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Aug 23, 2008 at 13:52 o\clock

Carbonic oxide will sell in tablets

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Carbonic oxide inhalation dangerously for a life, however in small amounts this substance possesses curative properties. The British chemists have developed a safe way of delivery of the carbonic oxide, allowing to enter this substance in the form of tablets or injections, informs Science Daily.
Scientists from Sheffildsky university (University of Sheffield) managed to synthesise water-soluble molecules in which carbonic oxide (WITH) is bound to metal - ruthenium, iron or manganese. At hit of such molecules in an organism from them carbonic oxide which is capable to get quickly into blood is liberated, the principal of Buy Drugs Online research Bryan Mann (Brian Mann) has informed.
According to scientists, in the future the tablets differing on rate of liberation of gas and by its quantity, that is satisfying to optimum conditions for treatment of those or other diseases can be framed.
Carried out before research have shown, that carbonic oxide in small amounts possesses antiinflammatory properties, Buy Effexor dilates blood vessels, improves blood supply of organs and interferes with formation of thrombuses. Besides, it suppresses activity of cells of the immune system attacking replaced organs.
Useful properties of carbonic oxide can be used at treatment of patients with a hypertonia, and also the people who have transferred operation on heart or transplantation of organs, scientists consider.

Aug 14, 2008 at 14:21 o\clock

Make children after death

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More than 350 inhabitants of Israel have issued so-called "the biological will" according to which they allow to use the sex cells after their mors. Buy Viagra online in
In advancement of this unusual project the organisation "New family" which the lawyer heads Iritis Rosenblume activly is engaged.
"The biological will" is a request of people to freeze their semen or ootids, and in case of their premature death to use for sort continuation. Buy Drugs
Precedent has arisen in 2002 when the court of Israel has complied the request of parents of killed soldier Kivena Cohen, and has resolved it according to the request of the son stated shortly before mors, to take advantage of its frozen semen, for sort continuation. As it was found out, Cohen very much wished to leave posterity, and asked parents will take care of it in case of its death.
The semen, as a rule, is used for a fertilization of wives, or the girlfriends who were lost, with the consent of a family. The initiative group, under a management Iritis Rosenblume, achieves creation special "semen banks" for military men CAHAL , on a case as they were expressed, "new Lebanese war".

Aug 11, 2008 at 13:18 o\clock

Unknown illness kills the Venezuelan Indians

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Some tens Indians from living in the northeast of Venezuela of tribe Warao have died of unknown disease, writes The New York Times. According to employees of the Californian university engaged around flash in Berkeley, mysterious illness reminds furiousness on symptoms. Buy Drugs
According to American anthropologist Charles Briggsa and his wife of doctor Clara Mantini-Briggs, within last months from unknown disease have died not less than 38 persons, and from the beginning of June 17 morses have been fixed. Buy Cefadroxil
Illness, in overwhelming majority of cases coming to an end with a lethal outcome, develops throughout three-six weeks and is accompanied by cramps, paralyses and hydrophobia implications. It is quite probable, that it is caused by the furiousness virus bats can be which messengers in the South America. Earlier this year around dwelling of tribe Warao cases of a case of wild animals were fixed.
On Wednesday evening Californian researchers and to several members of tribe Waraopossible to achieve an occurring with representatives of Ministry of Health of Venezuela in Caracas. The authorities of Venezuela promise to take measures on prevention of the further diffusion illnesies in the shortest terms.
Tribe Warao numbering about 20 thousand of persons, lives on islands of delta of the river Orinoco in staff Delta Amakuro. The tribe self-name in перeроде means «people in a boat». Appreciable part Warao continues to conduct a traditional way of life of fishers and hunters.

Aug 9, 2008 at 19:17 o\clock

I hear colors!

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Researchers from the Californian institute of technology have described a new kind sinthesy. Owners casually found out by them sintetic abilities hear sounds at contemplation of moving objects and images.
Synesthesia - feature of the perception, consisting that the boring of one sense organ automatically causes the sensations corresponding to other sense organ. Most a synesthesia vivid example - so-called «colour hearing» when certain sounds are perceived as possessing various colours. In other known versions of a synesthesia of colour, sounds, gustatory and tactile sensations contact graphic signs, geometrical figures and words.
One of its students of the Californian institute of technology (Melissa Saenz) has seen points quickly varying in sizes on screensaver the computer, and has asked associates, whether they hear the same, as it. Viagra Professional
As it was found out, movement of points on the monitor was accompanied for the young man by characteristic sounds. At the further conversation he admitted, that perceives moving objects on hearing throughout all life and does not see in it anything strange.
Having studied question history, Saenz and its colleagues could not find out any description of similar forms of a synesthesia in the scientific literature. Nevertheless, having tested by means of the same screensaver some hundreds volunteers, they have found three more person with similar sintetic abilities. All three have been extremely surprised, having learnt, perceive the world essentially differently, than the majority of people. Buy Cipro
Apparently, the new version of a synesthesia does not render appreciable influence on quality of a life. «Their life is accompanied by an expanded soundtrack, but it it is impossible to name perfect other perception», - believes Saenz. According to scientists, an acoustical synesthesia - widespread enough phenomenon: quite probably, that to some extent it meets at one person from hundred.
In some cases acoustical sintetic abilities can appear useful. Individuals possessing them it is better than usual people coped with tests for attentiveness in which course they were offered to define various sequences of points on the screen, differing on a Morse alphabet principle, but not accompanied by sound signals.

Aug 3, 2008 at 15:34 o\clock

Thoracal feeding week

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From August, 1 till August, 7th there will pass the World week of thoracal feeding. During this time all interested to mothers will give the wraparound information on advantage of feeding of children by a breast.
To many women worldwide, including Russia, it is rather difficult to combine feeding of children by a breast with work. According to data of the International organisation of work, 60 percent of women of genital age work. They are compelled to carry out the maternal duties as the house, and on work, and to do it very much not easily.
Edition The Moscow Times has published recently article “At mothers nursing, chances are low”. In it there is a speech that in Moscow very few public places in which conditions for thoracal feeding are framed. The similar situation conflicts to numerous statements about low birth rate in the country last years. Viagra Super Active
The relation of the public to a question of feeding of children in public places only aggravates with a breast this problem. Company Independent Media, has carried out research among the employees. 80 percent of respondents have told, that they consider inadmissible feeding by a breast in public places, except for emergency situations, and even then to nurse it is necessary so that it nobody saw. On a workplace a situation with thoracal feeding much more difficult.
“For many companies feeding mothers initially get to the category of potentially undesirable employees because they have children. Feeding mothers face variety of problems, most serious of which consists that the management of many organisations does not reflect at all on creation of special places where mothers could leave the babies and come there, to nurse them”, - Svetlana Osadchuk, the author of article complains.
Thus, women face inconsistent appeals. To them say that feeding by a breast is the best approach, however the norms accepted on workplaces mismatch this reference. What it is necessary to do to working mothers if at them is not present either a corresponding maternity leave, or possibility to decant and store thoracal milk? zyloprim
One of alternatives - use of milk admixtures. To tell the truth, the mention of milk admixtures causes many contradictions. Too often in hospitals and clinics such strong emphasis is placed on feeding by a breast, that to women simply do not inform on safe alternative ways of feeding of children. In the countries where there is a water supply by pure water and hygienic norms, milk admixtures, undoubtedly are carried out, are such alternative. It is necessary to train young mothers in how to prepare and safely to store milk admixtures.
I mother also nursed the son first six months, contrary to references of my doctors. I will tell even here that. In those days it was recommended to feed from a small bottle. Accordingly, I have started to give it a milk admixture and firm nutrition. However, on the other hand, I did not work three years after a birth of the son. How many working women presume to themselves such luxury? I bet, that it is not a lot of.
Undoubtedly, though there is a set of the factors bound to health and physiology, interfering feeding by a breast, one more reason to offer mothers safe alternative consists that it is inconvenient to some women to nurse children. If we want, that children were happy and happy, it is necessary to provide happiness and content of mother necessarily. Owing to all these reasons we are obliged to give to mothers the option and to acquaint them with safe and nutritious alternatives to feeding by a breast.
Doctor Vidzhaja the Miller - the honourable professor, the teacher of biology and a bionomics at University of District of Columbia. Specialises on bioethics questions.

Aug 2, 2008 at 08:57 o\clock


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According to last research spent by company Ciao Research by request of company British Telecom, the majority of the working population of large cities constantly is behind the desktop and sees a sunlight less than hour per day. Cheap Viagra
From them almost a quarter (22 %) see the sun in total less than 20 minutes for all working day.
Conditions at which "light white you do not see", should affect a condition of people, researchers speak: almost two thirds (65 %) workers recognise, that the impossibility to leave from a workplace and to be issued day drives them in depression.
Thinking of that it is necessary to spend all the day long behind work in four walls, four persons from five lose motivation.
Some employees even are ready to affect patients and not to be for work that it is more time to spend "on light".
The principle of obligatory presence of employees at office can reduce labour productivity, especially if there are transport problems, it becomes perceptible in research.
Stephen Alambritis, the press-secretary of Federation of Small enterprises of the Great Britain, notices, that the disadvantage of fresh air soon will start to undermine labour productivity seriously. Zyrtec
"Absence of a sunlight, a disadvantage of physical activity on open air - all it makes huge negative impact, both on the general spirit, and on productivity indicators. Modern IT Technologies allow office workers to take advantage of the most different variants of Internet access, and more and more principals start to look approvingly at remote work", he-has told.