will help your skin to struggle with age destructions. That influence was even more intensively, at dinner dip a bread piece directly in oil. Be not afraid - round a waist to you it will not add superfluous centimetres. Buy Drugs
External application will approach also: oil should be rubed, for example, in elbows where the skin is stretched and becomes dry and rugosity at early age. Or to apply as a damper to labiums. To take out cosmetics too it is possible by means of an olive oil: as well as any other Adeps, it will perfectly cope with this problem and at the same time will provide a safe food of your skin.
3. Green tea
One more product rich with antioxidants. Moreover, joint researches of two American universities of medicine have shown, that regular consumption of green tea is capable to lower risk of disease by a carcinoma cutaneum.
What with it to do? To drink on 3-4 cups in day, adding juice or lemon pulp is will double useful effect.
Or to apply as an agent from baggies lower eyelids. The prescription is simple: since morning it is made two bags of tea, then it is taken out them from water and we put in a refrigeration cabinet. The cooled bags it is put to eyes for 10-15 minutes. Green hour contains substance Tanninum which pulls together a skin, thereby deleting tumescences of eyelids and baggies lower eyelids. buy Imodium
4. A pumpkin
Orange color pumpkins provide pigments containing in it - carotenoids. Among other things they are capable to neutralise action of free radicals in your organism and to salvage a skin from occurrence of folds. The pumpkin also is vitamin-rich With, Е and
What with it to do? Is - in the form of pumpkin porridge, for example. Or to smear on the person 200 g a crude pumpkin mixed up with 4 items spoons of low-fat yoghurt and 4 items spoons of honey. Preliminary we crush all in a blender, we mix and it is left on the person for 10 minutes. An once in a week will be enough to wet and smooth a skin.
5. A pomegranate
What with it to do? Is as much as possible while grant it is possible to buy in the grocery markets and in shops.

Sep 10, 2008 at 15:07 o\clock

Anaesthetising preparation Prexige is not admitted on the American market. Cialis

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Experts FDA (services under the control over foodstuff and medicines) recognised preparation Prexige of company Novartis AG unsuitable for sale in the USA. This decision did not become unexpectedness - more recently a preparation have withdrawn from sale in Australia in connection with possible influence on a liver.
Now the preparation is on sale in Europe; experts consider, that there it will not be withdrawn from the market in the foreseeable future. In USA Novartis plans to continue negotiations with FDA. Representatives of the company declare, that Prexige - «it is a valuable preparation for treatment of pains at patients with an osteoarthrosis, not having contraindications».  Buy Drugs Online
In Australia the preparation has been withdrawn from the market after has been registered eight cases of the serious by-effects bound to influence of a medicine on a liver. In two cases patients were lost, in two more liver it was necessary to replace.
Prexige it is resolved to sale in 50 countries of the world. For first half of this year of its sale have made 52 million dollars. In due time the company hoped for larger commercial success of a preparation.
Last month Novartis has informed the European doctors on new contraindications to treatment. Prexige now it is not recommended to prescribe to the patients, suffering liver diseases, and who had similar diseases earlier, and also to patients who accept other preparations influencing a liver.
Despite these precautions, representatives of the company assure, that Prexige any other nonsteroid antiinflammatory preparation is not more dangerous at all, than. Rising of level of hepatic enzymes more than three times at treatment Prexige is observed at 0,85 % of patients that is comparable to effects of others cheap cialis online
At the same time, according to researches, Prexige influences arterial pressure much less.
Problems with preparations from group of inhibitors ЦОГ-2 (which concerns and Prexige) have begun in 2004 when because of influence on cardiovascular system preparation Vioxx made by company Merck and Co Inc has been withdrawn from the market.

Sep 9, 2008 at 09:46 o\clock

This vegetable will protect from a prostate cancer

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The British scientists have opened the mechanism of antitumoral action of a broccoli - the cabbage which use reduces risk of development of a cancer of a prostate. It was found out, that substances containing in it can activate "anticancerogenic" genes and block the genes promoting development of a malignant tumour. Non prescription viagra
In the research spent by experts of the British institute of alimentary researches under the guidance of Richard Mitchena (Richard Mithen), 24 patients with precancerous changes of a prostate took part. Half of men weekly within a year supplemented the usual food allowance in 400 grammes of a broccoli, the others - 400 grammes of peas. Before the research beginning, and also after half a year and year at participants biopsies of a tissue of a prostate undertook and the expression of all genes influencing risk of development of a cancer of a prostate was defined. Viagra Professional
It was found out, that from the men using a broccoli, has occurred about 400-500 favorable changes of an expression of the genes reducing risk of development of a cancer of a prostate. According to scientists, these changes affected as the genes promoting development of a tumour, and the genes interfering a cancer. Thus the greatest positive effect of the use of a broccoli became perceptible at the men who are carriers of gene GSTM1 which is available for 50 % of the population of the Earth, scientists have informed.